Paramedic Technician Associate Degree Program | Gateway Technical College

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Paramedic Technician Associate Degree Program | Gateway Technical College

I guess it takes a certain type person
to do what we do. I guess it’s just a sense of serving I guess the community. You
know kind of brings out the best in you. You feel like you definitely have a lot
of purpose there. The program that they have here is very
challenging and it really helps to prepare you for the everyday challenges
that you’re going to see every day. [Teacher] You’ve got a 46 year old male belted in
the vehicle. One of the things I like best about the program is the educators
here are not just book educators. [Teacher] Your partner’s giving ventilation. A
lot of the adjunct instructors they bring in. [Teacher] Readjust, reventalate. They are
paramedics full time, so the profession is actually the curriculum that
their teaching. We’re very fortunate here at the college. [Teacher] So you
guys show up, here’s your patient. We do have some of the high-tech patient
simulators. [Student] Sir, can you hear me sir? They really do focus on the student operating in a safe
environment, taking care of a mannequin that’s real to life. The mannequins
actually talk and they breathe. They do everything that a human would. And we
can focus in on instructing the students. [Teacher} Nice read on the CPR.
on real-life situations. We’re shaping the future with our students being able
to come out with hands-on experience. They’re not coming
out and just having the textbook. But they’re coming out with hours and
hours and hours on the job training.

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