Prem Kahani {HD} – Rajesh Khanna – Mumtaz, Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna – Hit 70’s – (Eng Subtitles)


Prem Kahani {HD} – Rajesh Khanna – Mumtaz, Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna – Hit 70’s – (Eng Subtitles)

What’s going on? Examinations, sir.
– Or cheating? Who is cheating, sir ? Would you want Rajesh Narain,
the best poet of the college… caught cheating? No sir. You are mistaken. Then what are you hiding? Nothing sir.
– Let me take a look. Forget it sir. Show it to me.
– Forget it sir. A couple of pictures
of pretty girls… that’s what was found in
his house while writing the test. Silence! What does one make of this picture? It’s thanks to this picture that
I’m successful in the test of love. But I don’t want you
to fail your grades in M.A. because of this picture. Sir, my picture..?
– You have the negative, don’t you? You can have another made. Good heavens!
Run! The poet is on his way. He reads his lousy
poems and murders our mood! What’s going on?
– We’ve been waiting for you! I heard you wrote
a deadly poem last night. I wrote a great one today.
– Good grief! Why are you dying? Hear
this couplet to revive your souls. Encore..
– What he means is… I hope I don’t miss my
train listening to your couplet. Shut up. Go ahead. Take your time. Here goes. “Time fell against
the stony floor of fate” “and broke like a glass vessel” Good Lord!
– Listen… We’re so sorry.
– Lousy appreciation. But I’ll still recite the poem. “Revolution will
rise soaked in blood” “The bugle of the war
for freedom cries out to us” “This murder and mayhem
actually ruins the nation” “Ruin is preferable to slavery” Always remember.
The noose is better than slavery. You hang by the noose.
Stop boring us. The entire nation
is fighting the British. But you can clap and
listen to Raju’s songs. In 1942, falling in love and writing love songs
is akin to betrayal. I agree. My only crime is that I
love the rising and setting sun. I am a lover of moonlit nights. I’m crazy about the blooming buds. When are you going to Agra? The British empire that you fight
is much smaller than Shakespeare. Poets like you will
die with their poems. But Soor, Tulsi, Ghalib, Mir…
they will remain immortal. Talk of lovers and beloveds… The last day of the
University is getting wasted. Sing something good. Yes. Do I have your permission?
– By all means. If you wish, I can arrange
for the musical accompaniments? “In the journey of my heart…” “I have come across many lovers” “I don’t know what
attracts me to you..” “the sight of you makes
me love you even more” Terrific!
– The outcome of a weak vision! “I too can get up…” “and walk away from you” “But I will surely miss…” “the walls of your house” Terrific! “Don’t believe those eyes…” “they are not to be trusted” “You’re a commodity on sale.
What’s your hurry?” “There are other
marketplaces for you” That was truly terrific! A telegram for you. Hey! Guard, how long will
this train halt here? Only 5 minutes.
– Hot tea. Hot tea. Hot tea.
– SP sir. Wait, wait! You look terrific in this uniform! How’s your romance going? I’ve taken the first vow.
The other 6 will be done soon. Marriage arranged?
– Dimwit! Now that you’re here, you can
choose the girl and I’ll marry her. Are you getting married or me? This time it’s me. But when you
get married, I’ll choose the bride. But I’m on my way
to Ghazipur to join duty. How can I choose her?
– Then I’m not getting married! Show me the picture.
I’ll decide right now. The tragedy is the
examiner confiscated it. When are you coming to Ghazipur?
– I’m going to Jaunpur tomorrow. I’ll meet brother, his wife and
daughter and come in a day or two. Okay, bye.
– See you. What are you doing?
I’m the one leaving! Hug me.
– Run, you’ll miss the train! Shake hand.
– Take care. Bye. Bye. Isn’t the train arriving at 2.30? Yes. It must have come already. God knows. The war is on. Today’s train might
even come tomorrow. The train doesn’t know
you are waiting for it. Little brother must be waiting.
– Who must be waiting? I’ll give you a slap!
– Don’t mess with me. Or I’ll tell my uncle
not to marry you! You and your uncle!
You’ll get a spanking! Take uncle’s bags in.
– Uncle has come! Why are you so anxious?
He’ll come in his own time. Sit patiently and wait.
The train and uncle have come. But I told uncle not to see you! Now fight with me! Silly girl! You haven’t changed, brother. Running a paper, spinning cloth… it won’t get you freedom. Do you know the fate of
the struggle spun by this yarn? You need yarn even for the shroud. We are spinning yarn for
the shroud of the British rule. Then it will take
centuries to weave it. Time moves much faster
than the spinning wheel. She too is very fast! It’s so very hot! What are you sewing in this heat?
– A dress for Prarthana’s wedding. Brijesh has gone mad. He publishes a Hindi newspaper
and dreams of freeing India. Freedom. My foot! The sun never sets on
the British empire! And shall never! Hello uncle, aunt. Forget these old Indian customs. When did you arrive?
– A little while ago. Where did you get this tailor from? No tailor, it’s a seamstress. I think I’ll get some
shirts stitched too. Why don’t you talk to your brother? The British government won’t
be cowed by that naked fakir. These newspapers will die away. One shouldn’t fight
the sharks in the sea. I’m not interested in politics.
But if one must have an enemy… then why not oppose the shark? Forget that.
You’ve completed your education. If you wish, I can get you a job. Thank you, uncle. I want to finish my MA and
teach Literature in a University. This is the trouble of the natives.
They have no ambition. What salary does a Professor get? About 3 to 400. That’s what the
Governor’s cook gets. That’s all right. I too
will become the cook of a Lord. It still won’t help! Uncle, I must make a
move or I’ll get thrashed. Munni is waiting for me. Bye. Something is fishy. Something black the door. “She won’t be able
to stretch her arms” “The sight of me made
her throw up her arms! I’m not scared of you that
I won’t stretch in front of you. Here. Enough! Stay like that. Don’t stretch in front of me… your body is made of glass.
It might just crack. Recite poems and waste your life. Fool!
– Why? I’ll spend my life
looking into these eyes. Touching these lips. Playing with these locks. Entangled in these arms. I don’t like this kind of love. My heart too has been
wounded by our separation. I’d have died had it
not been for your love! Dead!
– Actually dead. Let go!
– Listen… What do you want
from Kamini’s room? I’m looking for a book. Not there! Hide there. Your head can be seen. Lower! You don’t understand.
Something is fishy. Daddy, what are you looking for? What am I looking for?
Why have I come here? You’re looking for some silly book! Where is that..? Where could he be? I am right here, but I won’t tell. My article?
– In the library. The library isn’t there.
It’s that way. The library is over there?
– Yes. There can’t be a love story
without hide and seek, right? “Let me tell you a story” “With youth comes…” “a love story” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh and cry together” “It’s always a small spark…” “It’s always a small spark…” “that burns and blows
the world asunder” “On moonlit nights…
there is a lamp…” “which has a wick…” “They burn and are
extinguished together” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” “From over the mountains
when the rains arrive…” “From over the mountains
when the rains arrive…” “it drives the lovers mad, my love” “In the rains…” “there are clouds…” “and there is lightning…” “they long… and it pours” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” “With union there is separation” “With union there is separation” “Life is like a joke, a play” “In a play like this…” “there’s a King” “There’s a Queen” “They meet…” “they are separated” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” This is how the curtain is. Neither is she fully in
the open nor completely hidden. What would you do if Ghalib
hadn’t left the wall behind? Romance. Romance. Fisticuffs and fights? Fights with the lovely
one aren’t her fault at all. I was the one who
fell in love with her. With whom?
– Come here and I’ll tell you. Why should I always come there?
Do you have henna on your feet? Someday I’ll get your hands
and feet colored with henna. With grandeur. Shall I come? How would I know?
– But I do. What do you know?
– You light lamps and dream of me. What hopes! I have a poetry exam tomorrow.
I’m trying to memorize it. Let’s see what you’re learning… What is Ras Khan. What is Ras Khan?
Reading Rajesh Khan is better. Anwar will have fun over there.
And I’ll be getting bored. Then what should we do?
– Have a rehearsal of marriage. Stay away! Somebody might see us. You should be serious.
– Marriage makes everyone serious. The fun of meeting
like this will be lost. You’ll walk right into the bedroom. It will ruin the romance. Then don’t get married.
– Why not? If I won’t marry you,
somebody else will. All my life,
I’ll imagine things and envy him… that he must be playing
with your locks… looking deep into these eyes. Locking his lips with these. I…I’m going. Go on. I’ve gone, too. “Banno, your elder sister.. ..whose seated all decorated.” “Her beau will surely
take her away along.” The priest is coming.
Girls, keep quiet. The priest is coming.
For God’s sake! Fatima Bibi,
daughter of the late Syedali Amjad. Do you accept marriage to
Anwar son of Baqar Hussein Zaidi.. ..for a dowry of 14000
sovereigns and 5 dinars? Do you accept? I will ask you
when your turn comes. Oh Lord. Son of Baqar Hussein Zaidi… Do you agree to marry Fatima,
daughter of Syed Ali Amjad… for a dowry of 14000
sovereigns and 5 dinars? Yes.
– Good gracious! You too! We’ll ask you when your turn comes. Do you accept?
– Yes. Now both of us have accepted. Kamini,
daughter of Shrikant Sinha… do you agree to marry Rajesh
Narain for 14000 kisses a year? And 2 poems every week? I accept. Rajesh Narain,
son of Kamlesh Narain… do you agree to accept 14000
abuses from your wife every year… and 2 fights per week.
Would you like to marry her? No.
– Why? I’ll have to love you!
– So what? “If I fall in love with you,
I will miss you” “When I miss you,
you and I will meet” “If I fall in love with you,
I will miss you” “When I miss you,
you and I will meet” “When you and I meet…” “When you and I meet,
people will watch us…” “they will watch us and…” “let’s not be seen by anyone” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s not be seen by anyone;…” “let’s drown in the sea” “let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s not be seen by anyone;…” “let’s drown in the sea” “let’s drown in the sea” “You have applied
kohl in your eyes…” “why haven’t you worn
flowers in your hair?” “You have applied
kohl in your eyes…” “why haven’t you worn
flowers in your hair?” “When you toss your hair,
it’ll bring about a cloud” “The clouds will pour” “When you toss your hair,
it’ll bring about a cloud” “The clouds will pour” “When it pours, it’ll make me pine” “And when I pine…” “why must I make myself pine?” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s not be seen by anyone” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s drown in the sea” “There’s so much
more to talk about” “So why are you
looking away from me?” “There’s so much
more to talk about” “So why are you
looking away from me?” “When our eyes meet,
it’ll set our hearts beating” “Our pounding hearts
will set off a fire” “When our eyes meet,
it’ll set our hearts beating” “Our pounding hearts
will set off a fire” “Our pounding hearts
will set off a fire” “The flames will leap and…” “let’s put out the
fires in our heart…” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s not anyone see us…” “let’s drown in the sea” “Let’s not anyone see us…” “let’s drown in the sea” Look at this carefully.
He’s going to be your son-in-law. But think of Baby… I’ve chosen him with her in mind. The son of a judge,
he’s in the Indian Police Service. And he’s the DSP at the age of 25. Hail the Revolution! Hail the Revolution! Our slogan is: India belongs to us! Is father going back to jail? Why don’t you go to jail? If I go to jail,
who will get a groom for your doll? When will he return?
– When the government frees him. Why does father always go to jail? Maybe he loves us less.
What do you think? I feel the same too. What are uncle and niece up to? Munni wants to know why
you keep going to prison. When you can’t understand
why I go to jail, how will she? I can’t understand how we can
gain independence by spinning yarn. How can you defeat the empire
on which the sun never sets … …with one spinning wheel,
one flag and one slogan? You are wrong. For the soldier of the country,
the flag is a weapon. The spinning wheel and
the slogan too are weapons. So fight with these weapons. But if the English
are here on your return.. will you concede defeat? You are the poet.
But listen to this couplet. Our courage is not broken.
I am still inspired. Victory and defeat mean nothing
to me. It’s my war and I fought it. Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Hail the revolution! Call out to your father…. He will return if you do. Call out to him! Be brave. If you burst into tears,
how will we manage? You’re going to manage this house. Think of me and this little child. It will be terrible,
if she goes into a shock. Wipe your tears. My brother always wiped my tears. I don’t know how to wipe my tears. And he isn’t getting
up to wipe my tears. I’ll wipe them for you. Don’t cry. If you cry, I too will
turn into a statue like father. Don’t cry. I say, don’t cry. I had said… his love for the family
has diminished, hadn’t I? Don’t insult the
sacrifice he has made. The one who gives up his
life for the country, never dies. This house is blessed
with the mark of his blood. The bangles in my hand are broken. The vermilion on
my forehead is no more. But I’m not crying. It’s a matter of pride
to be the widow of a martyr. Hail the revolution! It’s the slogan of one and all!
– India is ours! Hail the revolution! Our decision is not
to take you in the party. Why not? Because one sacrifice…
is enough for a family. Sacrifices are not counted. Munni asks me everyday…
where is her father? And when he will return. Do you want to join the party
to avenge your brother’s death? I don’t have to come
to you to avenge his death. Then? – His brother’s death
has affected him Like us, he too wants
to die for independence. No! I don’t want
to live in slavery. The English didn’t kill him. It’s the slavery of our
nation that has killed him! When he died, the entire city
stood by, watching like cowards. I don’t want to insult my brother
by living with these cowards! If you don’t want to live
like a slave, learn to be a martyr. I haven’t come to
you to learn how to die! I want to die after killing
some Englishmen. Teach that to me! What happens to Munni
and her mother then? Who is Munni or her mother? I have no relations
with anyone anymore. You can never marry Rajesh.
– Why not? If you won’t marry
me off to Rajesh… I will marry him myself! Do you hear, wife? she wants to marry the man whose
brother was a broke Congressman. The man you poke fun at
today will be worshipped tomorrow. And nobody will even
mention names of men like you! Tell her to take her
proposal to Rajesh herself. Where’s sister-in-law?
– She’s away gone to the temple. Listen…
– You listen. I wrote a poem last night.
Like to hear it? Sure. A song in the morning
and one in the evening… but only after we’re married. Marriage? I’ve brought my own proposal. With whom? You. Who else? With me…? Daddy is not in
favor of our marriage. I insisted, so Daddy asked
me to carry my own proposal. Strange! This is the first time
I find a girl proposing marriage. Skip the jokes.
– I can’t quit jokes and romance. That can be done after marriage. Everything fades
away after marriage. Forget about marriage.
And just keep romancing me. I’ll be happy, so will you. Look, I’m a poet. I can’t tie the noose
of your arms around my neck. For me, you were the blank sheet
of paper on which I wrote my poems. Remember,
I told you the other night, “Marriage ruins all the romance” That night you also said you’d
color my hands and feet with henna. I did. I said that. You forget those were
promises of love, not marriage. Very well.
I haven’t come here to beg you.. …to marry me. Nor have I come to say
that I’ll commit suicide! Do you think I’ll remain unwed
for life, if you don’t marry me? I will get married
and to a decent man too! And you’ll regret it all your life! I’m amazed that I couldn’t
see through you in all these years. Still, thank you very much. In good time, you have told
me what a despicable man you are! This is one way of initiating
a sacrifice too, brother. Mom, Daddy was right. I don’t want to marry
that broke freedom fighter. Have you had a fight with Rajesh? No. I’m rid of him. I don’t want to be the
noose around a poet’s neck. Tell Daddy, he can marry
me to whomsoever he wishes. Your father has chosen a boy for
you. Should I show you the picture? I had chosen a live man. And I couldn’t understand him.
So what will I do with a picture? If Daddy has chosen him,
he must be good too. I don’t trust my own eyes anymore. What do you want? I want to bury you
in the land you rule! Did he show any
mercy when he ordered his men to shoot my brother? Did he think that my
sister-in-law would be widowed, and Munni orphaned! If you’re man enough,
give me a revolver. When you ordered
your men to open fire, did you give the
Indians any weapons? Before you die,
say “Long live the revolution” Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Who is this Rajesh? Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Who is this Rajesh?
Why hasn’t he been arrested? Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Sir, we always try to arrest him.
Our bad luck, he escapes. This is uncle’s picture. A reward of 25000! What is uncle being rewarded for? For fighting for the country. I too will fight for the nation. But I won’t talk to uncle.
– Why not? He hasn’t come to
see me for months! I won’t talk to him anymore! Uncle.
– Munni. How are you?
– You were mad at him. And the moment he comes,
you climb into his lap! Where had you gone away? To look for a groom for you. Did you find one? Oh, God! How’s everything? What shall I say? Kamini no longer comes here. She’s getting married.
With great pomp. Leave my uncle alone! Munni! No!
My child…! What’s happened to Munni? Munni! No! There was no other way. When the police advanced
with their guns… I was afraid she’d
scream in horror.. ..and I stifled her mouth! She tried to get out of my hands. But I wouldn’t take
off my hand from her mouth. Had she spoken up,
the police would’ve caught you! Nobody knows your name, Munni. But after the English
are thrown out of India… the first rose that blossoms… will bear the color of your blood and the fragrance
of your childhood. Hold his hand.
– It’s okay. You don’t know how
painful it can be, Rajesh. Brother Basu..
– Anand. Brother Basu.. The cops are out in the lanes. They’ve probably
got to know about us. Give me a revolver. What do you mean? Carry me to the statue. And you guys make a getaway. Don’t be crazy, Rajesh.
– Don’t be stubborn, Khalid. If you leave right away, I might be
able to hold the cops for a while. If you act stubborn,
we aren’t going away either. But.. But where will you
take me in this state? Is there anyone in this
city who will give me shelter? Not here.
But there is someone in Ghazipur. Ghazipur. You mean Dheeraj? Yes. – But he’s
Superintendent of Police. So what?
Much before he became a cop… he has been my friend. You trust him so much? I don’t trust myself
as much as I trust him! I’ll get the truck out. Good day, Sher Khan.
– Good day to you too, Khalid. What brings you here?
– I have a problem, Sher Khan. If it concerns goods,
I can provide that. If it concerns life,
my head is at your service. You’re always talking
about killing and dying. It has nothing to do with that.
I need some help. Command me.
– A friend of mine is wounded. He has to be taken to Ghazipur.
– Is that all? I’ll take him there. But why don’t you take him
to the hospital if he’s wounded? He’s a revolutionary,
a soldier of freedom. They’ve issued a
warrant for his arrest. I can’t trust anybody
but you to do this job. Trust, you must place only in God. Where have I to
take him in Ghazipur? To the Superintendent
Dheeraj Kumar’s house. With friends like you,
who needs enemies? How many years is it
since you’ve had a watermelon? Answer me! You’re out of your mind. You just said there’s
a warrant in his name. And I take him to SP’s house? He’s a police officer,
but he’s Rajesh’s friend. I see. I get it! Very well,
I’ll take a friend to his friend. This is a dangerous job. The word danger does not
exist in a Pathan’s vocabulary. Go and fetch him. In the meantime, I’ll fix
my dear Gulnar. Come on, baby! Get started! Bravo! Bravo! My Gulnar sure jumps a lot. Does she bother you? Lie down on the sacks. Why must you endanger
your life for me? Brother, what use is a
life that’s of no use to another? But you don’t even know me,
Sher Khan. I don’t know you but
I sure do know independence. I know what it means
to breathe freely. My truck is indeed blessed. There are many trucks in
India carrying bricks and stones. But only Sher Khan’s
lorry carries freedom! “My dear Motherland…” “the garden I have
been separated from….” “for you, I will sacrifice myself” “You are my desire,
my honor, you are my life itself” “Like an affectionate mother,
you have embraced me” “I miss you,
as I would miss my little daughter” “As much as I miss you,
I am tormented…” “As much as I miss you,
I am tormented…” “for you, I would sacrifice myself” Brother… Let me get off here. Sher Khan unloads his goods only
at its destination, not on its way! Why must you risk your
life in a fight for my country? Sher Khan has breathed
the air of this nation. I have drunk the water of its
rivers and fed on its foodgrains. This country doesn’t become yours
only because you were born here! Sit back and relax. These few
cops can’t stop Sher Khan’s lorry! Allah be praised! Stop! Good work, Gulnar! Let’s
take another road to Ghazipur. Brother, your friend’s
house is lit up all the way. Take care. I’ve got you dinner.
Eat it up quietly. Why not? Don’t feel shy.
I’m just an old woman. Where are you going?
Wait here for sometime. Are you mad? Go on. Ma’am.. I have no experience
of nuptial nights. It’s my first marriage, you see. How could I forget? How will I ask you to show me your
face, without giving you a gift? You might laugh at me… but I’d like you to meet
my friend before meeting me. These are his works. My life is pledged to him. But my heart, I give to you. One never knows whom one will
meet and under what circumstances. Maybe not ever. But if we do meet, I’ll marry you in his presence again! Who is it? Congratulations on your wedding! Easy, my friend. This blood.. You’re wounded…
– Forget it… Won’t you introduce us? Come on! I don’t need your
support to meet her. I’m the dearest friend
your husband has. Won’t you show me your face? Stop! Stop the truck! What’s the matter, constable? Where are you coming from? Come to the police station. Police station? He’s mad. Such a great poet and
he’s on the run from the cops. Do you know him?
He’s from Jaunpur too. I know his whole story. He was my neighbor. So you know him pretty well? I do know him, but not very well. My father works for the government
and this man works for Gandhi. So we couldn’t meet often. That’s very nice. When I go on duty,
you can look after him. It’s imperative he remains
hidden till he gets well. No servant, nurse or
doctor must enter this room. We’ll have to be
his nurse and doctor. How are you feeling now? How are you feeling now? I’ve always been fine. Why are you getting up? Relax. No, I must leave.
– Have you gone out of your mind? How will you go? You’ll stay here,
till you get better. You’re too much. I was passing by,
and saw you were getting married. I thought I’d wish you. And I did. Today is your nuptial night. I don’t want to disturb you. You’re a real ass! Is the nuptial night more
important than our friendship? Mr Superintendent,
you are a fool too. Don’t you know the
cops are on my trail? What? The cops are looking for you? How would I know? I’m just an SP. Will my police come
to my house looking for you? Whatever it is, I won’t stay… I won’t stay here. Will you please reason
with this stubborn ass? When he won’t listen to you,
why will he listen to me? Try telling him and see. When my husband is insisting
so much, why don’t you stay? Try and refuse now!
Quietly go to sleep! What? Where do I sleep?
– Right here. On this bed. Have you gone mad?
– What’s wrong with that? And… where will you go? We… we’ll seek refuge
in each others’ heart. Can you make some place
for me to live in your heart? Don’t force me. I must leave. What for?
– I can’t tell. Then lie down quietly! My friends must be waiting for me! I am no enemy too.
– You won’t understand. A friend’s love can be more
disastrous than an enemy’s wrath. Don’t you cops ever get tired? It’s midnight and you’re
stuck on the same question! Give us the right answer
and the questions will end. Where are your brains, I say? When I speak the truth,
you say I am lying! And when I’m saying the right
thing you still think I’m lying! Tell me, how will you know when I’m lying and when I’m not. For God’s sake, get lost!
And spare me! Thank you sir.
We’re rid of each other… One moment. This is my prey, Constable.
What’s your name? Who’s he?
– What’s your name? My name will scare you.
– What is your name!! Sher Khan, son of Jabbar Khan! Son of Babbar Khan!
– Shut up! Why did you speed away in
the lorry when I asked you to stop? Heavens! Was that you? My truck sped away, not me! My foot fell on the accelerator
instead of the brakes! Racing along brought
back memories of my childhood! I said to myself, Sher
Khan will play with the police! We have information that
you brought Rajesh in your truck! Where is he?
– Rajesh…? Rajesh who? The government has announced
a reward of 25000 for his arrest. That’s a hell of a lot of money!
Will I get it? – Shut up! Sir, he seems to be
as crooked as they come. Come back in the morning. By then, he’ll surely
tell us where Rajesh is! Constable! Take him away! Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Are you all Gandhi’s men?
– Yes. By the grace of Allah,
you will all be freed. Miyan must have brought the tea.
I’ll open the door. Somebody is coming.
Cover yourself up. Master… Master, tea Good morning, lady. May I…?
– He’s still asleep. No problem at all. Give it to me. Give it to me. Would you like some tea? Will you make some for me? Come. Sit. A treat for you! The first cup of tea
made by my wife for you! You must admit, I’ve sure pinched a great
piece from your neighborhood. You’re a poet.
Recite something for the moment. She is your partner in joy. She is your partner in sorrow. God has willed it
that you have a bride. These medicines are for
major injuries, not minor wounds. Wounds of knife stabs or gunshots. There are riots in every city. The police are often
the victim of such riots. I’m taking these as
a precautionary measure. You are right. Take care of Rajesh. Nobody must get
anywhere close to him. I’ll stop the other servants. How do I put Aunt Leela off? Be firm, if you have to. If possible,
clean the room yourself. But what will the servants think? Let them think what they will. But we must save Rajesh. Why don’t you send
him to a safer place? Actually, no place is
safer for him than this house. Remember, if Rajesh is caught on account of a mistake we make… he will surely be hanged. Good news before you go in.
– What? The truck driver
who brought Rajesh, the revolutionary here,
is arrested! We are sure he will soon
tell us where Rajesh is. Any orders for me
in this regard? Then I’ll become an
inspector from a constable. You guys are funny! I don’t know any Rajesh, I say! I sell almonds, pistachios! And asafoetida and nuts. Have you eaten nuts?
It would set your brains right! A friend told me to sell opium.
I’d make more money. I tried that and got caught! The jail in Lahore
was better than this one. It was airy.
Not as hot as it is here! Now is when you’re going
to feel the real heat. Where is Rajesh?
– There you go again! Atleast describe him to me.
Who is Rajesh? Now look, Sher Khan.
Our SP is a merciful man. So you are the SP, are you? You are the SP who will
bless me with a reward? My elder brother’s name
was “Nihaluddin, the loyal” too. This guy appears to be a nut.
He can’t be our man. He’s a tough nut, sir. A little bit of kneading
and he’ll sing like a bird. Do you recall where Rajesh is? Constable, I’m a Pathan. See that, sir?
One kick, and he speaks clearly. Untie my hands for a minute. I swear it on Allah, I’ll teach you
many languages in just one kick. Where is Rajesh? I’m a Pathan! If I once said I don’t
know where Rajesh is… I swear it on God, I don’t know! Sir, may I start
skinning him alive? No… No. Lock him up for the time being. I’d never have come here
if I knew you were Dheeraj’s wife. But you know now. But what will I tell Dheeraj? He won’t settle for
anything but the truth. And I can’t tell him the truth. But you needn’t worry. I’ll find a way to get out of here. Why must you leave? It’s
your friend’s house. So stay on. How will I? It bothers you. Since when have you started
worrying about others? Look mister,
you are my husband’s friend. And I am your friend’s wife. That’s the only relation we share. You are welcome to stay here,
but the day I suspect… that you are a risk to him… I will hand you over
to the police on my own. Man, this silence despite
the presence of a poet it isn’t good. Hey! Begin with some poesy. What are you doing? Darkness.
– What for? To make the ambience poetical. I wandered in darkness,
all my life… where did the Moon show up from,
showing me its light? The moon has risen now.
Recite something now, my friend. What can I say?
I’ve forgotten all my couplets. In that case,
recite something on forgetting. Wow! What a beautiful request! The flame and the firefly are here. And there is my bride’s request. “The firefly burnt
to ashes in a flash” “The flame has to
but burn all night” Wonderful! You must admit,
poets do have a way with words. Of course there’s only
this something in them. Did you hear that?
She hurt you all right. It has nothing to do with hurting.
What does writing involve anyway? Pull out a plain paper
and write something. But what did he write? That which is hidden
in the poet’s heart. And what’s hidden in your heart?
Tonight you must open up. “I asked to be punished
with separation” “That’s about the
only bad thing I did” “You tell me tales of loyalty.
I’ve been unfaithful anyway” Wonderful!
A hundred loyalties for your poem! For the first time I
hear cruelty being praised. “He praises cruelty,
appreciates disloyalty” “What people are these
who appreciate the disloyal!” That’s something! What do you say? “Those who are not loyal,
appreciate loyalty” “It’s those who do not believe,
that truly appreciate God” “All creation sheds tears.
Don’t even talk about Him” “Take my life if you will,
but do not talk about loyalty ever” My wife is like
a sharp-edged sword. You’re in trouble today! I think you must accept defeat. Poetry begins only
after you accept defeat. If you look at it carefully,
loyalty is wrongly defined. Like love, loyalty is not forced,
it just happens. Why must one shed tears
in the name of loyalty? Ask those who swallow their
tears what loyalty really is! Well said! Bride dear,
do you have an answer to that? There is loyalty on his lips,
and disloyalty in his heart. But the one whose world
you destroyed, still blesses you. “What you say is perhaps right” “I am indeed insensitive
and unfaithful” “Do leave me and go away” “Yet, I shall make a request
before going.” “When you pluck the rose…” “When you pluck the rose…” “pluck it with care” “Gently pluck the rose…” “for roses are delicate” “In any case, they are unfortunate
to blossom among thorns” “Gently pluck…” “Gently pluck the rose…” “for roses are delicate” “Gently pluck the rose…” “You do have a
lovely little grouse” “You do have a
lovely little grouse” “But isn’t it unjustified too?” “Those who always hurt people…” “say this when they
are themselves hurt…” “they say…” “Gently…” “gently pluck the rose,
for it’s very delicate” “The ones who make people
weep eventually cry one day” “The rose…”
– “pluck it gently…” “for roses are delicate” “They hurt not,
they are the ones that are hurt” “Pluck the rose gently” “You do have sympathies
for the beauty of the rose” “You do have sympathies
for the beauty of the rose” “And why not? You’re a man too” “One answer for a
thousand questions…” “let not the eyes deceive you” “let not the eyes deceive you” “Pluck the rose gently” Wonderful! You are a servant of
the British government. Just do your duty without
caring about SP’s or DIG’s. Sir. What are you thinking about? I’m a terrible man. There was this man who broke police
barricades to bring me here… and I didn’t even
ask anything about him. And the ass who can tell
me is sitting in front of me. Has a man called
Sher Khan been arrested? I am the SP here. If he was arrested,
I’d be the first to know. Just don’t worry.
He must have gotten home by now. In your lifetime, you’ve
done just one sensible thing. What is that?
– Joining the police. Hold it.
Where did you leave Rajesh? Rajesh, who? Since when has this been going on? It’s been about 45 minutes. He would’ve told
us long ago if he knew. After such a thrashing,
no man can keep quiet. Constable, I hope you’re
not under some misunderstanding. He knows everything, sir.
And he will tell all! It doesn’t appear as
if the thrashing will help. Give him some time to think. Think about what? He’ll talk now. Get the salt. My plight reminds me of a couplet. Would you like to hear it? With a pinch of salt,
and a dagger in hand.. he wishes that I’d
hand him my wounded heart! Don’t you understand… ? You don’t.
– I’ll explain right now. Remember, it’s important
for him to live in order to speak. Don’t worry, sir.
He will live and he will speak. Who is it?
– Madam, it’s me. Come in. Keep it there. What are you doing there?
– Drawing the curtains. Stop it! Shut it. Take the plates and leave. My stay here is probably
dangerous for Dheeraj. So go away. I will leave.
– When? After slipping the
noose round his neck? After destroying my home?
Or before that? You broke my heart.
And I didn’t say a word. But I won’t let you break my home. Nobody could be a worse
enemy than the friend you are! We want song! We want song! We want song! After the 1857 revolt, it’s the same situation
in Ghazipur all over again. With your permission,
I’ll impose restrictions… impose curfew or order firing..? Sing for them. What’s the harm? “I feel shy…” “to say it” “It’s a new house for the bride” “It’s a riddle…” “let it remain a mystery” “This is what my love
story is all about…” “like water being drawn
away from the river” “like water being
separated from the river” “This is what my love
story is all about…” “like water being drawn
away from the river” “like water being
separated from the river” “The bride must leave
her parents’ house…” “marriage takes her far away” “When roses blossom…” “they are plucked by people” “A King brought
me here as his Queen” “Like water being
separated from the river” “Like water being
separated from the river” “Winding its way through
so many lanes…” “my husband arrived
in a bridal procession” “My friends were all separated…” “I only carried their
memories with me” “The tears that flow
are in their remembrance…” “it’s like water being
separated from the river” “it’s like water being
separated from the river” “The songs I sang
in my mother’s house…” “I now remember” “Just as I remember my foes…” “I miss those I loved” “Whenever will these
memories be erased…” “it’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “it’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “This is just what
my love story is all about” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river” Where could the rascal have gone? If you can risk your life for him,
can’t he go away for your sake? That was one way of being a friend. And what he did is another. Let him repay his dues as a friend. Nobody can ever repay
dues as a friend. Stop there, Rajesh! What are you looking at?
Let’s go home. You don’t understand, Dheeraj.
It’s best that I leave. I don’t want to place you at risk!
– Don’t be stupid! Why did you come to my house
if you didn’t want me put at risk? That..
– You act like a revolutionary! As if the parcel of independence
will come only to your address! Quietly sit in the car
or you can’t get out of here. I’m not going. All right. I’ll come with you.
It’s just that I’ll get caught. Are you mad?
– Yes, I am! Look, Dhiraj..
– No, I won’t. Either you come with
me or I’ll come with you. Sir… ?
– Yes, constable. What are you doing here?
– I have a problem with the light I came to take a look
at your arrangements. Any news of Rajesh?
– He is in this very city, sir. So why aren’t you arresting him?
The police are getting a bad name. Good night constable.
– Yes, sir. Moron! How did you
suddenly think of leaving? You want me to tell you the truth?
– Yes. I didn’t want to be a spoilsport. And I’m fed up of life anyway. I fell into deep contemplation
on seeing your loving lives. What is the point of my life? Maybe there’s no meaning at all. A life full of love
can’t be meaningless. But that story ended long ago,
my friend. Why? Did the girl ditch you? I cheated her. You…? Here’s your neighbor. Today he escaped
being bashed up by me. You’re smiling?
You pig, twerp, scoundrel! You louse! Do you hear his praise? Cast a curtain on the friendship.
His vices too will be under wraps. You mete out justice now.
– Why involve her? Why not? She has to play the judge. And I’ll be the lawyer. The case is of
the girl you cheated. And you will have
to accept her decision! Excuse me. I don’t want to interfere
between friends. Don’t you sympathize
with the girl he ditched? I can’t be the judge because
I am sympathetic to her. If I am not fair,
you will complain. I have full confidence in you. Sit here and listen carefully. Maybe you will hear the sound
of the girl’s heart breaking. Honorable Judge,
he is accused of loving a girl. But he was not true to her. The path to my nation
is as important as hers… When it came to a matter of choice,
I turned that way. Does serving the nation
mean a man must betray his love? Did she ever tell you not to
participate in the freedom struggle? Don’t fool yourself in the belief that you made a sacrifice
for your nation! You have not made any sacrifice! In plain words,
you have cheated her! What happened to the girl? What happened to the girl? She… got married. Is she happy with the marriage? I don’t know. There’s no question
of her being happy. When an Indian girl falls in love,
she’s faithful all her life! No, sir. When an Indian
girl gets married… it is for keeps. This is no decision.
– The decision is clear. You should have
been honest with her. Possibly, she might have
preferred to be your widow… rather than somebody’s wife. “I said nothing,
and still expressed so much” “I said nothing,
and still expressed so much” “I couldn’t speak a word” “That which I couldn’t
talk about…” “my eyes expressed” “That which I couldn’t
talk about…” “my eyes expressed” “But something was amiss
in those eyes.” “Since many a tales
were left unsaid.” “I said nothing,
and still expressed so much” “I couldn’t speak a word” “I said nothing,
and still expressed so much” “I couldn’t speak a word” It’s raining cats and dogs! How did you get drenched? At the window. You’re back early. Is this the season to be
with thieves or drink tea with you? And chat up with Rajesh. It’s stuffy in here,
I’ll open the window. Of course, you’ll feel stuffy. You’ve been in this
room for so long. And this lovely weather! Let’s do one thing. Go for a long drive with Rajesh. What do you say?
– You are out of your mind. The cops are looking for
me and you’re planning drives! I’m a cop. I think before speaking. I’ll send you in a camouflage. Wear this and come on. Doesn’t he look like me? Whether I look like you or not,
I’m not going. Make this nincompoop see reason! Please don’t drag
me in your fights. Why don’t you come when
he is insisting so much? Hear that? That’s the spirit! There’s nobody to compare with her! After you, if there is
anyone I have loved, it is her. You come along too. It’s been
ages since we went out together. You must talk like a fool!
I can go whenever I wish. And you can only go today. Hidden under this raincoat,
in this weather… when you go out, people will
think Dheeraj and his wife are out. Hurry. You can’t
go if it stops raining. Such opportunities
don’t come often. Don’t think. Just march out. If you walk a mile away, the servants will
be the first to suspect. Walk like this. As if it is my wife and me. Constable, are you buying these
medicines for fear of rioting? What do you mean? Your SP too bought
them sometime back. The SP took these? But why would he need them? The civil surgeon
has asked for them. The wound of a prisoner
is infected by a bullet. To treat him.
– Maybe. “It’s always a small spark…” “It’s always a small spark…” “that burns and blows
the world asunder” “In the rains…” “there are clouds…” “and there is lightning…” “They long… and it pours” “In a love story…” “there’s a boy…” “and there’s a girl” “They laugh, they cry” Shall I get some tea for you?
– No, don’t bother. That reminds me… who’s injured that the officer bought medicines
at the chemist shop? Nobody’s injured. I think my master is here. You are wet. Change your clothes. The day I took over,
I made it clear I hate people coming
over to my house. Sorry, but the
Collector has ordered.. His Lordship is coming
for the war front celebrations. It is important that Rajesh
be arrested before that. Since when has the Collector
started issuing orders to my subordinates? It’s no joke to arrest Rajesh! Any orders for me?
– Wait right here. What’s wrong?
– Nothing. Just dizzy. What’s wrong?
– Felt dizzy. Has the constable left? He won’t budge.
I’ll get rid of him. We can’t fix a date
for Rajesh’s arrest. And I think he must
have left town by now. No, he’s very much here. So why can’t he be found?
– He’ll soon be. Take a seat, sir. I’ll explain. The entire city has been sealed. From Cotton Market
to Nawapura Ghat. And the Mishra Bazaar.
The entire area has been combed. Only this area remains. These are the civil lines.
The Government officials live here. Are you implying that a civil
official has given him refuge? Anything is possible nowadays. All Indian officers are
not strong allies of the British. If we start searching the
homes of Indian officials… matters will get worse. When their loyalties
are being questioned… it’ll lead to a
feeling of resentment. We’ll do as you wish. Let’s begin searching
official bungalows. Starting with mine. Then yours. Next their quarters. It’s okay if
Rajesh is found. Else, I’ll resign. Don’t go to such extremes. Sher Khan is about to confess. If he tells us where Rajesh is… all our worries will end. Why have I been called here? I think he’s about to confess. Sir, I would confess if I were dead. But I am still alive. My conscience lives. I haven’t spoken. Nor will I ever. Look, till you talk… nobody’s going to let you go. Don’t forget that these
orders have come from above. I too have got orders from above. I have been asked to remain silent. Rajesh will be arrested
sooner or later. What is the point
of bearing such pain? I’m no shopkeeper. I can’t think in terms
of profit and loss. Why do you want to give
up your life for Rajesh? What’s so special about that? This is what my life lies in. Moron, why did you ask for the
SP when you weren’t going to talk? Thank the Lord I
don’t have a sister. Or I’d have killed
you even in this state! Send this dog away! Then I will talk to you. Go away, everybody. SP sir.. I have called you because.. …now I can’t keep quiet. Send Rajesh away from your house. And then kill me. I can understand your agony. Every time I come here
and see you in this state… I fall in my own esteem. Falling in one’s
own esteem really hurts. I can’t ask you to
bear pain for a man… who is neither friend nor relative That’s for you to decide. If you can’t keep quiet,
then speak out. Do speak out. But I’m not throwing
Rajesh out of my house! Because Rajesh is my friend. A friend. Who can appreciate friendship
more than a Pathan? What I want to say is
that Sher Khan might die, if we torture him anymore. Let him die.
If he doesn’t speak, he must die! But sir, this is a political issue. His death might cause riots. That’s all right. But sir, so much of bloodshed
to arrest one revolutionary…? Rajesh is a murderer
not a revolutionary! He has killed many
British officers! The government can take the lives of 400 million Indians
for each officer! Constable… may I have some water? Why not? I’ll give you water
a hundred times. Man gives water even to animals. This constable is a bastard.
He’s always treating you cruelly. Constable! Lord Almighty… This is no mean death. Consider this to be my last prayer. Fetch a doctor! Where is Rajesh?
– Go and get a doctor! Go on! What have you done? What else could I do? You are a good friend. And I gave my life
for your friendship. You are holding the Holy Koran! A Muslim never lies
on his death bed. Rajesh… is in my heart. In my heart. Hats off to you. What are you thinking of? I don’t want to lie to Dheeraj. And I can’t speak the truth. Friends don’t lie. If you consider him a friend,
tell him the truth. Certain truths can’t be spoken. He must not find
out about our love. You don’t understand.
He’s a friend! He will give up his life,
but won’t stand in my way! Under no circumstances
can I tell him this! What if he finds out
through some other means? It will be disastrous! This file on Rajesh
has arrived from Jaunpur. Everything right from his
birth to date is mentioned in this. It has been found that
the accused Rajesh and …. Judge Shrikant’s daughter,
Kamini are deeply in love. Kamini and Rajesh
loved each other…? Why did they keep
it hidden from me? They kept it from me because
they still love each other… which means Rajesh has deceived me! Who is winning? With a partner like mine,
how can I win… ? But you’re a good player.
– What can a player do… When the queen deceives him? I thought my partner had the queen. Kamini and Rajesh in love… ? From the beginning…? Why did they hide it from me?
Why… ? They kept it because
they are still in love. This means Rajesh has cheated me! I know all about him. He has been my neighbor. You should have been
honest with the girl. It’s possible rather than
live as somebody’s wife… she’d prefer to be your widow. This is the file of Rajesh Narain. All that was written in the margin on your order has
been scratched out. You can imagine who scratched it. Who is it? Who is it? Scared you by knocking, did I? But why do you have to knock? One mustn’t enter anyone’s
bedroom without permission. Not even your own? Mine…?
Oh yes! This is my bedroom! I think I’m high… No glass or stone… Not a mirror. This is my heart… which my friend broke. My wife.. This friend of mine,
and your neighbor… he’s a wonderful poet! Rajesh, you are incomparable! Nobody comes close, my friend! You are my life.
Hear a poem of yours on my life. I address you as nothing
else but my life. Like life, I can’t trust you. Can’t trust you either. I’ll get you some tea. Forget the tea. Today I’ll give him some news
that will make him dance with joy! The truck driver Sher Khan finally
died at the hands of the police. He’s dead…? When was he caught? I want to know
when he was arrested! I don’t want to recall that day. But what a man he was! Before he died, he said… Rajesh lives in my heart. In how many hearts do you live? You’re in my heart. In the heart of
the girl you deceived. You were firmly planted
in Sher Khan’s heart too. Make up your mind. In whose
heart do you really want to live? You should not have kept the news
about Sher Khan hidden from me. You too have kept things from me. And she too has kept
things hidden from me. But my love, we get to know. “I look in the depths…” “of my heart” “Like an arrow,…” “it pierces my heart” “There are things that
happen between friends…” “it turns friends into foes” “There are things that
happen between friends” “To what end will I suppress
the secrets of my heart ?” “What point anymore
in quenching the fires ?” “The fires are put out,
razing everything to ashes…” “turning friends into foes” “That which happens between friends…” “What’s wrong if I give
you an opportunity to complain ?” “You have deceived me too” “Life somehow comes around…” “but friends turn into foes” “There are things that
happen between friends…” Ask him if I have endangered
my life for him or not. Ask him if I have ever refused
to give him anything he wanted ! So why does he hesitate today ? My friend, why don’t you
say that you love my wife ? You are drunk, Dheeraj ! Yes, and a drunken man
does not lie like his friend ! It’s a matter of shame for me… …to find out about your
love story from the police files ! Neither my friend nor my wife told me ! This is why I didn’t want to stay here. For this very reason.
I loved Kamini, no doubt. But then she wasn’t married to you. Not married… ? When she’d rather have
been your widow than my wife… why did she marry me ? Why…? Today I want to ask both of you… what is my fault ? For what crime am I being punished ? What have my friend and
wife been doing in my own house ? That’s enough !
You’re talking nonsense ! Insolent man… shameless creature… Who is it ? – The police are here, sir. Don’t you worry, my friend. Nobody can arrest my friend as yet. I still have to prove my friendship. I have orders to search your house. First tell the IG to fire me ! I have a search warrant. You’re making a big mistake. The fact is, you made a mistake… … by erasing the line
about your wife in Rajesh’s file. That noting was made by me. Under orders from the Collector. It would be best if
you hand Rajesh over to us. You seem to have forgotten
that I am still the SP ! If each one of you doesn’t
get out in 2 minutes… I will open fire ! What’s the matter ?
What is going on here ? They think we’ve hidden Rajesh. Who… ? – Your neighbor in Jaunpur. You mean, your constable
will search your own house ? Yes. My constable is a loyal man. He’s even brought a search warrant ! So let them in. How does it matter ? Constable ! Have you completed the search ? – Yes. You’ve been quite impertinent !
Get out ! So you somehow managed
to throw Rajesh out. I’m glad.
The poor guy’s life got spared. You said nobody could arrest
your friend in your house. You do know how to
take advantage of my words. You haven’t saved my Rajesh. You’ve saved your Rajesh ! Then why didn’t you
get my Rajesh arrested ? This is a way of being a friend…
And you won’t understand it. The IG is coming for the celebration.
I’ve explained the plan to you. So what are you thinking ? Your plan is 100% right. But seeing the police arrangements,
we wonder how you will return. This job is like committing suicide. I know it. I really do. But the joy you get by dying can’t
be had by living for a 1000 years ! I give you trouble
to come here today… because a very reliable
source has informed us that… Terrorists are going to create
problems in the celebrations tonight. Rest assured sir.
There will be no problem. Am I hearing this from you ? You just heard that, sir. Tomorrow you’ll see Rajesh hang ! Take a seat. – Thank you. Rajesh will surely be caught now. This is the wonder of the
note written on Rajesh’s file. A heart set aflame by a jealousy
can only be extinguished by blood. Whom are you planning to kill ? Can’t cops think
of anything but murder ? Of course. They do. They also think of
what friendship means. They also think of the
duty of a husband and a wife. They think of the love
that still exists for a friend. They also think of the
trust they had in their wives ! Had… ? – Yes. You probably think about it too. Sure. This is a man’s world.
Man makes all the rules ! Had women made the rules,
how would you punish yourself ? I’ll answer this question
on returning from the celebrations. You are not going there. We fear there might be bloodshed there. We’ve heard a revolutionary
named Rajesh is going to attack the IG. He will try to kill
him but I won’t let him ! Ladies and gentlemen… the trick that I’ll now demonstrate,
will stun the entire nation. Stop there ! If Rajesh escapes,
I’ll strip you of your skin and rank ! Anybody on the roof ? – No. Then go where Rajesh is ! This could only have
been done by Rajesh. Where the hell were you
when Rajesh tied the real joker ? Here is your lover !
And here is my bed ! Why do you feel shy before me ? I am family.
Enjoy yourself in my presence ! The truth is bitter, isn’t it ? When it’s not the truth,
how can it be bitter ? Don’t tell lies ! You are not in your senses. When you come to your senses,
you will regret this. You’ll search for me to apologize,
but you won’t ever find me ! Why won’t I find you ?
Where can you go away ? You have the friend’s house.
And his wife. You needn’t fear the police.
They won’t come here again. I didn’t risk my life to get you here. To break your lover’s heart and leave ! Sorry for what ? For slapping me ? Or for romancing with my wife ?
– If you want an answer, hear this ! I sure did love Kamini.
I still love her and will always do ! The heart doesn’t
work on electrical wires. You can’t switch it off
to stop the flow of love. Let my friend speak. Let me hear what my wife’s
lover wants to tell me. Your wife’s lover wants to tell you… you are an obstacle, not a friend. Right on. Smart right from your birth ! If I am an obstacle, do away with me. The nuptial night that remained
incomplete by your arrival… will be fulfilled tonight. Tonight will be your last night… Because I’ll fill Kamini’s
hair with your blood, not vermilion ! Are you mad ? – Yes, I’m mad ! I am mad ! Stark, raving mad ! I’m going mad seeing
my lover on my friend’s bed ! You belong to me, Kamini !
Even after becoming his wife ! Tell him what happens in the privacy
of this room when he goes to work ! Right here… your tresses
complained to my shoulder… how your lips quenched
the thirst of my lips ! Get up ! I’m in no mood to die now. You married my beloved. Now I’ll marry your
widow and level the scores. I don’t want to live after
the betrayal of my friend and wife. Hear that, Kamini ?
He’s giving us a speech. So die then.
If you can’t, I’ll shoot you. What’s the point in proving
your loyalty to this man ? The days of pretending are gone.
Now he is going to die. What can I expect from a friend ? The heart is not fully broken yet. I want a friend’s mercy.
– Don’t call me a friend ! Yesterday, we were friends. Today, we are foes. And there’s just one cure for them. I’ll miss you after you’re dead. Throw away the revolver !
Or I’ll shoot ! Just listen to this girl. She’ll shoot me, she says ! Remember you said when an Indian
girl falls in love, it’s forever. He said that, not me. I had said when an Indian
girl gets married, it’s for keeps ! That’s what you should
say in front of the husband. But what’s the point in lying now ? He’s going to die. I know you are dying
to end Dheeraj’s story… and we can begin anew !
– I will shoot you ! You can’t shoot your
lover to save your husband ! Your wife has really shot your friend. At least now, embrace me… my friend. It’s my good fortune… … that Kamini shot me. This was the only
way to remove your doubt. Do you still doubt my friendship
and Kamini’s loyalty ? You fool, if you can risk
your life to clear my doubts… how can I have any doubts ? I am sorry that I lost. Your husband is a very stupid man. This love story could’ve
had no end other than with my death. My death won’t change anything. But your death would
have made Kamini a widow. I can’t see anything ! Where’s your hand ? Kamini loves to laugh. Keep her happy. Silly girl. Why are you crying ? You didn’t kill me. I first died with my brother. Then with Munni. Finally
I died completely with Sher Khan. I… I… I’ve enough practice of dying. I feel… I wish… I want to always see both of you. But my eyes can’t remain open. He’ll listen to you.
Tell him to stay alive ! Open your eyes ! Open your eyes ! The friend asks me to open my eyes. And death asks me to go to sleep. “This is just what
my love story is all about” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “This is just what
my love story is all about” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river” “It’s like water being
drawn away from the river”

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