Purdue Global Nursing Grads Discuss How Earning a Degree Online Helped Advance Their Career

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>>I just earned my degree in the Bachelor’s
of Science of Nursing. Faculty in the student of Nursing,
they are phenomenal. They just want
to see you succeed. That’s all they want
is for you to succeed and to feel your best,
and do your best.>>Professionally,
it has helped me because before I
even finished school, I had submitted
my abstract to a conference, and I was actually approved
to present my DNP project, in Rome, Italy, and Japan, Tokyo.>>I chose it in the end because
of the quality of instruction, the cost of finishing the degree. The knowledge I’ve gotten
from Purdue University Global has helped me get my licensure, and eventually find myself
a new job, which is great.>>I feel like the
program prepares you well to sit for the Board exam. My advisor,
his name was Oliver, he really helped me. He was like a cheerleader. He always got back
to me and through email, called me, and was very helpful.>>If you’ve got that feeling
of going back to school, just do it. You’ll get the momentum,
it’ll keep rolling. And once it’s rolling, you’re
going to be unstoppable, especially with this
staff and your classmates.>>For the nurses,
reach for the stars, you know. Once you get that degree,
opportunities are endless. ♫

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