Rasmussen College’s Computer Science Program: What You Can Expect

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Rasmussen College’s Computer Science Program: What You Can Expect

Let’s talk about computer science. Hi, I’m
Jen Ayotte, the Dean for the School of Technology at Rasmussen College. Students of the Computer Science program will learn to design, develop and deploy
software applications that leverage cloud computing technologies. The
coursework is designed to equip students with the skills needed to create and
modify complex software applications as part of a development team. If you
understand the fundamentals of how programming languages work and how
applications are developed, you’ll be prepared for a wide variety of jobs
across multiple sectors. Right now employers are seeking folks who have a
mixture of the technical skills as well as natural traits that lend themselves
well to this type of industry. Being able to think critically, think through
abstract problems and work through logistical programming languages makes
for a very valuable candidate on a development team. Our online courses are
built using authentic assessments to ensure that students gain the hands-on
skills and knowledge needed to join the workforce. You’re not just learning
theory in a vacuum and you’re not just learning concepts without context. You’re
learning how to solve problems using programming languages and deploy
solutions that make sense for the business needs. When you’re in an online
course you’re not learning alone, you have an instructor that is there to help
guide you every step of the way. They can bring their latest experiences to you in
the classroom, in the live virtual classroom sessions as well, and give you
an opportunity to ask questions to get clarity, seek guidance. Computer science
is an exciting field and Rasmussen College can help you get there. To learn
more about our Computer Science program at Rasmussen College, visit

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