Python for Everybody – Full Course with Dr. Chuck


Python for Everybody – Full Course with Dr. Chuck


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100 thoughts on “Python for Everybody – Full Course with Dr. Chuck”

  1. Jibachh Yadav says:

    Must watch video for Python programming even in 1.25X

  2. llukas 3.14 says:


  3. kunal singh says:


  4. Nilanjan Dutta says:


  5. legendleft says:

    great instructor

  6. M Yamayama says:

    I think Haskell can do it as well

  7. Andre Bern says:

    Great course! Thanks a lot!
    Could you pleas activate close captioning

    for non native speakers and for folks with hearing disabilities.
    Thank you!

  8. Festus Akpobome Emaniru says:

    A wonderful tutorial on python programming..

  9. Suvantola S says:

    I'm an absolute rookie, but the thumbnail is a huge encouragement for me.

  10. Rayyan Edix says:

    Wow it will be amazing if you guys giving us such a nice courses

  11. Sunil Skanda says:

    There are better Introduction to Python courses than this one. 6.001x from MIT on edX would be my number one choice. It had challenging problem sets, great instructors, and more importantly they teach you how to think computationally. If you're a beginner in the world of programming, I would suggest you think before committing about 14 hours on this one.

  12. Hallvard Moberg says:

    "Computers aren't very smart on their own, we humans are the ones who imbue them with knowledge"

    This guy haven't seen Terminator yet, has he?

  13. DaSnipy says:

    Thank You Sir.

  14. Vahid Ghomi says:

    The only pitfall is the long video to watch. I wish it was split to watch each episode separately.

  15. Eric Fox says:

    👍. Very helpful

  16. PM. T says:

    my english is not good, please eng-sub. Thanks

  17. spacey_y says:

    You thought him being a trucker is wild? At 36:48 he transforms into Gandolf.

  18. Gowtham Parameswaran says:

    13 Hours…He is such a cool tutor….Learned a lot from this Video..Hats off…I will watch again!!!

  19. Marcos Nunez says:

    Wow, this one is so good! Thanks for this one guys!

  20. William Reed says:

    Thank God this is here. I'm in the middle of taking this course on Coursera, and for whatever reason I couldn't find these clips before I had to take the quizzes for like week 3. Now that I have this though, I'm confident. So thank you! Seriously.

  21. Anubhav Sinha says:

    Jzjdn8) 55

  22. SaiNag - Sagara says:

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please list down the chapters you covered in this tutorial?
    Thanks in advance. Love from India.

  23. Larry Larry says:

    I have an old laptop with n2840 cpu, 8gb of ddr3 ram, 120gb ssd drive running Linux OS. Will I be able to use this laptop to learn Python?

  24. Chen T says:

    23:38 Sorry, I watched the whole video but only remembered this… 🙂

  25. Richard Lion says:

    This # is an octrothrop. A pound sign is an L. Other than that, great video.

  26. gizi Kovács says:

    Could you please make the presentation available for us?

  27. Lisa Olbert says:

    No translation is available

  28. Diego Prods says:

    ALWAYS pay attention at the time, because if your kitty accidentally pushes the keyboard and reinitialize the video then you are screwed

  29. LaSophiaMichael says:

    Thank you so much for such wonderful content!

  30. Being dew of vedic says:

    Woww…. Excellent coding skills.. Learnt a lot from him

  31. Crazy Girl says:

    Where's the subtitile

  32. Krzysztof Nawrot says:

    I am participating on the other one on YouTube as well. This with Dr. Chuck is from general to example. The other one is from example to general. I prefer this one. More suitable to my perception.

  33. Bismillah ArRahman ArRahim says:

    Plz check the video the similarly bw Islam and Christianity by Dr Zakir Naik

  34. Jade Danson says:

    He knew tooooooooooo much

  35. Geetu Sharma says:

    what does "bad file name " means ?? at 3:47:24 . please explain

  36. Patricia Farrell says:

    Chuck, which of these videos were released most recently? I have the full course, but want to see which ones I need to add rather than downloading everything again. BTW, you are great!

  37. Being Raja says:

    Thumbnail person looks like a pornstar

  38. Geetu Sharma says:

    how does the list uses more memory?? at 4:09:05

  39. rtg1230 says:

    the socket program is not working for me @6:40:00 can somebody help

  40. LovelyPolishPerson says:

    Best course ever… and for free! God bless you!

  41. tinashe muzingwane says:

    Thank you Dr. Chuck. Am a beginner and am learning more from you.

  42. Tutu Tutu says:

    Ohh… That's hot… It's actually fun learning from you

  43. Heir says:

    Thank you so much for this. So much.

  44. Tutu Tutu says:

    Can I just tell you how awesome you are…I never thought I could even get started learning it. Great video and most importantly a great teacher. Why do people with the best attitude end up in internet not around people like me

  45. JoLLyJu1cE says:

    "We can use this for useful things. We can play video games." My man.

  46. Craig Warren says:

    Thank you very much Charles for putting in the time and effort in producing this course. It is appreciated.

  47. Nada el maliki says:

    A desperate question to anyone who watched this video (or even Dr.Chuck):
    By watching this video : Will I be able to learn about the following Python topics (even beginner understanding) ?
    How Python runs programs ?
    Intro to Python core data types.
    Control structures (Branching & loops)
    Python functions and modules
    Files and Python classes
    Numpy and pandas
    Time series (with python)
    Please let me know this is important for me so that I can get credits for extra assignment in college.
    Thanks (a yes or a no only this or that. – will help)

  48. Marc D says:

    Operator precedence: Please excuse my dear aunt sally

  49. Chibuike Amaechi says:

    That thumbnail made me feel it's "wrestling for everybody"

  50. onimaru0612 says:

    I swear to God, 2 years ago, your videos are the only thing I watched on Youtube for learning code, all started from the book Think Python. Thank you so much! Even I haven't met you in the real life, but the knowledge you gave me back then meant so much to me.

  51. BHARAT SINGH says:

    Chacha toh bawal chiz h be😂😂

  52. hemanth kumar says:

    I lost hope on programing. And I found it on this video.

  53. Rafeeq alfaqih says:

    finally i found what i was looking for , thank you.

  54. James 1010 says:

    Really enjoying this so far. I'm taking some other tutorials more seriously, and just using this as some passive watching and extra exposure during my downtime.
    Really relaxed way of describing things, big focus on intuition, and explains many things that other tutorials rush over. Any student would be lucky to have this guy as their lecturer.

  55. Danish Dude says:

    Why run the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version?

  56. Kennedy Duarte says:

    What a pity!!! There is no translation for other languages ​​…

  57. Pavel Yankouski says:

    I want to create some tools in a future more like Destiny 1-2 creators Bungie. But the question is what tool , paid Maya or free Blender. Maya is just cool, but its costs the same as Max – a lot of money investment. So for now the alternative is to do not go out of engine, UE4 is perfect and almost free, Unity is completely free

  58. Jorge Francisco says:

    Tiene q haber algun grupo q colaboren para subtitularlo en ESPAÑOL
    seria lo mejor 😎

  59. Kumanova R says:


  60. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    Yo quiero aprender¡¡¡¡

  61. Рафаэль Киреев says:

    Done. Python and Dr. Chuck are great. Thanks a lot. Everything was clear. However, this knowledge did not become fundamental. Learning code without practice isn't effective.

  62. RIATI MOHAMED says:

    Great job Mr Chuck , that's  what we call sharing knowledge

  63. SrSinDioses says:

    56:55 next

  64. Eric Patterson says:

    Greatest Professor ever!!!!! Thank you!!

    And also I think Harley when I saw the thumbnail. What do you think?

    H = Harley Or T = Trucker

  65. Rajendra sharma says:

    Who is watch full video

  66. Vivid Music says:

    Wow, what a way to stretch the video over ten minutes XD

  67. ThreeColonist says:

    Zhen- 5 Times

  68. militant mode says:

    how can i speak to you directly?

  69. Christian Gutierrez says:

    I have a question,why we cannot use global words

  70. Rogue Nation says:

    do not want to learn any thing with a gang member, bye I will block the stupid youtube suggestion

  71. bluwave79 says:

    you go too old from chapter 2 to chapter 3
    thank you anyways I'm learning something 🙂

  72. Kevin Hopkins says:

    I think he’s great ,so patient and and has ensign knowledge to be a great teacher , thank you for the effort, it’s appropriated

  73. Jorge Padron says:

    Wonderful, thank you!

  74. Evin Stevenson says:

    what is that like an 8 gb hd? that thing is prehistoric looks like you have quite a few technological fossils laying around

  75. Vali Zeth says:

    Python is an overused language and should be avoided for any real-time performance.

  76. Michael Taylor says:

    I'll never understand why anyone would press the dislike button on educational videos. This is an excellent tutorial for FREE and I can't say thanks enough.

  77. Evan Moller says:

    Thank God Dr. Chuck doesn't have an annoying voice.

  78. HAMI says:

    i love you dr chuck

  79. Pavel Kuska says:

    Great python tutorial!

  80. Atanas Stoev says:


  81. gacha girl says:

    for an editor, you could try Pycharm from Jetbrains. there is a free version.

  82. henrik grigor says:

    Hello Dr. thank you very much for your valuable tutorial. I am quite new to Python and this is an important question I would like to ask you. You see, when I am trying to import some of libraries The Anaconda3 which I am working on it throws a message like (e.g. can't import rubic.cube library)!

    Your opinion is extremely important for me. Is there a way to write our own libraries. I thank you in advance.

  83. Laurent Biaussat says:

    Thank you Dr Chuck, this was incredibly useful and so well explained. Great work!

  84. wtx says:

    Thumbnail made me think this tutorial would involve a real python.

  85. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Anyone completed this?

  86. Sadiq Abbaszade says:

    Thank you for this amazing course! I dont wanna be rude, but I had to watch it at 1.5x speed)

  87. L Nasmil says:

    This is what I was looking for… I need to learn how to program in python, thank you for this free course, thank you very much.

  88. LAPTOP KING says:

    Bosdieke pagaaal hai Itnaaa barre video konn dekhaaa

  89. OMA oma says:

    Very good video for learn python for everyone.from a kid to adult.

  90. Elias says:

    This 13-hour course has more information in it than my 4-month long college python course.

  91. Vansak Choi says:

    3:25:09 it's honor to see hangul (my native language) here lol

  92. OrokuSaki1986 says:

    Apple is fascist and overpriced, though.

  93. Arjit Chauhan says:

    I wish I could like it more than Once.

  94. Kerry Weston says:

    Thank you!! (-:

  95. Andrew Aiken says:

    "If I bought a desktop computer a few years ago it would have had a motherboard" …… I am interested in what modern desktop computers don't come with a motherboard?

  96. MemeLord69 says:

    Thanks,and not even a single advetrisement in the 13 hour long video,you guys are legends!

  97. Natalia S says:

    This guys is an absolute legend. Thank you so much! Super grateful ♥️

  98. Bartosz Mroczkowski says:

    If I type the code as it is above
    word = "banana"
    count = 0
    for letter in word:
    if letter == "a":
    count = count + 1
    Python will count letter "a" and it will show 3
    But if I type the code:
    word = ["banana", "apple"]
    count = 0
    for letter in word:
    if letter == "a":
    count = count + 1
    it will show 0

  99. Ikpe Essien says:

    Dear Dr chucks, please kindly accept my warm hugs for your grand ma's heart, for taking out your valuable time to make a professional lecture-free for those who cannot afford the premium ones. Go to bed every night fulfilled that you have touched lives and your reward is unquantifiable. I am truly grateful. I WILL reach back to you when I finish the course for paid projects so I can make cash to pay my daughter's medical bill. Daughter was born with physical defects and requires surgery. Thank You.

  100. paulseldn says:

    Damn good course dude…it ran way too fast for me …I downlowded it and played in VLC so i good follow it better. I can't believe how much you so kindly gave to us..Bless you for that.. As a very visual person, I couldn't help but notice the correlation between the code on the left of the screen to the flowcharts on the right side. I searched this and found that there exists UML. Unified Marketing Language – which is an ability to "see"your code in flowchart format. I guess you are using this. Please will you share what software you are using for this. Many thanks for all you have given to so many 🙂

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