Preparing for a law degree at Kaplan International Colleges

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Preparing for a law degree at Kaplan International Colleges

Hello my name’s Tuguldur, I come from Mongolia and I came in the UK last September, and I’m studying in the LIC and I
study the foundation certificate for business law and social science and then the following year, I was studying the law in the University of Liverpool. I phoned Kaplan International College from my hometown from Mongolian agents and I applied with my family and I came here around six months before and when I
first came in the UK, my first impression was
brilliant. Everything – the weather, the people, the buildings, the culture – everything was amazing and it was just a culture shock because the everything
was different from my hometown and actually I like it too. My school, the staff, the university, the facilities, like the buildings and the fitness groups and libraries, everything was well-organised and actually the local people and the culture and everything was amazing. The University of Liverpool
is one of the great universities of the UK and I plan for when I do my degree in law, I will start working in the UK just one or two years’ experience and after that I will go back to my
hometown and I will do what I learned it in the UK I
hope it will be the best.

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