Planned Parenthood | A Passion for Sex Education


Planned Parenthood | A Passion for Sex Education

Teen Council is a peer education program that
delivers comprehensive sexual health education to local community high schools and community
groups and nonprofit organizations. It’s that peer-led sex education — so
we have teens talking to teens about sex ed. We know that teens are listening to each other
— so if we have teens who are well informed about sexual health information that they
are a resource to their peers and that we’re really making a difference in that way. Teen Council members are not only talking
to their schools, but their friends, their parents, and we’re really developing a kind
of community when we’re talking about sexual health. Just as a facilitator, I feel like I’m changed
every single year with a new group of Teen Council members. What they do for their community is so life

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4 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood | A Passion for Sex Education”

  1. Paul Proulx says:

    Love Planned Parenthood.

  2. Racine Three says:

    I love Planned Parenthood do much. that bI became a fan of it.

  3. moekiokie says:

    Love Becky!!!

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