Penn Foster College Student Stories: Alicia Rudd – Veterinary Technician Associate Degree


Penn Foster College Student Stories: Alicia Rudd – Veterinary Technician Associate Degree

My name is Alicia Rudd and I’m from
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina I have currently just graduated from the
Veterinary Technician Program class of 2014 I’m an animal trainer for movies and
television and luckily because of being a Penn Foster student, I’ve been
able to take my books and my iPad on any set on any
location in the world that we have gone and I’ve been able to
study in between filming it’s been great. I have three cats. I have Catfish, Hillbilly, and Razzmatazz. Catfish is a bulldog
boxer mix he actually has a job he’s trying for
movies and television and he worked on the first season of a TV series called “Under the Dime”. I’ve
always had such a passion for animals and I just wanted to learn more and more
about them. I’m an animal trainer by trade but I wanted to learn the medical side of it so I have always
heard about Penn Foster and heard how incredible it
was and so I just decided to pull the trigger and got for it. The program has made me so much more
confident as an animal trainer because I’ve learned so much about
different species of animals animals that I have trained but perhaps
did not know nearly as much about as I now know anatomically as well as
behaviorally Penn Foster has made that just so great
for me and it’s just given me so much confidence. Let me, with no further ado, present to Alicia Rudd, film industry extraordinaire now a Penn Foster Veterinary Technician her Associate of
Science degree from Penn Foster College. The program director is awesome the instructors they have all been so helpful and so good anything that you need to know they get
back to you quickly just go ahead and do it persevere stick with it work on it every single day and all of a sudden the next thing you know you will be a
graduate. Is there anything you’d like to say to
any Penn Foster employees at this time? Thank you all so much for not quitting your job because of me.

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  1. Jayesh Rama says:

    alicia well done vedio was so good need help for Penn Foster beginner to learn on line for the credit classes for help appreciate for all

  2. Cynthia Mackey says:

    i am a new student in the high school

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