President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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100 thoughts on “President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. alexander williams says:

    This is not normal

  2. JJ's Kaleidoscope says:

    27:16 “F**k you, John Oliver” I hope he didn’t mean that…

  3. Johanna Geisel says:

    Watching this in 2019 after reading the testimony of a woman who has been raped by Trump when she was 13.

  4. Willian C. Silva says:

    Can't wait for the 2020 version of this. #FourMoreYears

  5. Trey Gonzalez says:

    This brings me so much joy. Hopefully 2020 is a repeat. 😁😁😈😈

  6. Ruth I AM WHAT I AM ! says:


  7. Caroline Cooke says:


  8. Bong ERINO says:

    Is that cheque backed in yet?

  9. benn bumm says:

    I hope 2020 will end the Trump-Nightmare…what a luck to date he don´t nuke us all down

  10. That Xavier says:

    Fuck 2016
    Oh right 2017 happened….fuck off?
    2018, you did a good job….I'll leave the FU for someone else.

    First half 2019, Let's see if you can stick the landing

  11. Bibi Babydoll says:

    heyy me at 25:46 and 26:42!

  12. Bruna m says:

    quem veio pela bibi ?

  13. luana says:

    anyone here because of bibi?

  14. Raynara Nunes says:

    Vai se fuder 2016

  15. krisne sugar says:

    Bibii babydoll ❤️

  16. Poison Evy says:

    Vim ver a Bibi kkkk

  17. AngelWasAri says:

    15:37 I've seen that exact fucking graphic on the website for the American Nazi Party when I was on their website to laugh at how insane they are.

    The man who we elected president got his facts from a graphic that originated from self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis. Let that sink in.

  18. TWSTF 8 says:

    Haha it's now more than two years in to his presidency and it's been even more of a nightmare than anyone could have predicted!

    But, 2016 did SUCK lol we'll all remember January 20th 2017 for a long time though because that's the day time travelers will come back to, to try fixing everything!

  19. Leticia Valentim says:

    Bibi Baby Dolllll

  20. Jasper Stel says:

    Checking in from 2020.. he’s been re-elected.

  21. Bianca Bortate says:

    Bibi aparece no 25:48 ❤😍

  22. Joe Joseph says:

    Such A different time…..I hope 2020 is the end

  23. Yuri Orloff says:

    Life is just beating this guy's brain up like he's Cassius Clay getting Parkinsoned into Bolivian.

  24. Josh Brunke says:

    Future prediction

    November 3rd 2020

    Fuck you leftists

  25. The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon says:


  26. Arcanine-Espeon says:

    The second half of 2016 marked for me the beginning of two of the greatest things to ever happen to me, and everything else that contributed to make my life completely fall apart.

  27. Arcanine-Espeon says:

    Holy fuck. It's 1:40 AM and this video just had me spending the last hour in a trance-like state reliving all of my worst memories from 2015 and 2016 while barely avoiding crying. Seriously, every one of those can fuck themselves to hell and back.

  28. Marwan Farawila says:

    Bo fucking ho
    It's 2019 and the world didn't explode
    You self-centered spoiled assholes

  29. Joe Bailey says:

    What an absolute asshole!

  30. Letícia Silva says:

    bibi babydoll?

  31. Samuel Culper says:

    I love going back to see people losing their shit over Donald Trump winning the election. It never fails to amuse me.

  32. Sammie Hopkins says:

    Thirty years from now, some elementary kid is gonna get assigned 2016 to study and this is what they're going to fine. This and every other video cursing 2016 to the wind

  33. r771 q3 says:

    @John, did you write Trump a campaign check as you promised in a video before? Bet no you f_ing liar.



  35. Duda95 Yea says:

    Vai se fude 2016

  36. Cliona Oregan says:

    Anyone watching in 2019 after the mueller report and the impeachment discussion?

  37. aamidjaythreepointoh says:

    Watched this 7/22/19. Trump has long since pulled US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and it is challenging not to think that current tensions between Iran and the West in the Strait of Hormuz are a direct consequence of that diplomatic failure.

  38. Serperiority Complex says:

    25:33 ‘Facepalm’

  39. chronodiver300 says:

    2 years in-housing is good-stock market is up-unemployment is at record lows. Like Trump or not–things have not been this good in a long, long time.

  40. Todd Pegram says:

    Trump is still your President

  41. Ramadhir Singh says:

    Islamophile British parrot ranting about the U.S.

  42. Nelson Lourenço says:

    3 years later, it’s proven that, not only you were wrong, but most importantly, it’s proven that you are an asshole.

  43. P says:

    HAHAHA! John Oliver is demented. Donald Trump will never be president! Oliver cries himself to sleep every night as Trump lives in his head 24/7 rent free. HA!

  44. Danny Boi says:

    Americans making fun of Canada… the irony…

  45. GHustle4 says:

    wow….how is that wall coming along and he is most def taking the babies and illegals out

  46. David R says:

    Still miss Hamabre

  47. Avinav Bhandari says:

    Search 'trump can't WIN'
    Channel name : toscodav
    Enjoy our very own idiot Mr. john oliver begging (in his splendid harry potter haircut) trump to run for presidency.
    Eat shit john oliver,
    Eat shit.

  48. Rebecca Karis says:

    2016 can literally fuck a cactus

  49. Batters Box says:

    Trump has destroyed these twits ..John Oliver needs to beg Trump to run again for 2020 LOL…

  50. Damon says:

    I can’t believe he’s still our president… lock him up!!!

  51. Jeff Robichaud says:

    Watching this now…it hasn't gotten any better.

  52. Sandor Clegane says:

    Looking back…2016 was actually easily the best year of my life ngl

  53. Fasil Limerick says:

    I have to walk by 45's portrait every time I walk into my VA medical center.

  54. Nick Y says:

    30 minutes of "orange man bad"

  55. Dror Frid says:

    honestly, the only reason the earth is still spinning is that trump's just lazy and he doesn't do THAT much. 2020 elections, here we come!

  56. Josny13 says:

    15:30 Man those chess matches must be getting really competitive.

    19:38 That loathsome crowd got really silent when this guy started talking about donation. Yeah that's right. Applaud when he sais something you agree with, but by all means sit the fuck back down when you realize he's serious and you will be the last to actually do any of this.

    20:53 Nice editing on the hands. Almost slipped my by, nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the picture until I double checked his hair and noticed his hands.

  57. I am the rural juror says:

    I don't know why, but i had a gut feeling Trump will get reelected in 2020.

  58. Zer0 says:

    Yeah, now, in the broadest possible sense, let me ask America: WHAT THE FUCK?!

  59. Audrey Koskei says:

    2019 is like the second book in a trilogy. The Two Towers of life if you will.

  60. yaksher says:

    @11:00 So your argument is that CNN as a supposedly unbiased news agency, should not run the unedited speeches of a presidential candidate because they disagree with him politically?

  61. dany man says:

    Am i the only who still thinks leftist media's bias makes Trump more appealing ?

    And that's despite Trump's antics.

  62. Nosaveddata says:

    If you think this is a meltdown wait until 2020. Can't wait 😂🤣
    Trump 2020

  63. Afonso Cunha says:

    Why so many dislikes? Are people getting allergic to facts?

  64. Lynette Johnson says:

    How in the hell are we going to survive till Nov 2020?

  65. DmonHiro says:

    2019. I have to say.. the footage of Obama was so funny. He really did have a "What the fuck is going on? Am I getting punked?" face.

  66. Umer Mumtaz says:

    So how are you so much fvked in 2019??

  67. ruben canas says:

    Yes yes yes yes four more years,what do we do now answer celebrate

  68. Airam Liscano says:

    watching this in August 2019…and honestly…I just wanna die.

  69. Iosef Santiago says:

    This guy is a dirtbag. Shut up you annoying dumbass!!

  70. Kuramadeus says:

    Yang better win 2020.

  71. Nicholas Kaiser says:

    I'm looking forward to the reaction to Trump winning in 2020. And the reality check of Pence winning 2024 will be wonderful.

  72. Rain Delay says:

    There is ONE thing… Both Clintons should be in prison.

  73. PrinsTan says:

    Anyone else watching from 2020 from the underwater stations now that trumps nuclear war with Antarctica has made life on the ground impossible ?

  74. Maegan Cunningham says:

    It's 2019 now, and finally Trump's going to be out of office in 2021! (i hope, don't wanna jinx it.)

  75. bird bones says:

    awww man. i missed this episode when it aired… because i was in a mental institution. fuck 2016.

  76. RedEvee says:

    only 4 months left till 2020

  77. Joe Schmoe says:

    Donald Trump is the greatest President ever.

  78. let me kick your ass says:

    This is not any show … its bashing trump show..

  79. wil7vin says:

    Love that the played the european anthem at the end there.

  80. CharlesDaChurro says:

    “2016 was the worst”
    2017, 18, and 19: “Allow us to introduce ourselves”

  81. Dyvor Edits, Music and Gaming says:

    Hello! I’m from the year 2028, Donald J. Trump has set into motion a series of events that have lead to the political, social and economic downfall of the United States of America. Many people don’t care about anything anymore. Political parties are all for ratings and betrayal of the same people they promise hope and prosperity to by funneling those government funds into other things like funding the governments need to be the police force of the world all the while the people themselves are being tossed around like a volleyball back and forth between each side. Humanitarian issues are everywhere, people flee the States and people come in. People lose a job to robots and sometimes blame it on whoever their political party tells them to blame. Most folks live near or below the poverty line and the wealth distribution in America is equal to that of Louis XIV and the french people. Cops are the internal military of America and many resort to crime to survive. LGBTQ+ groups, racial minorities and feminist movements divide the nations values and beliefs to the point where nobody is as important as the other because they just want their side to be treated the best. Domestic terrorism is very frequent and politics are largely based on fear mongering. Each generation of children grows up to be poorer than their parents and the loss of values has lead many to join in on trends of anything from #blacklivesmatter to #buildthewall. This massive breakdown of morality has lead to the degradation of every persons values and beliefs. Hopefully you will save us from this horrible future not so far from your own. Begin recovery by changing the mindset of the nation.

  82. Einomar says:

    2016 was bad, but for me 2019 is worse, my father has developed ALS. Watching someone you love waste away is pure torture. Fuck you 2019! I want 2016 back.

  83. itziebitz says:

    We are still asking what do we do now?!?

  84. Adolf Eichmann says:

    I love liberal tears. Great pasttime drink.

  85. megha sharma says:

    He looked so miserable! He looks like he's about to burst into tears!

  86. Emeka Okolocha says:

    Watching this in 2019 and feeling like…….This is next level Nostradamus.

  87. Don Johnson says:

    AND JAMES COMEY. HE SCREWED THE POOCH. I really hate that guy.

  88. Don Johnson says:

    Consensus on facts being equal from each side WILL ruin our republic.

  89. Fred Virtuoso says:

    get these fucking Zionist British anti-American agents out of our country for fucks sake.

  90. Tracy Hughes says:

    i donate monthly to SPLC and i am a subscriber to the hartford courant

  91. let's go says:

    18:30 when your country sucks don't take it out on us. Canada is much better than the us

  92. Yer Ma says:


  93. Heisenberg says:

    donald trump fucked john oliver like there's no tomorrow

  94. Blair Brown says:


    Hindsight truly IS #2020….

  95. Crickus 52 says:

    Well, in 2019 I'm very concerned about 2020…. folks, it may very well happen again😨 … he has so many fanatics that I can't see him losing… I would be thrilled to move to Canada!

  96. myMelody4life says:

    I still love the inclusion of Larry Wilmore in this episode!

  97. James Pelletier says:

    People acting like this was literally armageddon for the US, it's the end of the country, they can't survive this e.t.c. Amazing that 2.5 years later and the US is still there. Freaking out and panicking over a Presidency that really isn't gonna affect the US in the grand sheme of things long term, at all. People freaked when Obama got 4 years, and then again at the additional 4 years. The country survived

  98. Adam Blakeman says:


  99. LiLBOFISH says:

    Bibi Babydoll eu te amo

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