Public Health: Online Master’s Degree

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Public Health: Online Master’s Degree

Well, one really cool thing about public
health is that it’s multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary. Public health students
are so varied and are coming from so many different backgrounds that it was
expanding how I was thinking about public health, not just at a local level,
but at a state a national and a global level, and the interconnectedness of all
of these health topics. The most pronounced characteristic of
interactions between the faculty and staff and the students, to me, was the
fact that that you were constantly challenged and, the same time,
encouraged to contribute. And in the process of reviewing the syllabus, I asked them to identify, “what do they expect of me as a
professor and an instructor?” and “what do they expect as a student who is coming to learn in an online environment?” and “what did they expect of other students who are also learning with them online?” I had no idea, prior to taking my courses online, that online courses would be so interactive. Pretty much every class I’ve taken, we do have
online group projects, which you know, sometimes can be a bit of a challenge,
but, at the same time, I think it’s beneficial. That cross-pollination of
ideas, of experiences, really gives the learning experience an enrichment that, I mean, that I enjoy and I’m sure the students enjoy too. You learn a lot about other cultures, communication, how to deal with different people, from different walks of life, from different perspectives, from different religions. The coursework I took during the MPH program made it so that I was
knowledgeable and could speak with people from a lot of different
backgrounds in the public health field. Now, I work with scientists. I work with
health educators, with communication staff. I work with researchers, with policy folks, and it takes all of those jobs to make change. I work in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a health communications specialist. I work at Clay County Public Health Center as
an epidemiology specialist. I’m currently working as an
environmental health specialist for the Boone County Department of Public Health. So when they started to to see that they are now agents of change and, then they
are now going to be able to do what, I mean, what they have always desired to do, that’s when I get the most, the most excited.

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