It’s moving week at universities all over the US and because that can be a scary time for a lot of students We knew we had to do something about it So we decided to surprise a student who just moved in with an epic dorm room upgrade while they’re in class The catches were going to select the student based on an act of kindness that they did the truly impacted someone else’s day so we headed to the nearest University to begin the search and Ironically the mission this time was led by our three college dropouts Ammar Gracie and tittie at the search Begin got asked a good question. Can I ask you a question? What’s been the kindest thing kindest thing the kindest things someone has done to anyone Everyone’s so kind nobody could for one thing I think Everybody’s really really friendly. I guess just feeling smiling at me like how inviting and friendly everyone is everyone’s really helpful with directions We don’t know anywhere where we’re going move-in day. Everybody was like willing to help and everybody is here for each other What about you? What’s the night? I don’t go to school Seems like a very positive environment where everybody is just kind around that no one is able to specific like an exact Thing that happened to them or something that really stuck out kindest thing that someone’s done for me so far, my friend How do you print it out? My homework the other morning? I was pretty calm our roommates gonna bring back some kebabs The door open for me, I guess someone Open the door for me team. What are we gonna do? It’s a lot harder than the fuck. Can I ask a quick question? All good, who’s the kindest person, you know on campus? That’s a good dab it’s sad dab slow down and put black and white music In here we have all the men himself placing spike ball right next to the sorority rushing has What’s been the kindest thing someone has done to in the past like week or two. I got here and some dude Someone complimented my shoes the other day Yeah, this girl I texted when I was like Courtney I have no time and I’m gonna have to eat something So anyway, you could like bring me dinner or just like pick something up and I’ll pay for it. She was it Oh my gosh. No, like I’ll cook you chicken rice and eggs That’ll be good protein before you have to dance and she brought it to burns and like waited for me Favorite hug and she is like amazing. She’s in a service Oregon campus too Help us find her and actually do that. Yeah. I know where she lives Like no, are you in your room? She’s like, yeah. I said I have a bit of a surprise for you Like, you know, they’ve been my ride when they like show up to the apartment Where’s the car? That’s right. Where’s the resolution wanna be a player? But some real live flies I rang in just went in to California. We didn’t want to just overwhelm her with all the cameras You’re doing a project neuron kindness and we went around campus today asking students What’s been the kindest thing anyone has done to them since the beginning of the year and the only specific? Thing that someone remembered of someone getting out of their way to something kind Concept of the video that we’re making is finding that kind person and pimping the room Okay finding what is it that you’re missing one upgrade anything? It really does like okey. We’re like First of all, are you down for that? Thank you accorded just run the class She gave us her access key and we are Expecting help to come in a bit you realize that the job was gonna take a little bit more in the four of us What could we do We’re very little times what do I have to do? Matt goes to Ikea picks up the stuff already prepared line item list of all one Gracie and I are gonna go get the gadgets or Gonna go get the light except I’m not sure on maybe you can like look at the movements to what what needs to be done if you need any help folding ideas for the operations….Ugh nope We reconvene here hopefully and no longer than two and an half hours and everything just started This dorm room is about to be lit and lay here is quite literally Hmm what should I get Jeti that subsidize right there? More stuns and I have done myself say fellas For men like me this is a blessing simple man the simple brain man. I’m stuck on step one It’s happening. First page. Dude… It looks like a five year old just scribbled a bunch of stuffs It’s not in any order Gracie and I picked the easiest things to assemble This is what’s gonna happen to stress and urgency over the next two hours But you look tired do I? Okay, apparently 6:15 and we are so far from being done We have almost two and a half hours, but there’s so much left to do ammar went to go pick up a bunch of stuff semester on so hopefully they come back with a lot of stuff is right now at Least if nothing has changed we’ve been building in two hours Yeah, let’s just say she will be And being a very big person, my fate is low He’s just so tired and her roommates are gonna come home soon If she came now, she’d be like what this is worse than when I left. This is so bad Got to have a boost of energy and hopefully finish off. But as of now, I’m looking good Andres. It’s not looking good I’ll be honest. I think we are… What’s going on I want to talk about Because Matt’s not here Ammar’s not here. It’s 7:05 and we have an hour and a half It’s a well-planned I don’t know what else to say If I were planning this I would have not done anything different Light’s already out You were supposed to start this project at 6 a.m In wind up getting here julik that would have that would have helped Jews run Jews run away All right That is gonna be the wall fact, there’s a manga on the wall It’s been a long day and it actually turned out so much harder Every time potentially literally builds till the very end. You just work under pressure. It’s very frustrating We have another battery We don’t have a charger for the battery, which means instead of going inside the wall. It’s going inside my school Hopefully the last trip of the day I just got here oh Look at the men behind the camera steps in front of the camera Just saying what the bureau is thinking that’s down up like three inches, it’s just good Closer together children you are slanting it. What are you talking about what I’m talking about? Gracie breathe come on Another’s moments late at night when you do something you just feel like you’re going The amount of things that went wrong today, I knew everything was literally on less than 24 hours notice We’re gonna spend the next hour to set up the place to how we want it to look when Kourtney walks in Commuting we’re about to go in Good to go at this time Close your eyes step in don’t open them All right 14 hours. Yeah There’s a chromecast which you can like basically stream Netflix and YouTube and everything off your Soundbar here which connects to the view plate you can also connect it to your phone. Oh I didn’t know I had an aesthetic until today in this I’ve never seen an on-campus apartment this cute your energy will come back to you in the most unexpected ways Well, you will definitely inspire a lot of people to be kind to think about how they’re gonna be kind to the next person They meet so it goes beyond like this room in this campus a movie nice On that note, thank you so much for watching Instagram because we have a challenge for you. See you next week. Hi everyone. Thank you for watching this week’s video I was clearly not in this video some title responsibility is actually to thank our sponsors Skillshare for helping us make this video happen Skillshare is a service where you can learn new skills online such as filmmaking business design or even photography and there’s over 23,000 classes from experts from around world skill share is honestly a great place to get started if you’re trying to expand your current skill Set or even learn and try something that you’ve never done before So if you’re interested in learning a new skill Click the link below the first 500 people that sign up are gonna get the first two months for free Signing up is totally risk-free for the entire trial period you’ll get two months to try it out And if you’re not happy with it, it’s super easy to cancel it without getting charged So if you want to learn a new skill and be a part of the first 500 people they get the first two months for free Make sure you click the link below and we’ll see you next week Owen for those of you who stayed all the way until the end This is a sneak peek at what our September statistical collection looks like

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