Parkland College Photography Classes (ART 128 & 228, ART 129 & 229)

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Parkland College Photography Classes (ART 128 & 228, ART 129 & 229)

the digital photography class emphasizes
the basics of photography as far as using your camera using your equipment
seeing light things like that just like the film class does except everything’s
digital there’s more emphasis on the digital technology and how to work with
the software the biggest thing is I really learned how to use my camera even
though it’s a point-and-click type camera there’s hundreds of different
settings that you can actually use I’m hoping I have learned how to be a better
photographer and I can see the progress and the difference between when I
started at the point where i am now I think my photos are much more dramatic
and I’m much more aware of light as opposed to just trying to look for a
lucky shot with photography in the darkroom I really want them to learn how
to make quality images that in all of our photography classes we learn or
teach our students how to make an image and make the best image that they can
but in photography film they’re learning how to really learn the craft of
photography how to make a good photographic print and it’s a lot more
of a hands-on process here they work on it they do it over and over again and
learn to recognize what a good quality print is I feel like I’ve done a lot of
digital photography from the trips that I’ve taken and just other pictures I’ve
taken in general so I wanted to go back to basics and kind of learn more about
how to take correct pictures how to develop them and print them
and alter images I definitely don’t think people realize how much effort
goes into actually developing film and how many different chemicals are
involved it’s a lot different than going to Walmart and just printing off like a
bunch of pictures it’s a smaller school you work more one-on-one with your
instructor and I think with that you can learn even more techniques and you would
in a bigger school

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