Portland schools to offer online classes

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Portland schools to offer online classes

OFFERINGS. NEWS 8’S MORGAN STURDIVANT JOINS US NOW LIVE FROM EAST END COMMUNITY SCHOOL IN PORTLAND WITH MORE ON WHAT THIS MEANS FOR STUDENTS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE HOMESCHOOLED. PORTLAND’S SCHOOL BOARD CHAIR WOULDN’T GET INTO DETAILS, BUT SAYS THEY’VE RECEIVED WORD ABOUT A PLAN TO ADD ONLINE CLASSES, AND WITH ENDLESS OPTIONS JUST A CLICK AWAY, IT’S AN EXCITING TIME FOR MANY PARENTS WHO HOME SCHOOL THEIR CHILDREN. SYDNEY SITS DOWN WITH HER SIBLINGS EVERYDAY FOR SCHOOL, BUT HER CURRICULUM IS FINE TUNED TO SUIT HER NEEDS, AND HER ALONE. THAT’S ONE OF THE THINGS HER MOM, DEIDRE CATLETT LOVES ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING HER CHILDREN. HER DAUGHTER SHOWED MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS AFTER SHE LEFT THE TRADITIONAL CLASSROOM WHEN SHE WAS BEING BULLIED. NOW, HER MOM SAYS SHE’S THRIVING, ESPECIALLY WITH HER ONLINE CLASSES. 17:58 “There’s so many options that these kids have that we didn’t have twenty years ago. So, I see for her, my daughter’s going into eighth grade, but she’s already taking high school classes because there’s no set schedule. She can just go at her own pace and these classes can really accommodate for that.” Sydney Guerrette 22:46 “During chemistry and physics last year, I definitely learned a lot from it last year.” Lisa Siciliano Regional Rep. Homeschoolers of Maine 10:39 “It’s a really good idea for people that are looking at options. Personally, our family has decided to just take full responsibility for our child’s education and that is really working for what we’ve made plans with right now but for a lot of people it really is a great idea.” Maine connections academy is the only virtual charter school that has been approved in the state and they’re set to begin a new era of teaching. Ande Smith Vice chairman maine state charter school commission 19:41:46 “I think what it showcases is one of the promises of charter schools generally, is that as another form of public school, it offers students a choice.” ALTHOUGH LITTLE INFORMATION HAS BEEN MADE PUBLIC ABOUT THE PORTLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT’S DECISION TO ADD ONLINE CLASSES, MANY ARE THRILLED TO SEE WHERE MAINE’S EDUCATION SYSTEM IS GOING. Ande 19:42:07 “They’re seeing the opportunity to innovate by offering virtual classes in the same way that the Maine Connections Academy proposes to.” I9:42:36 It’s about choice for children, in the end, and their parents. THE PORTLAND SCHOOL BOARD CHAIR SAYS THEY ARE SET TO BE BRIEFED ON THE ONLINE OFFERINGS ON SEPTEMBER 2ND. THE PORTLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT WAS NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT. IN PORTLAND MORGAN STURDIVANT WMTW NEWS 8

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