Quickie: Bad Education, Ford v Ferrari, Crazy World #TIFF19


Quickie: Bad Education, Ford v Ferrari, Crazy World #TIFF19

So I was Toronto Film Festival I… movies! One of them I saw was the new Cory Finley movie, “Bad Education” The film stars Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney and they’re both great This is the same director as Thoroughbreds in 2017 although this time, he doesn’t have a writing credit. I really enjoyed Thoroughbreds, but this is a very different film This one has a lot more polish and production value But it comes at the expense of the personality Thoroughbreds is a movie that–aside from some derivative soundtrack choices felt very unique. And while Bad Education is still a very well-presented and entertaining film… it doesn’t really stick out as much in terms of a memorable experience. The movie is a true story about the largest public school embezzlement scandal in the U.S. The characters are really fun to watch and it’s even more fun to watch everything kind of implode upon itself This is a very solid and well-made professional movie It’s well shot. It’s well acted. It has good music. So check this one out whenever you can and I’m giving it a seven out of ten. Another film I saw was Ford v Ferrari directed by James Mangold He’s the same director as Logan, 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, et cetera. In terms of directing, this movie was pretty great There’s no real flaws that stick out to me in that sense There are a lot of exhilarating driving sequences The camera work was all very professional and you can really feel the budget in the production value The performances were great–especially that of Christian Bale Him and Matt Damon’s character played off of each other very well It was always fun to watch them interact on screen Although it didn’t happen as often as I would have expected Now this movie is two-and-a-half hours long and I’m not sure I feel as though it was entirely justified If every aspect of the film is amazing and it’s entertaining throughout Then the longer, the better! But much of it was just a really cookie-cutter, clichéd, overly-pandering inaccessible Oscar-bait movie. There are things I really like about the presentation but stretching out a story that’s predictable at every turn isn’t really that interesting to me Some of the presented conflicts felt really cheesy Some of the characters feel incredibly cartoonish One of them was so annoyingly one-dimensional, it felt as though he would have worked better in a Robert Rodriguez kids’ movie Unfortunately, there’s often a trade off with professional and high-production-value films where many of the aspects wind up feeling as though the movie was just created soulessly in a factory At the end of the day, this movie’s kind of forgettable It was an enjoyable experience to watch it in theaters and if you’re going to watch it anyway, then choose that over the home video release But it’s not one that I’ll be rushing back to at any point in time. I don’t think I’m ever going to see it again, really It’ll likely be nominated for some Oscars and I’m sure a lot of people will really enjoy it Anyway, check this one out, if you want, but don’t expect a masterpiece and I’m giving this one a six out of ten. Another film I saw was “Crazy World” the new Wakaliwood “supa action movie!” For those of you not aware, there is an action movie studio in the slums of Uganda making some pretty entertaining movies. I’ve got the double-feature Blu-ray for “Who Killed Captain Alex” and “Bad Black” and I would suggest you check those out because they are loads of fun! Now, obviously, the budgets on these films are incredibly low but what makes them entertaining is just how wacky and ridiculous they are Their films are narrated over top of with what they call a “video joker” So VJ EMMIE essentially acts as a hype man that is talking about the film and also kind of making fun of it as it’s happening They’ve got a really great sense of humor and it makes it a perfect experience to watch with friends The films that you’d buy from them come with the VJ EMMIE narration, but what was crazy was that at TIFF, they actually had him doing it live It was a wild experience and a perfect addition to the “Midnight Madness” programming Thank you, Peter Kuplowski for getting that setup, because it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event I actually went into a bit more detail over what the live experience was like in this “Sardonicast” episode that will be linked in the description and at the end of the video It’s at the 8:38 mark, but I’ll just time stamp it in the link, I guess Anyway, definitely check this one out, as it is an absolute blast to watch You can also buy “Who Killed Captain Alex” and “Bad Black” from their website I’m not really sure how to give this a number out of ten. It’s kind of a meme movie in that sense. I can’t seem to find it on IMDB, so whenever that gets create, I’ll rate it a ten there I mean, I love it and I don’t know what to rate it, so… why not? I’ve got one more of these TIFF videos coming for ya and a bunch of other videos I’m working on My 2007 list, a commentary track… thing, a bunch of stuff So stay tuned. Thank you! Buh-bye!

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  1. Matthew Konig says:

    Bad education, isn't that Dustin's mom from stranger things?

  2. anderes Konto says:

    Hey I don´t know if you gonna read this, but one of your Twitter posts made it to hot on 9Gag and I told them you have a channel here and two already subscribed. You deserve much more than a million subs. Love your conntent

  3. brother man says:

    OH SHIT THE 2007 LIST………. he’s really doing it…..

  4. Isaac Lauritzson says:

    dude your intros just get better and better

  5. im replying to this comment says:

    Good movies are good

  6. Thomas Myers says:

    The lil intro cracked me up

  7. Pudding says:

    i tiff, me movies

  8. coco cornflake says:

    Let me tell you about the 673rd movie I saw at internation film festival

  9. Corncob Johnson real says:

    Talk about how Martin Scorsese is being defamed for no reason

  10. Scotty B says:

    {thoroughbreds spoilers}

    does anyone know why Thoroughbreds was rated R? is it cause they say fuck? I thought it would be because of the murder, but it happens off-screen… why was it rated R?

  11. Liam Tahaney says:

    Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a ten

  12. Saiaxs says:

    Logan was the best film Mangold ever did

  13. Sean Avery says:

    Ford v Ferrari better not get a bunch of nominees outside of some technical categories. That would be a disaster.

  14. Bannis Ray says:

    Stop it review Avatar

  15. The More You Know says:


  16. Hungry Moose says:

    I've been waiting for Ford v Ferrari for years. This thing was in the rumor mill for years and when the first trailer dropped me and my friends nearly lost our goddamn minds. I think I've seen damn near every documentary about the actual story and I hope the film stays true to how amazing the story is. I mean at this point, the story of Carrol Shelby and the inception of the original Ford GT40 is American legend, like John Henry and Billy the Kid. I can see characters like Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II being strange because they were strange men in real life. By the 1960s Enzo was automotive royalty, and Henry Ford II was known to be a very stubborn and sheltered man because he was raised by the original Henry Ford and kept out of the public after one of Ford's other grandsons was killed in a Lindburgh-esque kidnapping attempt. Lee Iacoca goes into a lot of detail about how hard Ford II was to work with in his autobiography. I'm glad that you found it good enough to give it a 6/10, and I hope it appeals to gearheads and Ford fans like me like they promised us all these years.

  17. Akmon Ra says:

    You should do an Adam & Pals for Metástasis… I don't want to actually watch the whole thing, but kinda want to see hilarious highlights.

  18. Kira Veritas says:

    2:00 I thought that was edited, his head has no defined shape, it’s just a blob 😨

  19. Matt D says:

    I was at TIFF and you weren't. NANANA UR GAY

  20. ariana moore says:

    I play this game where I guess the score based on Adums commentary. I’ve gotten pretty good at it 😂

  21. Johny Walker says:

    Did you watch this film called "Jallikattu" at TIFF? There was a lot of talk around it at Fantastic Fest.

  22. Mark Parkinson says:

    So this Bad Education Movie has nothing to do with the British TV show?

  23. Powerofsky 64 says:

    I got a seggestion for a bad horror movie called "Killer Sofa"
    Like watch the trailer first to see how stupid it is
    Lol X3

  24. rahatinname says:

    There’s already a sitcom called Bad Eduaction about a crappy teacher loool

  25. tsartomato says:

    one more of the stiff videos you say?

  26. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n says:

    Review The Old Man and The Gun , Robert Redford's last movie, same director as A Ghost Story.

  27. bustamove orelse says:

    IMDB for Crazy world

  28. Francesca Gonzalez Ramos says:

    Can you do Terminator Dark Fate movie review on Halloween night, please!?

  29. Leo 34 says:

    What song is used for the outro

  30. flaco says:

    Adum will eventually metamorphisize into the entire matter and structure of Toronto Film Festival, where all the movies are exactly the same but his face is plastered all over them

  31. Patient Ache says:

    This film was fucking incredible, my favourite film of the year, performances made me jizz my pants and the cinematography was exquisite, I hope this gets best picture, and I'm giving this movie a 6 out of 10, its definitely not a 7 and it's closer to a 5 but that's my rating

  32. Cherisse Richardson says:

    Please finish synecdoche 😢it's been a few years and I'm getting old. Death is catching up to me

  33. William W says:

    2050 Adam: "Still working on my 2007 list, but at least I got my 2008-2016 list done."

  34. Snorlaxation says:

    I love that cover for Bad Black.

  35. Jennifer S says:

    VJ Emmie live damn

  36. Ryan Lawler says:

    I expected a lot of film companies on this list. I didn't expect the company who created Who Killed Captain Alex to make an appearance.

  37. The Moochman says:

    Part of Bad Education was filmed at my high school about a year ago, it's nice knowing it turned out good

  38. Big Guy says:

    Movie: Exists
    Adum: I'm giving this one a 7/10

  39. Mathy Don says:

    Sooo is TIFF a year long event? Seems like this has been going on forever

  40. Mathy Don says:

    Wakaliwood movies are really interesting and amazing on many levels. One might consider them folk art

  41. JLT Yes says:

    I thought the first one was about the wiener guy, judging from Hugh's face

  42. ermenegildo rossi says:

    Off topic:
    Did you saw the latest Jodorowsky's doc "Psychomagic, An Art That Heals"?

  43. A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man says:

    There's something really heartwarming knowing that Wakaliwood got to present at TIFF.

  44. dunnowy123 says:

    WHAT?! I knew I missed out on the live narration but I also missed out on potentially glimpsing this Gay God? FUCK!

    I saw Crazy World the next day, still one of the best experiences I've ever had in a movie theater. I can only imagine how much more fun it would have been at Midnight Madness.

  45. Mariana V says:

    That intro was superb, taking the top comments Into account while making the rest of us giggle

  46. Ranger McClure says:

    5/7 perfect score

  47. Michael Miller says:

    i bought a "who killed captain alex" shirt from them and they stole my credit card info. 10/10 would support again

  48. MrOmegamax says:

    For some reason my dogs whimper/howl if I play one of you're videos.

  49. Bob The Builder says:

    Glad to see squidward started a YouTube channel after realizing his main gig spongebob squarepants wasn't do so well.

  50. Mr. Legacy says:

    Revenge of the Warrior is awesomely bad

  51. Salted Pumpkin says:

    Does anyone know how they do action and Uganda?

  52. Madcircle says:

    so are you only going to make shorter vids

  53. anonymous guy says:

    Watch portals (2019)

  54. Talktomypc says:

    Could you please reup your Life is Strange 2 streams on Twitch. Especially ep 3-4. I was waiting to watch them after playing them myself, but then I didn't find those anymore 🙁

  55. Orange Apprentice says:

    Love your videos mate!

  56. Mang Dingle says:

    Well, this “Bad Education” probably isn’t the American remake of Almodóvar’s classic

  57. Self sacrificial hero says:

    Dog Fucker

  58. alternate868 says:

    Animal abusers like you should be strung up from the tallest tree.

  59. Rolo López says:

    I see Wakaliwood, i like.

  60. Tori Ko says:

    2007 is blocked btw

  61. _Ceygar_ says:

    Thanks Eagle Rock i really wanted that 2007 list…

  62. Sage Zwiya says:

    RIP the 2007 list, copyright got ya again 🙁

  63. Jabril Parker says:

    2007 video got blocked 🙁

  64. Demented Duskull says:

    Screw Eagle Rock for blocking your 2007 list

  65. Diavolo says:

    That copyright strike you just got really infuriated me

  66. Saint Ouija says:

    Your new video was copyrighted . Ugh. Thanks youtube!

  67. Cheeser's poppin' pizza says:

    Aw man your vid got taken down

  68. Bloodestbath Bill says:

    crazy world's cover actually looks pretty good

  69. Criticis wrong says:

    Disliked around 150 videos on dis retarded channel for old fucks Eagle Rock. Love ya :KISSESKISSESKISSES:

  70. Dixen Prime says:


  71. UndeadPasta says:

    I'm surprised he hasn't upload his 2007 list to his website.

  72. Kiki Kyami says:

    I cant watch your new 2007 list because its blocked in my country (holland) by Eaglerock? :'( very sad..

  73. mabeldaowl x says:

    I love forgetting that YMS exists for a few months to come back and binge watch his new and old videos together

  74. easy beat15 says:

    Just tried to watch the 2007 best of vid. Where can i best direct my angry correspondance to who had it pulled because it involved eagle rock’? Its not the tune is it? After many years playing covers it took only a short time to hate that shite. Drunk fuck heads seemed to like it tho

  75. zrtec1 says:

    Thanks eagle rock

  76. Noble Alfred says:

    How about you put it up on your site instead. THe 2007 vid.

  77. eatshitdie1 says:

    Dude you gotta get on Bit Chute. YouTube is a fucking joke now.

  78. Joshua O’Neal says:

    Can’t watch your favorite of 2007 bc of copy righted laws.

  79. TheMegapossum says:

    Best films of 07 taken down in less than a day. Yikes.

  80. EdgyTeen_Model32X-9 E1 says:

    2007 video got blocked

  81. Jabril Parker says:

    If you guys want to watch the 2007 video go to yms's website in the description.

  82. Trinity Dusk says:

    Im yet to see Ford V Ferrari butbi atleast think you should mention it being based off of a true story like you did for Bad Education… yeah the storys gonna ne predictable… because it already happened

  83. Mika - says:

    Latest video was nlocked by Eagle rock?

  84. June Leau says:

    whats going on with his new video? wtf is eable rock

  85. Cinnamon Tea says:

    Did you watch "Corpus Christi" and if not do you plan on watching it?

  86. Millie says:

    Have you watched parasite yet? They say its a good movie

  87. Team SMSD says:


  88. Your Dad says:

    how dare you give godzilla 2014 a higher score than ford v ferrari

  89. Adam Cheek says:

    As a racing fan, FvF might appeal even more to me, but the big issue for me (as a racing fan) is that the "Daytona" scene is very distractingly obviously Auto Club Speedway – the blue walls are the dead giveaway, as is the scoring pylon's location and smaller grandstands

  90. Noah Biondi says:

    Ford v Ferrari deserves higher than a 6/10.

  91. Callum Johnston says:

    I would love a yms type channel on pornhub to help me find the top shelf shit

  92. Nicolas Andres says:

    use Letterboxd u prick

  93. - BravoIsACutie - says:

    But isn’t Ford vs Ferrari about a true story how exactly can it be unpredictable if it’s about an actual event

  94. HE13272326 says:

    What i learned from Crazy World: German tourists are delicious!

  95. Kaeden Hewitt says:

    Ford v Ferrari is amazing if your a car enthusiast, they got a lot of stuff spot on.

  96. lyn o says:

    i can already tell that ford v ferrari is shaping up to be SCOTT’S LOCKOFTHEWEEK

  97. Dylan Drosick says:

    Whats with Bad Education being so weird to find info on, still?

  98. Garret S says:

    You can really get that sense with Ford v Ferrari in the first 20 minutes. I literally just stopped watching it to check your review to see if it was going to get any better.

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