Q&A: Yes, there will be Certificates — Rachel’s Online School


Q&A:  Yes, there will be Certificates — Rachel’s Online School

Hey, everybody. Rachel’s English going live here on
Facebook to answer some of your questions. I will be posting this to YouTube. So, hello if you’re watching
this video on YouTube. So, yesterday I went live and I
think almost 400 comments came in. So, I have read all
of those comments, and I’m going to be answering some
questions that came through here now. So, the Q&A is about an Academy. It’s an online school that I’m
opening in just under two weeks, October 25 is the first day
that the school will be open. So, I’ll be answering
questions about the Academy. So, some of the
questions that came in. A couple people asked
about certificates. There will be certificates
of completion and you have to have a LinkedIn
profile in order to get these because the system will
automatically post them to your LinkedIn profile
if you want that. So, that will be a way for you to
let employers know, schools know, friends and family know that you did
complete courses within the Academy. To start, there are about
six to eight courses. So, each year I’ll
be adding even more. If you stay with the Academy for
a long time, you’ll be able to add probably dozens of these completion
courses to your LinkedIn profile. So, yes. You will get something for
your work and your time. Okay, another question. Someone asked, am I going to
be working with partners? Or is it going to be just
me making the content? The answer is, for
now, it’s just me. If you’re a fan of Rachel’s English, you might know I’ve been doing
this for about eight years. So, I love what I’m doing and with
your help, with your feedback, I’ve gotten pretty
good at a few things. So, we’re going to start with that. We’re going to start with
Rachel’s English does best. I do have ideas to get a little
bit bigger in the future. For example, maybe bringing in a teacher
who’s really expert at writing skills and having that teacher develop
some courses for that, but for now, it’s just me, and of course I do have
a lot of real life English in there with my friends and family, but the
lessons are just Rachel’s English, Rachel’s English style,
Rachel’s English expertise, and that is conversational English, both listening comprehension and
pronunciation, accent, fluency. Other questions. Okay, a couple people
have said, how do I join? Well, in the description to this
like video, there’s a link. You can click on that
and that will take you to a web page where you
can put in your email. When you do that, you’ll be
entered into a VIP list. It’s free to get on that list,
and that’s just showing me that you’re interested in the Academy
so you’ll get some emails about it when it’s time to sign, when
you can get the best deal, when you can get some
extra free bonuses. So, follow the link
and put in your email and I will be in touch with you
about how to get into the Academy. One person says, what if there’s
no money to pay for the Academy? Well, I understand. Even $10 can be a lot for some people,
especially depending on your currency. So, I will continue to
make the free videos. There will be one free
lesson every week. The Academy is not going to affect the
Rachel’s English that you already know. So, no need to worry about that. Someone asked, will be DVD of the lessons?
There will not be. I have created one DVD. It’s on Amazon. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s hard to find. I found the DVD sort
of hard to make. The functionality, I
didn’t think was great. The video quality of
the DVD wasn’t great. So, I’m not going to
be messing with DVDs. It’s just going to be
streamable, online video. Someone else asked, do
you need a credit card? You don’t, but you need a PayPal account
if you don’t have a credit card. So, with PayPal, you can
link a bank account and just pay directly with your
bank or you can use a credit card. I’m thinking about
integrating WeChat. I need to learn that
a little bit more, but I would love to ask you if there’s
a payment method that you use a lot, that you would like to see me use, please put it in the comments
and I’ll look into it. Someone else asked, will be
there live classes? Yes. Once a month at least, and I’m
working on that right now, the technical side of it, but
there will be live classes. That’s going to be an important
part of the Academy. Someone else said, what are the topics?
Okay so, to begin, it’s a subscription. So, there’s going to be new lessons added
every month, but for now, to begin, the topics are, we have a course on
the International Phonetic Alphabet. If you’re a beginner, it’s just to
help you get used to the symbols, and if you’re more advanced, then
there’s some fun tests in there where you will be able to
practice reading an IPA. Number two, there’s a basics course. Now, you might think I’ve
been doing Rachel’s English for a long time or
I’m pretty advanced. I don’t need the basics course. That’s actually not true. The basics course, the
things that you’ll learn there are for a lot of advanced learners, going to be the final step
in really sounding American. It’s all about the character, and I want
everyone to start with the character so that everything else
they learn in the Academy can be related to that,
that important foundation. There’s a course on
vowels and diphthongs. There is a ton of
audio in that course. A lot of people have a hard time hearing
the difference between some sounds, so there’s a lot of audio in there to get
your ear in shape to hear the difference. Speaking of hearing, can you hear my baby
shrieking in the background? Just curious. I can hear him and it’s
a little distracting, but I’m not sure if the
mic is picking that up. Okay, there’s lots of conversation. There’s a conversation course that
has both scripted conversation. That’s going to be
more for beginners, because it’s a little
slower, a little clearer. There’s no background music. People aren’t talking
at the same time. Then, there’s some real life
English conversation there, too. That’s harder because
it’s a real conversation. People are talking at the same time,
maybe there’s background music, maybe someone’s further
away from the microphone. So that might be better for
the advanced learners. Then, there’s also a Hollywood course,
where I’m taking some clips from TV and film and some little scenes and we’re
doing an analysis of that conversation. So, your listening comprehension
should be improving for TV, film, real conversation, all of the
stuff that you need it for. When you follow the link and
it takes you to the VIP sign up link, there’s a video there too
that kind of goes over some of the courses that
will be in the Academy. Okay, so those are
all of the questions that I wrote down from
the last live video. I’m going to take a second here just
to look through the comments here and see if there are any other
questions that I can answer. Yeah, I just wanted to let you guys
know that I’m really excited about it, and there has been a good
response and that feels great. It has taken a lot of time to make
the extra lessons for this Academy, and they’ve been very fun. My husband David’s in
some videos and friends. I’m out to dinner with
friends in some videos, and it takes what I’ve
been doing for eight years and it puts it into
a system for you. In addition to the video, there’s
text to bring it all together. There are quizzes so it’s a
little bit more interactive. There’s listening
comprehension exercises. So, it’s a lot of fun, and I
feel really good about it. I think you guys are
going to love it, and the best part about it
is, it’s a subscription. So, each month I can add more stuff,
which means I can respond to your needs. If you guys are saying, hey, we
want more of this kind of a lesson, then I can make that, and that’s what I
really like about the ongoing nature of this is, you guys, the students,
I’m expecting to learn a ton from you about what works for you, what you want
more of, what’s not very effective. So, I can tailor the Academy
to your responses, your needs, your tastes, throughout the months. Okay. There are not private
lessons right now. That is a possibility for the
future, but at the moment, there are not private lessons. It’s going to be online videos and
audios that you work through, but then there’s also going to be a
Facebook group where you can communicate with other people and then I’ll
also be in there commenting. So, you’re not going to be alone doing
this, but it is up to you to work through the content at your own
pace except for the live classes. That will be more interactive. Is there going to be a trial period?
There’s not, but there is a 30-day
money back guarantee. So, you can get access to the Academy,
you can spend the whole month in there, and if at the end of the
30 days you decide, you know, this is not really
what I thought it would be, this is not really what I need it
to be, then you can just email me within those 30 days, and I’m happy to
refund you and cancel your subscription. Oh, gosh. The comments are
coming in so fast now. I’m having a hard time reading
them before they go away. How long will students be in the
Academy to take the course? So, that’s really up to you. The Academy is never going to end. Okay, that’s probably not true. It might at some point, but
I have no plans to end it. Each month I’m going to
be adding more content. So, as a student, when you feel
like you’ve progressed to the point where you’re really happy and you
actually don’t feel like you want to keep checking in with your accent,
then that would be when you stop. Now, there are going to be courses that
come to completion within the Academy, but there will always be new
courses that are being pushed out. So, it’s really up to you, up
to how much time you have. You may find that you go through a
phase in life where all of the sudden you don’t really have time to
practice your English anymore. At that point, you might drop out. Or you may find that even as you’ve gotten
really comfortable with your English, you like the exercises in the
Academy to just keep it going and you may find that you stay in the
Academy for years because you love English, it’s a passion, it’s a hobby, and you
appreciate the conversation skills that you’re gaining in the Academy. Okay, sorry about that. Phone notification. I think I’m going to
wrap this up for now. Thank you guys so much for all of
your comments and for watching. I’m reading your comments, and even though
I couldn’t read every single comment live, I will read them all
once the live ends. So, your voice will be heard. So, if you’re saying,
what’s my next step? The next step is, get on the VIP list,
follow the link in the description to this video, and that’s
all you need to do for now. Once you join that list, then I will be
coming to you with more information. You don’t need to
seek it out anymore. So, that’s it, guys.

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