Publix Aprons Cooking School Online: Episode 1, Get Cooking in the New Year

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– Hey, how are you? – I’m doing good. Hey everybody. – Welcome to our premier of
Publix Apron’s Cooking School cooking classes online. – My name is Chef Anthony
and I’m located in the Tampa Cooking School. – And I’m Chef Macy and
I’m located in Winter Park. – We’re going to show you some
smart, fast and simple ways to get cooking in the new year. We’ll prep, cook, and assemble
breakfast, lunch, and dinner all using one pre-made ingredient, a delicious Publix Deli
oven roasted chicken. – And if you’re tuned into
YouTube premiere of this episode, we have Apron’s chef standing by in the comments section below ready to chat with you
live during the premier. So if you’ve got a question, just ask. (laughs) – Today, for lunch, we’re
going to be preparing an Asian style vegetable salad with Momofuku Ssam Sauce and Pero Farms spiralized butternut squash and zucchini. – Whew! That’s a lot already. But we’re not done. For dinner, we’re gonna
be doing a Harissa Chicken with sweet potatoes and yogurt sauce, featuring Classico sun-dried tomato pesto and Chobani plain whole milk Greek yogurt. – Yeah, and then we have breakfast with chicken, sausage,
and egg breakfast burrito, featuring Applegate
Naturals chicken sausage and Kraft Mexican four cheese blend. – And for any of you guys that
are ready to cook with us, go ahead and download these recipes at And… – It’s… – Chicken time! (laughs) Okay, so, on my way here, actually, I just stopped by our deli and picked up one of our
oven roasted chickens, and this is fully cooked, just an FYI. So, for any of you guys that
might have some struggles with cooking it perfectly, just go there and make your life easy. And also, for these recipes, we’re gonna use this one whole chicken. And we’re gonna show you
how far it can really go, but what I also like to do is
start by tearing off the leg, and then also, I like to remove the skin. But hey, if you like that skin, you want a little bit more flavor, throw it in there, ya know? But for this one, I particularly
like it to be skinless, so I’m going to take off
some of that skin here. And because we’re gonna use this for all three different recipes, we wanna go ahead and
divide up our dark meat from our white meat, so I’m going to put you a little bit, I’m gonna give me a little bit, I’m gonna try not to
eat it too much, here. And then also, maybe, if you
have your little ones with you. – I think the best thing
is when you bring your kids into the kitchen, right? – Yes. – And you have them prepare
the dinner with you, or the lunch with you, or
the breakfast with you, and something like this can
really get them involved. Especially when it comes
to shredding chicken. You can just give them two forks, right? And tell them to go to town. And they could just start
shredding up that chicken for you. It’s pre-cooked, so you don’t
have to worry about them handling raw food, right? – [Macy] Exactly. – [Anthony] And the more they
get involved in the kitchen, the more they will eat. And if you don’t believe
me, try it at home and you will see. They will eat you out of house and home. I promise you. Alright, you never met my kid. (laughs) Alright. See, from this chicken, I think it’s amazing how
after it’s all shredded, we get a cup and a half
for the harissa chicken, we get a cup and a half for the
Asian-style vegetable salad, and then we get almost a cup– a half a cup to a cup– and use that for our breakfast burrito. And there’s still some leftover. Right? – But– – You know what the best thing is? You save those bones. You can keep ’em in your freezer, and then whenever you want,
you can throw ’em in a pot with some water, make some chicken stock, and have chicken noodle soup with all that extra meat
that’s still on the bone. – But I think for right now, I’m gonna go and wash
my hands really quick. – That’s right. So, washing your hands is very important, because when you’re handling food, you don’t want any cross-contamination. Along with washing your hands, you also have to wash produce and any bulk items out on the floor, like green onions,
parsley, cilantro, lemons, whatever it is that you
will pick individually, you wanna make sure that you
give it a good wash and dry before you use it. In our kitchen fundamentals classes, we offer basic knife skills. We show you how to properly hold a knife and how to use a knife to protect yourself from cutting yourself. So, when you’re holding the knife, on this one here, we have a bolster. This little bump right here. And you want to pinch the
blade just above the bolster and then wrap three
fingers around the handle. This knife doesn’t have it, but if you just follow
that little simple tip, you’ll always have a safe
hand holding the knife. But this hand here is
the one that’s in danger. Right? – Yes. – So what we do now is we make a claw. So you wanna tuck your fingertips under, put your thumb behind, and you have a safe cutting position there where you can’t cut
your fingertips, right? – I like my fingertips. – I like mine, too. (laughs) Alright, so what I like to do when I’m cutting the green onions. I like to make things easier to cut. So I’m going to cut them in half, and then you need that
rock and push motion. And once you get it, it just
becomes second nature, right? So I’m just going to use that motion and slowly cut with my
fingertips tucked under. When you get down here, you just keep moving your hand down and you could cut all
the way down to the end. But if you feel uncomfortable, please, don’t put your fingertips at risk. You can just take that little bit and put it off to the side. Now I’m going to cut the rest right here. And we’re gonna set that aside and that’s gonna be used in
our Asian-style chicken salad. I’m gonna put that right here. So what do you have
goin’ on over here, Macy? – Okay, so I’m just gonna get
ready for the sweet potatoes because for dinner, usually
you have ingredients that take a little bit longer. So for our sweet potatoes right here that are already pre-cut and ready to go, I’m gonna take some of our
Classico sun-dried tomato pesto, and that’s gonna be the
base for our harissa. We’re gonna make this base, but we’re going to split
it up between our chicken and our sweet potatoes. So I added a little bit of smoked paprika, some cayenne, and some cumin
to give it some more flavor because a harissa should have a little bit of that smoky slash spicy. Then, I’m gonna add a little
bit of pure olive oil, and this is gonna help and kind of coat both of our products here. Along with some honey, honey. – Honey, sweetie. – (laughs) Now just remember, if you guys don’t have
honey, say you forgot, you can always use something else. Maybe like a maple syrup, even
agave, something like-minded. And then I’m gonna go ahead, give that a little bit of stir, and we’re gonna finish
with our lemon juice. So for any of you guys at home, this is a quick, easy tip. If you got something like this, where you have a little extra up here, don’t worry. You’re just going to simply, and I don’t know if you
guys can see at home, but we’re simply going to cut off a little bit of that
top part of both sides, and then we’re gonna cut it in half. Now, also, rolling it will
help give you a little bit more juice for your buck. – That’s right. – And when you’re using
a juicer like this, it will actually help in
giving you a little bit more– wow! A little emphasis on that lemon juice, so that you can get as much as you want. And we’re gonna stir that
up a little bit more. – And having that nice balance, right? We have acidity from the tomatoes, we have the acidity from the lemon, right? And that’s two different types of acidity, so it’s going to just make
your taste buds dance. – You know what I call that? – What’s that? – A rollercoaster in your mouth. (laughs) – Ooh mommy mommy mommy, right? (laughs) – So for the mint, or
anything green and leafy, you get the biggest one, and then you’re just gonna
take all of your other leaves and go and pile it up on
top of that larger one, and roll it up like a tight little burrito or a tight little package. And using that claw method,
we’re going to cut these in what’s called chiffonade. And do you know what
chiffonade translates to? – (laughs) Don’t make me do it. – Come on! – Alright. (singing) Tiny ribbons. (laughs) – So see, you can have
fun in the kitchen, too. And just for a little
bit of extension there, we’re gonna chop it up, ’cause a little bit goes a long ways. Give that a stir. And again, we’re gonna reserve
half of this for our chicken and the other half for our sweet potatoes. So we’ll come back to the
chicken in just a minute. But for right now, we’re
gonna give this a nice toss. – Can I toss this one? – Yeah, you can toss it! – Alright, cool! (upbeat music) – So tossing actually
enables for full coverage. And we’re gonna lay this
out into our foil-lined pan. And whenever you’re roasting, the most important thing is not to leave it like this. Okay, you wanna spread it out, because spreading it out will give it a little bit more emphasis
on the roasting part versus the steamy part. We’re gonna pop this in our oven. – Great. And for everyone watching along with us during the premiere, remember that we have
some of our Apron’s Chefs waiting right down there
in the comments section to chat with you live. Got a question about these
recipes or techniques? Ask away. – That’s right. – Here’s your chicken. I hope you don’t mind. – Why, thank you, sir. – I didn’t eat any either. (laughs) Alright. So now, we’re going to prepare lunch, which is an Asian-style vegetable salad. So, in this recipe right here, we’re going to take that shredded chicken that Macy shredded up. Well, I actually did this one. (laughs) So I have to take credit
for some of the chicken. – Yes, you did. – And we’re going to add some
of that Momofuku ssom sauce. This stuff is great because
it’s a convenience item. It’s a time-saving ingredient. This has, what? Maybe 14 ingredients in it, right? – There’s a laundry list
of ingredients for sure. – Exactly. And by buying it in one bottle, you save yourself a lot of money and a lot of space in your pantry, too. So we’re going to take
only two of the four ounces that your recipe mentions, and just put that right on top. And we’ll save that other two ounces for later on in the recipe. Now we’re just going to toss that around. Okay? – [Macy] Mmmm. – [Anthony] And I’m going to add just a little bit of green onion to this because I like green onion. So just remember, these
recipes are a guideline. So if there’s something you
wanna add to the recipe, go right ahead, okay? So we’re going to set
this aside to marinade because this has such robust flavor and a really nice balance
of sweet and spice. We wanna get that soaked
into this chicken. So I’m just gonna set that aside for now, and now we’re gonna work on
the vegetable salad part, featuring the Pero Farms
spiralized zucchini. We have the Pero Farms spiralized
butternut squash, right? And then we’re going to take some pre-shredded cabbage and carrots. So you see all of that? I didn’t have to lift my knife for that. The only thing we cut
up is the green onion. But this you can also get pre-sliced in the produce department. So if you don’t have a knife, you can just buy all of these ingredients already cut up, and prepare this at home. So let’s add some green onion to that. And save a little bit for garnish. We’ll just stir that together. And look at those beautiful colors. – [Macy] Ah, that’s gorgeous. – [Anthony] I like looking at a plate and having that plate make me hungry before it even gets to the table. You have to use all of your senses. You wanna smell it, come in to the table, you wanna see it in front of you nice and bright just like this. And then when you taste it, you know, you’re never
going to be disappointed. (laughs) What do you have goin’ on over there? – Okay, so I am chiffinade-ing
a little bit more mint for our yogurt sauce that we’re gonna use to
tie in to our harissa. So over here, I do have
a little bit of cumin, some more mint, along with a little bit more lemon juice. And if you add a little bit of cucumber, guess what you get. – Tzatziki! – Tzatziki! And then also, our Chobani yogurt. And this thing, let me tell ya, it’s dreamy like a cloud. (laughs) – Not a rain cloud. (laughs) – And the great thing is that, you know what, I hate
having to take the lid off and stir it. This you just squeeze and go. So that’s really, really awesome. – And that’s gonna keep
it fresh a lot longer. – It is. – Because you’re
squeezing out the air too. – Yeah, it’s gonna go a lot better. – And keeping it nice and sealed tight. – [Macy] Okay, we’re gonna give this a mix and then set this aside, but just remember, a
lot of these ingredients that we’re using, especially
our convenient products, you can use them for more than just what they’re stated in a recipe. You know, for the ssam sauce, it would be a great marinade for chicken or steak or anything like that, just like this. Believe it or not, you can use this sauce and use it as a marinade too. Which is amazing. – Yeah, that’s really good. – So, I think that maybe
we’re gonna check our potatoes and see where we’re at with that. – Alright. – These, depending on the size you get, might take a little longer
or a little less time, so really, it’s all about
looking for the cooking more so than the time. So, if you want, you can go
ahead and kind of press in and if it’s a semi-firm press with a fork, then you’re ready to go with the peas. So now we’re gonna take
our fresh garden peas here and we’re gonna spread
that out a little bit and continue roasting our potatoes. Now, if you didn’t have fresh garden peas, you can always use frozen, but just remember that’s
gonna cut your time in half, so keep that in mind. So now we’re gonna put
this back in the oven. – And what are you doin’ with those riced veggies over there? That looks like cauliflower
and broccoli to me. – I am so glad you asked me! (laughs) So with something like this, it’s very convenient, I’m just gonna go and
pop it in the microwave and I’ll be right back. (upbeat music) – So now, while she’s gone– – [Macy] I heard that. – I’m gonna take out some
stuff for our burrito. So I love this recipe. I’m gonna show you some shortcuts on how to make a great breakfast burrito. And we’re going to be
using Applegate Naturals chicken sausage in this burrito. But the best thing is that you can make this the night before. So I like it because, like, I can make eggs on Sunday morning, I make a little bit more. I make the sausage with
my breakfast on Sunday, I make a little more. I have a rotisserie chicken for dinner, maybe some black beans on the side, and then all of what I have left, because I made a little bit extra, we still have that cup of chicken leftover from the beginning, I can mix it all together, maybe even add a little spice to it because I like spice. And then we have this nice egg mixture. So, while she’s not looking, I’m just going to add– Hey! What’s goin’ on? – What are you doin’ over here? – Nothing! – Hey, wait a minute, what is this? – We’re gonna make burritos! (laughs) So look at that. – Hey, make sure you don’t
give me too much, okay? – [Anthony] We’re gonna
pile that up nice and high. – Speakin’ of which, keep that in mind. Reserve your appetite for
after you roll it and eat it, but while you’re rolling it, you don’t wanna overstuff because it’s gonna make it a
lot harder for you to roll it. And… – And we’re also going to feature the Kraft four cheese Mexican blend. So we’re gonna put some
of that right on top. – [Macy] Oh, please, cheese me more. – [Anthony] Cheese you? Well, you’re cheesy enough. (laughs) – You’ve been waiting all day to say that, haven’t you? – Yeah. Alright, so. – I’m gonna watch you roll first. – You gonna watch me roll first? Alright. So, the way I like to do it, I take the sides of the flour tortilla and I just fold them in like that. You like the way I said that? – I did notice that, I know. – I saw you look at me, I was like, “flour tortilla”. (laughs) And I’m gonna move it forward – Oh, wow. – And just tuck it in
and then roll it forward. – Okay. – Just like that. – Okay, so, what I’m gonna do… (laughs) I like to do it a little differently, is I kind of like to go
over all of my ingredients and go back. So, I like to go over, roll back. It’s like a dance move, right? And then I like to fold
in my corners like this. The same thing, it’s really just important
at the end of the day to keep it all tucked in. And then, I’m also gonna
roll it just like this. – Right, and you can see, either way you do it, as long as the sides are
nice and closed like that, nothing’s gonna roll out. But one really important
thing to remember is when you’re preparing food like this that’s going to be eaten the next day, you always have to reheat
it to at least 165 degrees, just to keep it safe to eat. – Magic number, that is the magic number. – Yeah, that is the magic number. So, wash your hands, cook your food to 165 degrees. I’m gonna put this in my pocket. This is portable, right? I love it, because I make
these on Sunday night, wrap ’em in foil, and then I send them off to
school with my kid the next day. I take one with me to work, so it’s a really
convenient recipe to have. So I’m gonna just set that aside for now. What are you doin’ here? – Okay, so, after I zap my
cauliflower in the microwave to heat it up, because this is, even though
it comes in a package, don’t ever be fooled to
think that it’s not healthy or it’s not good for you. Sometimes convenient products
will really save your time and money and everything
else at the end of the day. So always remember that. So I just reheated it, put it on my plate, and now I’m gonna check my potatoes, see if they’re done, and maybe we can just start plating? Yeah! – Alright, that sounds good. While she’s pulling that out of the oven, I’m going to take the vegetables that we tossed together before. We didn’t add any seasoning to this. If you add salt, it’s gonna
start breaking it down, and it could make them a little soggy. We want texture. So all these fresh vegetables still have some crunch to them, which is really important. We’ll just put that there, just like that. I’m going to take some of my green onions and toss them in with the chicken. You know why? Because I can. And feel free to edit these recipes and make them your own. You know, run through
one time cooking with us, get the motions down, and then next time you make it, maybe you wanna throw
in some shredded pork. You might wanna use a different vegetable in the salad part, right? But we’re gonna take this, put it right on top, pile it nice and high. That looks great. Right? And now here’s where we’re
using the divided portion of the ssom sauce. So we’re going to take a little bit. Take the remaining two ounces. – [Macy] Oh yeah. – Sprinkle that right on top. And then we’ll just top
it with some green onions. So, this here, to me, is a meal. This isn’t just lunch, right? – [Macy] I think that’s
beyond a meal for me. (laughs) But definitely, definitely,
I think that looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it. And over here… – It smells so good! – I have my sweet potatoes
with my fresh peas, and you know I always like to joke around, if you really wanna make this rustic, just let ’em fall wherever they want to. – [Anthony] Not on the floor! – [Macy] Don’t worry about cleaning up and makin’ it look nice. Yeah, maybe not on the floor. So I’m simply just going to pile up however much you wanna eat. If you wanna share
this, like family style, then yeah, by all means. This is the perfect setup for you. And then I’m gonna top it off with my shredded harissa
chicken, just like this. I love protein, so I’m
just gonna fill it up, k? – [Anthony] That’s right. Fill it up. – Fill it up. – Pile it high. – And last, but not least, our yogurt sauce here. And we’re just gonna dollop it on top. Now, if you wanna make it extra fancy, put it in a Ziploc bag, cut the corner, and drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. And now it looks like
you love ’em extra more. (laughs) What do ya think? – So what kind of feel is that
gonna give us on top there? What is that gonna do for us? ‘Cause a lot of people
would look at this and be… – Yogurt! – It’s perfect the way it is, you know? – Yeah! – What is that gonna do for us? – Well, because this is an inspiration, harissa comes from the
Tunisia area or North African, you’re gonna have a lot of spices and a lot of really bold flavors, so a great way to kind
of tone all that down and kind of cool yourself is to incorporate a cool dish like yogurt. So, yogurt is really
what’s going to compliment and help ya time down that
sweat a little bit, too, right? (laughs) So, where do you wanna start? – Let’s go with that one first, alright? – You wanna start with this one? Okay. – So, I’m going to get some peas… – [Macy] I wanna get
some of my chicken here. – [Anthony] And potatoes on here and then make sure you get
that yogurt sauce as well. – Mmmm. (laughs) Yep. – The thing I like most about that is that you can taste
every ingredient in there. – Mm-hmm. – It’s not like one thing
overpowered the other. – Zesty, oh yeah. – Exactly. That lemon pops, right? – Just makes everything pop. – And you get that back here, you get that sour acidity, but then the flavors of the harissa just movin’ all around your palette. – That smoked paprika and everything else. Even a little bit of mint. It just makes it a lot more… – [Anthony] The mint! It just freshens it up. Alright, so, here we go. – I’m not gonna lie… – I know you’ve been
waiting for this, right? – I’m waiting on this. (laughs) – So, you can see how nice
and bright that is, too. And the vegetables are
still nice and crunchy. I’m going to take a little piece. – [Macy] I’m just gonna
dive right in here. – [Anthony] Alright. Remember, longest noodle does the dishes! – [Macy] Oh, wait a minute! – Right, so I gotta
shorten my noodles here. (laughs) Alright, here we go. – Ready? Cheers. – Salud. (laughs) – Mmmm. (laughs) (upbeat music) – That’s fantastic. – You know it’s good when you wanna dance after you eat it. (laughs) – And that little bit of heat in there can make you dance, too, right? – [Macy] Mm-hmm. – [Anthony] But again, we bite into that, you taste the lemon pepper
from the original chicken. So there’s that acidity, because we didn’t add any lemon to this. You have the fresh crunch– – That’s my favorite. – –of all those Pero Farms
vegetables on the bottom. I love that fresh crunch. – And just the smell, I mean, I’m a smeller. That sounds really weird. But I love to smell my
food before I eat it, because I feel like my stomach, it just makes it more
hungry, and everything else. – Yeah! But our burrito! When you reheat this, this thing, when you break it open, that steam is going to come out and you’re going to smell that maple from the Applegate
Naturals chicken sausage. The cheese, it should just
ooze as you spread it apart. I know, I’m just putting
you in a trance right now. But this here is a protein bomb. That’s how I like to look at it. Because we have black beans, chicken, cheese, the sausage. All of the ingredients in here
are really high in protein. So this is a good thing to
have in your lunchbox, right? – [Macy] Yes. – [Anthony] Tune in to our next episode. It’s gonna premiere and
air before Valentine’s Day, so we’re going to be cooking up a date night dinner to remember, featuring delicious arugula salad, a can’t-miss steak and
shrimp surf ‘n’ turf, plus warm chocolate
hazelnut crepes for dessert. And you can cook along and
take part in the live chat during the premiere of that episode on February ninth at
six p.m. Eastern Time. – And if you enjoyed watching and you want to learn more
and attend a class with us, check out our Apron’s Cooking
School location near you in the link below, and we hope to see you there! We had a lot of fun. I don’t know about you. – I definitely had a lot of fun. – So, be sure to like,
comment, and subscribe, and thanks everyone again for watching us. – What’d you say about the longest noodle? (laughs) You got the dishes, I’m outta here! (upbeat music)

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