REAL REVIEW Lingoda Online Language School


REAL REVIEW Lingoda Online Language School

I’m always banging on about how much I
love lingoda, in fact I mean promoting them for over a year but I guess what
you really need to know is, is lingoda the right learning platform for you? are
there any negatives you should know about? why do I seem to love them so much?
I think it’s time for an honest review hello everyone my name is Anna English
this is English like a native and if this is your first time on my channel
and you’re learning English then be sure to click the subscribe button and the
Bell notification button so you don’t miss any future lessons
now Lingoda. it is no secret that I love lingoda and the reason I love them so
much is the simplicity of their platform and their focus and dedication to
getting you to the next level. Sorry can I just interrupt and say that because
most of you are very busy and possibly won’t stay to the end of this video in
case you are thinking about checking out and Lingoda which you definitely should
then do use the link in the description box below and the discount code provided
and that will get you a very tasty little discount I say little quite a big
discount so let’s have a look at that website it’s simple it’s slick it’s easy
to use now once you have an account you’re going to head to your profile and
setup is very simple now you want to set up your time zone then you’re going to
set your learning level I am still a 1.1 in Spanish now in the initial setup you
choose the language in which you’re interested in learning you can only
choose one language and I know for some of you this may seem like a drawback as
some of you are interested in learning multiple languages at the same time how
you do it I do not know but in your case it’s not the end of the world
you just have to set a couple of accounts for the different
languages that you’re learning okay so we’re in and we’re set up what next well
next you would choose a package but if you’re still unsure whether you want to
commit then lingo to do also offer a trial class which is easily accessible
by the tab at the top of the page let’s talk about prices now some of you have
sent to me in the past when Gowda is very expensive but if you do the maths
actually is not at all it’s actually very very competitive but the difference
is they make you commit so rather than buying one-off ad-hoc lessons whenever
you feel like you want to study you’re committed to buying a group of lessons a
bundle towards a course that helps you focus on actually improving and taking
your language level up and let’s be honest if you’re not doing that then
you’re really not going to improve so it’s probably for the best that they
make you commit so the options you have are to pay monthly you can choose from
the standard package which offers a range of options depending on how much
time you can commit each month all the options here are a mix of group and
private lessons all lessons are 60 minutes long and just so you know the
group lessons it states are an average of around five students but my
experience doesn’t reflect that my experience has been the most was three
people in a class me included on our fridge it was one other person and in
some cases no other students have been in the class so it’s been practically a
private lesson you can also opt for private lessons only obviously private
lessons are more expensive than group lessons but you also have to remember
that all of the teachers on lingotto are fully qualified and you also get the
course materials provided if you’re working to a tight budget then go for
the group lessons like I said they’re very small groups and on some occasions
you might get lucky and be the only one in the class
if you’re fully committed to going a level up and getting a very special
certificate which we’ll talk about later then choose the certificate option and
take a bundle of lessons that will ensure you make it through to the next
level be mindful though that these lessons have to be covered within a six
month period so make sure that you have a time in which to commit to those
classes and then payment is very easy you do it via Visa or PayPal and don’t
forget to use the discount code which is linked in the description box below for
that fabulous discount okay let’s book at the very top of your profile page
you’ll see how many credits you’ve got for private lessons and group lessons
now head over to the booking page and set your parameters choose whether
you’re looking for group classes or private classes and your availability
but a word of warning you must book early these classes are popular and they
do book out quite quickly so I would always recommend booking at least a week
in advance to make sure you get the slots that you really want with your
parameter set you can now see all the available classes at your level at those
times and days that you are available so now it’s time to book now on lingo de
you book the class based on the topic you don’t book the teacher but you can
rest assured that all of lingo does teachers are fully qualified and they
all follow the learning materials and the format set out by lingoda so you’re
in safe hands no matter who takes the lesson so looking through the options
you can click on any one of the topics to open it up for more information and
on this page you can also download the course material now I used to believe
that these topics were set at those times and that you couldn’t switch
things around and I used to think this was a little bit annoying and then I
discovered at the bottom of the topic squares are two little arrows and that
gives you some more options of topics available at that time
that makes the world of difference thanks lingoda and at this stage it’s
worth bearing in mind that you are on a course therefore all the topics that you
can see are part of the course that you need to complete and you can track all
of this on your my course page which tells you which topics you’ve covered
which still need to be covered what percentage of the way through your
course you are now it is worth saying that if these topics don’t float your
boat and you want to learn something specific and you can request a
customised private lesson all you have to do is head over to the my course page
scroll down and fill out the customised private class form and then go to will
try and organise that for you and the most exciting thing is when you complete
all of the required lessons you will not only go up a level you’ll also receive a
CEFR certificate which makes it official it’s an internationally
recognised certificate which you can then use on your job applications or on
your university applications now to take part in a class you now have to download
a software called zoom which makes it very easy for the teacher to appear on
screen alongside the material and for you to work through it together I’m not
very tech savvy I’m really rubbish when it comes to downloading and installing
software and I did find this a little bit tricky because I’m me but lingoda
do provide complete instructions and support if you get stuck and to be
honest it only took me a few extra moments I just had to concentrate a
little bit harder to make sure the software was up and running properly but
once you’re past that stage then the software works very very well and I had
no problem connecting to all of my my lessons and what I will say is that
every single lesson I took the connection was good
and this is something I feel very passionate about if I’m going to spend
an hour of my time with a teacher online then I want to be able to hear them and
see them very clearly and I have to say with all the lessons I’ve taken with
Lingoda the connection has never been a problem. After every lesson you’re
encouraged to give feedback and this feedback is anonymous which is fantastic
because it means you can be totally honest about your experience about how
you found the teacher and the lesson hmm so what more can I say that is pretty
much the learner experience Personally, besides it being focused structured and
simple to use the reason I love lingoda so much and the reason I will
continue to promote them is because they really seem to care about their users
progression they really care about the service they provide and you can see
that in the constant development of the site of the products and also with what
they’re doing in social now if you’re not following them on social media then
it definitely is worth giving them a follow on Instagram on Twitter on
Facebook because you’ll see that there’s lots of things they’re doing and they’re
trying to engage their community I just think that is rare these days for a
company to truly care it’s rare and that rhymes I’m a poet and they didn’t know
it. so there you go that’s my honest opinion that’s my experience with lingoda if you have any experience that you’d
like to share them please do put it down in the comment section below it’s always
helpful to get a range of different opinions and if you’re interested in
trying lingoda out for yourself then do click on the link in the description box
below and use that voucher code to make sure you get that amazing discount
I do have one more thing to say a blog lingoda have a blog and it is worth
spending some time scrolling through the articles because there are lots of
really helpful articles that we can all benefit from they give us tips on
language learning strategies until next time thank you so much for joining take
care and bye

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