PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite


PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite

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100 thoughts on “PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite”

  1. Jack Nguyen says:

    I subbed for fi

  2. Betta Batteries CN says:

    Pancake 81800

  3. Anne Bilqis says:

    I like devan

  4. kristin griffis says:

    Pancake to 81900

  5. julie morante says:

    Keyper squad

  6. meng si says:

    Everytime when When deven Flip colins always say new merch or five minute subscribe challange

  7. Disturbed TV says:


  8. Maria Drozdowska says:


  9. Raven Boxing says:

    Why do we even vote? Ofcourse Devin allways wins!!!

  10. Raven Boxing says:

    Keeper Squad

  11. shahina sultana says:

    Collin you using no thum reminds me of a person irl that lost his thumb

  12. Evil bendy says:

    Collins you did so bad get lost dude and devan be a millionaire cuz you deserve it colllins no

  13. Ice Cream says:

    Collin won every single round

  14. ChristinaM.S Rowe says:

    Keeper squad

  15. Shavonda Westbrook says:

    Colin is the best

  16. Martha Moreno says:

    Hot sauce does not gone pancakes Devon

  17. Илека Доскалиев says:


  18. Eugene Milan says:

    Devan is the best artist in the world but for me im in team devan

  19. Eugene Milan says:

    For devan

  20. C O H E R E N C E says:

    Y’all are blind. Colin obviated won every-time.

  21. Ramiro Alviar says:


  22. Ramiro Alviar says:

    You're better on for right

  23. Stephanie C. says:

    COLLINS what how are brething fire

  24. Stephanie C. says:

    devan you won

  25. sedibengprimary school says:

    Can I get pancake

  26. sedibengprimary school says:

    Marry poinsettia none of you won😑😑😑😑😑😑

  27. mariela aviles says:

    pank the cast💀

  28. Helen 2010 says:


  29. Vince Tran says:

    I’m sorry Collins but Devon won all of them

  30. Madison Claydon says:

    Pancake to 81800

  31. Kimberley Priest says:


  32. antonio sanchez cuenca says:


  33. Becki Blacow says:

    Deven won xxxx

  34. Mah Mud says:

    Devin is the master at panacakes

    WHO won????
    Like collin
    Comment Devin

  35. stephen urquhart says:


  36. stephen urquhart says:


  37. Toxic_SizzleZ Sub to Liam Fry says:


  38. Toxic_SizzleZ Sub to Liam Fry says:


  39. Toxic_SizzleZ Sub to Liam Fry says:


  40. Toxic_SizzleZ Sub to Liam Fry says:


  41. Toxic_SizzleZ Sub to Liam Fry says:


  42. Mariana Paun says:


  43. Mariana Paun says:


  44. Yannou schellen says:

    Keeper sguad

  45. Nevan Nosker says:

    Keyper squad

  46. Chad Smith says:

    Com down com down bro collin did good not that good but still if you agree hit the LIKE butten

  47. Dennis Howard says:

    Pancakes to 81800

  48. saul sa says:

    gear your tubes are the best I love how it goes you're so funny and you and your brother because the best are the funniest

  49. Michael Reyes says:

    Pancake 81800

  50. alpha sky says:

    I coda say why is browser so frickin cute!!!! I'm confused??!?!?!?!?!?😡😡😡😡😡

  51. Hunter Coulon says:

    Kepper squid

  52. Hunter Coulon says:

    Keyper squad

  53. Four Musketeers says:

    Does Colins bad at doing pancake art like if you do comment if you don’t

  54. Genialle Chance says:

    keeper squad

  55. Jordan and Friends says:

    Keyper squad

  56. Penni Root says:

    Allman Brothers one

  57. Penni Root says:

    Devon 1 before you did a lot of weight of course

  58. Love Zapata says:

    I really love your video,s

  59. kaitlin 101 says:

    Keeper Squad

  60. Delshawn Walker says:

    I think that key got it

  61. Delshawn Walker says:

    Still key

  62. Delshawn Walker says:

    This time key made a better bubble bee

  63. Delshawn Walker says:


  64. Erica Gomez says:


  65. Folashade Adeyemi says:

    Collin is magical and devan is a artist..
    Would you rather be magical or a great artist?
    Comment: magical

  66. Yahya Abdullahi says:

    Keeper squad

  67. Aaron Freer says:

    I subscribe

  68. Infinity Games says:

    Keeper squad

  69. Kawaii• •Kutains says:

    19:09 Devan doesn't know where the camera is

  70. Jenny Fehlman says:

    Pancake 8100


    Keeper squad

  72. Joellen Brown says:


  73. Lee-Ann Gallipeau says:


  74. Lee-Ann Gallipeau says:


  75. Lee-Ann Gallipeau says:


  76. Lee-Ann Gallipeau says:


  77. K H says:

    I love is al ins a log

  78. Tania de Lange says:

    D 1

  79. Jayna Patel says:

    My favourite car is a McLaren and a Lamborghini veneno

  80. Kavitha Devi says:

    Devan is the winner of all round

  81. Laura Humphries says:

    Yeah devan won

  82. hoa vũ says:

    Pooo…poo..x4 #3:2

  83. JellyJess 35 says:

    I LIKE YOUR VIDOS and this is azzy

  84. Nobelyn Sayod says:

    Devin won collin won to

  85. Najah Kurdi says:


  86. Najah Kurdi says:


  87. Stephanie Slappey says:

    Collin talked every time Devon flips

  88. Arieyana Hazranshah says:

    My mom said Collins is Crazy and Devan is Smart. (Sorry Collins,Devan is the best)

  89. Xbox king says:

    Deven won every round

  90. Lisa Ball says:


  91. Nasser Al Muraikhi says:

    Pancakes 81800

  92. biseer Cosby says:

    I love you Collin s

  93. Courtney Greene says:

    Devan won them all

  94. Cicero Custodio says:

    É muito engraçado

  95. Jeveir Chambers says:

    Davan won all of course

  96. Barbara Willis says:

    Pancake to 81800

  97. Suhail Raneses says:

    Devan won

  98. Leila Mannering says:

    I think Devan won and my favorite one was Pikachu.

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