Pike’s Peak Online School Overview

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Pike’s Peak Online School Overview

(mellow guitar music)Hi. I’m Nicole Tileyand I’m the Head of School of Pikes Peak Online School. Pikes Peak Online School is a school for students in 9th through 12th grade. We focus on students who need more academic support and also social and emotional support. We are a school that focuses on credit recovery options for students. Where students can enroll in our school, enroll in a credit recovery course and just work on the skills that they need to master to earn the credits for that course. This is a great opportunity for students who have taken, for example, algebra in the past and they just missed some key concepts so they can just study those concepts, master them and then earn the credit for the course. We have created block opportunities where students can take a nine week section of courses and earn credits so they can reach their ultimate goal of a high school diploma. At Pikes Peak Online School, we offer teacher support to all of our students through our online classrooms. Students have opportunities to come to large groups, small groups, and get individual help when they are struggling with concepts in their classes. We have blended opportunities, which are centers where students can go to throughout their communities and get support from our teachers and work with other students at those sites. We have outings and field trips for students and also we offer Student Government where they get involved in their community. Our goals for students at Pikes Peak Online School are for students to earn their high school diploma and also be prepared for the future. We welcome you to learn more about Pikes Peak Online School.

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