Personalized Online Teaching | Teaching for Online School

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Personalized Online Teaching | Teaching for Online School

Connections Academy-supported schools hire
caring, certified teachers, who are knowledgeable in their academic areas and passionate about
helping students reach their highest potential. Teachers work with parents to create a personalized
learning plan tailored to each student’s strengths and needs. They monitor the student’s progress and make
adjustments as needed. Working closely with each student, teachers
can identify and understand a student’s areas of challenge or strength. “As soon as I got into Connections Academy
I just noticed how helpful, and how involved all the teachers were. They were always sending emails, checking
in and they would respond to any question I would send them almost immediately.” “The teachers have been fabulous. At Connections Academy, the teachers are always
there and available, so being in an online setting he’s able to connect in ways I thought
wasn’t possible.” “So I love that connection that we make with
our families and I think it helps us to serve our students better.” “Since all students don’t learn the same way
it doesn’t make sense that they should all attend the exact same kind of school, and
sit in the exact same kind of classes, and this allows them to have a customized, personalized
experience that really meets their individual needs.” Give your students the power of a great education. Enroll today.

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