Radiography Associate Degree Program | Gateway Technical College

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Radiography Associate Degree Program | Gateway Technical College

( ♪ ) ( natural sound ) (Matthew – Student:) I love the technology … … the science behind what I do. Once I got into clinical, I just really liked the interaction with the patients and the technology that was being used. ( instructor lecturing ) (Sue – Instructor:) We are preparing students to enter the workforce as entry-level radiographers. ( background conversation ) A radiographer takes X-rays. We actually use electromagnetic radiation… and take images inside the body. Classes are offered in a hands-on setting… some classes are offered online at some of the technical college programs, and then there’s a lot of clinical hands-on … the students spend somewhere between 1300 … and 1700 hours of clinical time in hospital and patient care settings. ( background conversation ) One of the things that technical colleges do for students is they remain abreast of current technology … ( background conversation ) small classroom sizes compared to a four-year educational facility … ( background conversation ) they offer academic instructors that are well prepared and documented in their academics … ( background conversation ) and in the professional world such as radiography … hands-on classroom is taught by actual radiographers. (Matthew:) It opened up so many different opportunities for me … so many different areas of the medical field that I can get into. ( ♪ )

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