Preparing for College with an Online School

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Preparing for College with an Online School

(engaging music)I am a freshman in college and I graduatedfrom Idaho Virtual Academy and now I attend University of Montana. Up until about seventh grade I was home schooled and then from about seventh grade through high school graduation I attended the Idaho Virtual Academy which is powered by K12 and I really think that that prepared me very well a college experience. I learned a lot of important skills that have become very useful now. So for example: time management skills, self-motivation, general being independent. Because of the way the K12 curriculum is structured I was able to take AP classes and college credits ahead of time and because of this I have only been on campus for two weeks and I’m already halfway through my first semester. Being in a K12 environment for high school really helped prepare me for the college experience and I feel like I am able to excel. (engaging music)

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