Penn Foster College Student Stories: Stacey Witkowski – Marketing Associate Degree


Penn Foster College Student Stories: Stacey Witkowski – Marketing Associate Degree

My name is Stacy Witkowski and I am in
the marketing program words to describe my Penn Foster experience thus far expectations exceeded fun you know it’s fun it’s just really
education should be you know something that people you know struggle to do. It should be a rewarding
experience and that’s what it is it’s rewarding
Penn Foster I decided to come to the meet up to really meet some of the key people behind Penn
Foster and some of the other ambassadors that have
decided to come you know it it’s really a fun place to you know kind of interact with people and I knew all of those people were going to be here I just wanted to be a part of it. Studying at Penn Foster I decided there because I did a lot
of research online I wanted to do an online school and I
wanted to do a two-year program and then continue to
a four-year program so that I could do it at my own pace and hopefully find that dream job along the way and it would give me that opportunity to kind of do both. There isn’t actually a whole lot of online schools that offer the two-year
marketing degree. So I wanted marketing in particular and I wanted two years I did a lot of research on different schools and really Penn Foster really stood out and it is cost effective you don’t have to go into debt to get an
education so to me that’s really key I mean it really is beneficial to really anybody
I trying to break up my day in certain
segments I’m looking for a job so I’ll apply for
jobs at a certain time during the day and
then go on to my school work I feel I can get more done and retain it
that way that I was in marketing for 10 years I moved to an area outside of D.C. that is very heavily degreed
but my schooling was in real estate so in
order to really kinda complete and stay successful that is really what’s key, getting that
degree and I think even multiple degrees and I
think I’m kinda becoming one of those lifelong learners I really enjoyed it at this stage in my
it’s much more rewarding I appreciate it more and I’ve told so many
people already about Penn Foster I think my husband is actually going to sign up for something too. If somebody is thinking about going back
to school and they’re not sure and they’re on the fence, I say, “do it.” They have to do it. I mean it’s so
much easier than somebody makes it out to be
in their own mind it’s so much easier the support system
is so key to the survival of the students and there’s so many
people to help there’s not anybody that doesn’t have help and I think that’s it’s fantastic it is so unique to have that online
community where people can ask a question and get an
answer within seconds I mean it’s just it’s fantastic so definitely do it and you can do it its so much easier than
you think it is the flexibility of Penn Foster’s
programs all of them are really key for somebody that is either already
working or looking for a job or has a lot going
on in their schedule because it allows them to decide when they can do it and what best
suits them and and do it at their own pace and
that’s really what I wanted to do.

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9 thoughts on “Penn Foster College Student Stories: Stacey Witkowski – Marketing Associate Degree”

  1. Stacey Witkowski says:

    Oh my gosh, you guys! This is awesome; the end product is so much better than I imagined it to be! The editing is really fantastic and keeps you engaged in a fun way! Love it!

  2. Racheal Westbrook says:


  3. Jennifer Lessard says:

    I do love penn foster it's just scares me when I read all the reviews but that's just there opinion but I have always dreamed of being a vet technician and penn foster is the only school that has the two year program

  4. Janna Duncan says:


  5. Vanessa Guajardo says:

    which is best to get printed textbooks or online textbooks?

  6. Brenda Manigault says:

    If you take the high school course at Penn Foster do you have a graduation ceremony and also a class ring

  7. Jessie Ramos says:

    I got my high school diploma from Penn Foster in May 2016 but I am not sure of taking any college from Penn Foster. I want to study Criminal Justice to be a policeman

  8. patricia Garcia says:

    I am enrolled in medical bill and coding. .

  9. Nate Motivation says:

    Bachelor of Science in Business Management 2019. PF proud.

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