Praying Mantis Woman | Kingpin Katie [Full Episode]


Praying Mantis Woman | Kingpin Katie [Full Episode]

[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] – One last time. [SNORTING] [THEME MUSIC] [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] – Katie? – I’m a mother [MUTED] god! [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] Hello everyone. My name is Katie Marovitch,
and I have a cocaine problem. – Yeah, obviously. Can we get back to
the pitch meeting? – Wait, you guys
knew about this? – Yes. – Yeah. – That’s, like,
your thing, right? Like, you’re
neurotic and paranoid and you do a ton of cocaine. – And you have
lupus and insomnia, and don’t have
any close friends. – People typically
like you at first, and then they get to know
you, and they don’t much care for your personality. – OK. OK, I get it. Anyway, last night I was
completely out of control. – Yeah, again, Katie, we know. We were there. You ruined the company party. – Shut up, you [MUTED] idiots! I am trying to apologize here! – She is also temperamental. – You are so right. That’s actually– – I was actually
going to say that. – OK, fine. Can I just continue? Thanks. [CLEARING THROAT] I
started doing coke so I’d be more fun at parties. It became a part of my identity. Katie and cocaine
became entwined. It’s all anyone on our YouTube
channel would comment about. However, I don’t like the
monster it turns me into. I lose control of my
actions and I hurt others– – Katie, you’ve said all
this before, and then just gone right back
to doing cocaine again. – I bet you have coke
on you right now. – No! – Come on. – Fine, yes! But I’m going to get rid of it. God, I’m just– I’m trying
to earn your respect. – Hey, sorry I’m late. The other meeting ran long. – Oh, what’s going on, Trapp? Is there something
I can help with? I mean, just say the word. – No, you’re fine. – Oh. – So, listen, the higher ups
have been really breathing down my neck. And they’re going to be making
some changes around here. To begin with, we’re
going to be renting out half our floor to that douche
bag Sparks dating app company. – Yeah, I think
they just got here. – We’re having poke bowls
for free lunch today. – Again? It’s crazy how they make
something free feel like work. – I know. – Oh, my god. They’re so much more
attractive than us. – Speak for yourself. – No, they are. – There’s hot and
then there’s cool hot. And they’re just hot. – Ally, all of us
are 6s at best. – I can think of someone hotter. – So this is going to get
in the way of our shooting, but it shouldn’t affect us too
much if we manage it right. Second, we need to start
appealing to advertisers more. So no more swearing in sketches. [COLLECTIVE GROAN] No, OK? I’m sorry. It’s just how it has to be. No more swearing. No more explicit sexual content. – That feels like
it’s directed at me. – It is. And this is directed at Katie– no more drug use in our videos. – That won’t be
a problem for me, because I don’t do
cocaine anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have
some cocaine to get rid of. – What? No, Katie, you can’t do that
in the middle of the work day. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Samson! How’s my favorite coke dealer? – Shh! Don’t call me that! – (WHISPERING) Sorry, sorry. Hey, buddy. – What are you doing? Get off of me. – Sorry. Sorry. Did you get my friend request? – No. – What weekend are
you free for Big Bear? I’m planning that
birthday thing. – I’m not– I’m not free. – You’re not free. – No. – Oh! I wanted to tell you, there’s
actually a unit opening in my apartment building. So it might be, like,
a fun chance for us to live closer and carpool. – Katie. Katie, listen to me, OK? We’re not friends. This is the weirdest
dealer-user relationship that I’ve ever had. Look, can we just handle
this quickly, please? – Yeah. – Like, how much do you want? – How much do I want. Oh, of cocaine? – Use the code word. Pokemon. – Pokemon. Pokemon. Well, anyway, I’m not
making a purchase. I’m here to do a return. – What the [MUTED]? What are you, crazy? You can’t return drugs. – Yes, I can. – No. – Yes, I absolutely can. I have a receipt. – You wrote that. – This happened. – Look, are you going
to buy more or no? – No, I don’t want to buy more. – OK, then, we have
nothing to talk about. – Come on! What am I going to do
with $5,000 worth of coke? – I don’t know. That’s not my problem. – You are being so incredibly
unreasonable right now. And I hate having
to do this, but I’m going to need to
speak to your manager. – Screamin’ Eddie? You want to talk
to Screamin’ Eddie? – Yes, I do. – OK, well, good luck with that. I gotta get out of here. – Hey, Samson,
where are you going? Samson, do you want
to hang out later? I have to go back to work now,
but we can hang out later. Samson, how dare you
walk away from me? It’s OK. I forgive you! We’ve had fun together. But we both know we
need to end things. [FOOTSTEPS] – Ew. Why are you sitting
on the floor? – Hey, get out of here! – Wait. Are you flushing coke
down the office toilet? – This is a private stall. What if I was naked? – Oh, my god. She is. Is it laced with
laundry detergent? I hate that. I am not a [MUTED] shirt. – Are you kidding me? This is the creme de la coke. I love snorking this shiz. This is my favorite
shiz to snork. – Why are you talking like that? – I don’t know,
but I’m clean now. – Well, we’re not. Gimme. Mm, this is incredible. Don’t flush this. – What am I going to do with it? Because I’m not
going to snort it. – Well, we’ll take some. – Yeah. And this is Los Angeles, you
could probably sell the rest. – Well, technically,
it’s West Hollywood, which is its own city. It was incorporated in 1984. – Well, technically, it
is Los Angeles County, so nothing I said was
factually inaccurate. But I, too, am fascinated
by the municipality divides across the county. – OK, that’s
technically true, but– – OK! OK. Where can I sell this? – Ooh, I have seen drugs
passed around Club Devotion. You should try there. – Give me some of that. – Go, go, go. – Cheers. Anyway– [HOUSE MUSIC PLAYING] – ID? – Yes. – All right. Go ahead in. – You don’t need
to check my bag? – No, I can tell you’re
not up to anything. – Excuse me? What does that even mean? Just because I’m some skinny,
unassuming white girl, I can’t be up to anything? This is a massive bag! Who brings a massive
bag to a club? I could have anything in here. – You’re right. I should check your bag. – No, don’t check my bag! [HOUSE MUSIC PLAYING] It’s pretty tame in
here for a Tuesday. Last week was wild. Do you like dancing? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah, me too. – What about music? You good with music? – Yeah, yes, I love it. – Yeah, cool. Cool. Me too. (SINGING) Do you want
to buy cocaine from me? – Oh. – Yeah. – Oh, are you trying
to sell me coke? – I am. – Oh, [MUTED] yeah. – Oh, wonderful. – You guys, she’s
selling cocaine. Thank god. – Yes, yes. – Hey, Charlie,
how you doing, man? – Hey, Joey. – Good to see you. How you doing? – All right. – Hey, you owe me. Come on, where you at? – I like it to look
cute and not so druggy. – Ay, what a great idea. And it’s such a
cute, personal touch. – Thank you. – This place is jumping. How you doing, baby? – Hi, handsome, how are you? – Vodka on the rocks, please. Hey, how you doing? All right. Hey! Jason Alexander, what’s up, man? What you need? – Oh, I’m good, actually. My girlfriend got us stuff. – Oh, yeah? – Yeah. [MUSIC – CURIO, “TEN
FEET (DAXTEN REMIX)”] – I love that you come to me. – And we don’t have to deal with
some creepy, aggressive guy. – [MUTED] Why won’t these
[MUTED] buy from me? – I really love buying
from you, like, truly. I don’t even normally buy drugs,
but you, like, make it so fun. – Oh, thank you. I’m making so many new friends! [CHEERING] [MUSIC – CURIO, “TEN
FEET” (DAXTEN REMIX)”] Can’t take my crown. Can’t take my crown. – Screamin’ Eddie? We got a problem. – Have you tried meditation? You seem very stressed out. – Yeah, but that’s not
going to help, boss. [INHALING DEEPLY] – I always thought it was
strange that his name is Screamin’ Eddie when
he’s so soft spoken. – Yeah, it’s an ironic nickname. – Yeah, but it’s
not ironic, because underneath that pleasant
exterior lies a real sociopath, you know? He screams with actions. – So it’s an ironic,
ironic nickname. – So it’s not ironic at all? Wait. – Wow. – Gentlemen! No side conversations please. – Yeah, that was him. – OK, Joey, let’s get to it. – Well, I was at my
usual spot last night, only something’s a
little different, because nobody’s buying. At least not from me. – Another dealer on our turf? Could it have been the Romanos? – That’s what I thought. Then I saw a bunch of
powder princesses coming out of the ladies room,
so I peeked in. There’s a woman
dealing in there. – A lady dealer? No [MUTED] – Language, Carlo. – Sorry. – I don’t know no woman
working for the Romanos. I think it’s somebody
else, somebody new. – Well, Joey, did
you confront her? – No. I’m a guy. I can’t go in the ladies room. That ain’t right. – Yeah. – What do you think
goes on in there? – You can’t just go
in the ladies room. I tried once. – Did you at least get
a good look at her? – It was quick, so I
don’t remember much. But she appeared
to be in her 20s, tall-ish, very Slavic looking. Really long features,
but on a tiny, tiny head. Kind of like a
praying mantis woman. Blonde hair about up to here. Seemed like maybe
she had lupus or some other autoimmune disease. – Oh, my sister’s got lupus. She got to be
careful in the sun. – I’ll never forget her voice. The most bizarre
accent I ever heard. American, for sure,
but all proper, like Frasier or like
a 1930s movie star. And way too much
diction, like she’s speaking at someone
who’s hard of hearing. – Sounds awful. – If I had to guess, I bet she’s
pretty neurotic and paranoid. – Probably suffers
from insomnia. – Joey, I want to thank you for
bringing this to my attention. Now, I’d like you
to go and find her. – I’ll do it. – Why such enthusiasm, Samson? – I just hate when people
are stepping on our turf, you know what I mean? – Wonderful. Well, why don’t you all
go and look for her? And please don’t stop
until you find her. I would like you to bring
me her head, and her arms, and her toes, and
the rest of her body. They should all be attached. Was that unclear? [CHUCKLING] I do want her alive. – I’m so alive! And I’m ready to get working. I am going to go the extra mile. I’m going to grease
my little elbows. I’m going to grind
my nose stone. – Is that a coke thing? You back on coke already? – Shut up. I told you I was getting
rid of it yesterday. – Katie, have you finished
that rewrite on the Splish soda sketch? The last thing I saw just said,
“Splish Splish, bish” and then “Katie flosses for two minutes.” That’s not a sketch. – Um, so I was really busy
yesterday and I didn’t do it. But I’m going to
work on it today. – Katie, I don’t have
time for your excuses, OK? Can you– can you get
it to me by Thursday? – Yeah. – We can always film my sketch,
Little Shop of [MUTED] Eaters. – No, guys. OK, we talked about this. No more sex, no more
swearing, no more drug stuff. OK? – Come on, Trapp. Paint me green and
give me that booty. – Stop saying that to me. – Anyway, I will get you
that rewrite no matter what. – Stop talking about
doing it and just do it! – You got it boss. I am going to sit down. And I am going to write. Nothing will make me leave. – (WHISPERING) Katie,
you have to leave now. – What? – I can’t leave. My boss will kill me. – OK, will he actually kill you? Because my boss will
definitely kill you. – What are you talking about? And why haven’t you accepted
my Facebook friend request yet? – I didn’t get it. – Really? That’s weird, because it
says it’s pending on my side. – Look did you deal
drugs last night? – No, of course not. I was just selling my supply
to make my money back. – God! Katie, that’s drug dealing. – No, it’s not. I would know if I
were drug dealing, OK? Drug dealers sell
drugs to make money. I was selling my
drugs for money. [MUTED] – You are in big trouble. Dangerous men are
looking for you, so we need to get out of here
now, before somebody else find you. What– what’s going on? Why are you smiling? – We’re friends. It sounds like a friend thing. – Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. We’re not friends. This is not a friendship thing. This is a, I don’t want your
death on my conscience thing. – That’s the thing
about friends. They don’t want
each other to die. – Katie. – Fine, I’m coming. I’m coming. – Katie, I’m sorry
I snapped at you. It’s just things aren’t
really going well right now and she’s gone. Great. – Well, I’m here if you want to
talk, if you want to get lunch, get a drink. [FRUSTRATED SIGH] Oh, paint me green and
give me that booty. – Hey, I gave you a
nickname, Samwich. – Don’t give me a
[MUTED] nickname, OK? Just say what I told you
to say and nothing else. – Who’s this? – Hi, I’m– – Shut up. Shut up. Uh, she’s with me. Screamin’ Eddie
wanted to see her. – Samson, what a
pleasant surprise. I found her. – Joey, can you confirm? – Yeah, that’s her all right. – You found her quick. – Yeah. Um, Joey’s description of her
was very accurate, actually. – Hm. – Turns out this whole thing
was just a big misunderstanding, right, Katie? – Yes. I’m so sorry, Mr. Screamin’. I did not mean to
step on your turf. It’s just– I was trying
to get rid of some cocaine that I no longer needed. – She didn’t even
know what she was doing, like totally clueless. – I had some understanding. I’m not a total idiot. – OK, shut up, Katie. The point is, clearly this
person is no drug dealer. Just look at her. – What does that mean? – Who would she
pose a threat to? No one, no one, no one would
consider this person a threat, especially not a big
drug dealer like you. – Excuse me. I did sell, like, $5,000 worth
of cocaine in one hour, so. – Which was a mistake,
like you said earlier. I mean, she couldn’t
do it again. She wouldn’t know how. Right, Katie? – No. – What do you mean, no? – Do you think you’re a
better drug dealer than I am? – What are you doing? – Because you are not. You’re always late. You’re so rude to me. You never want to hang out. I have people texting me left
and right, wanting more drugs. – Shut up. – I am 10 times the
drug dealer you are. Don’t tell me to shut up. [GUNSHOTS] [SPLASHING SOUND] – Say no more, Katie. You’re hired. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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