Remember the 11-Year-Old Who Got 3 College Degrees? He’s Set to Start His Doctorate at 15

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Remember the 11-Year-Old Who Got 3 College Degrees? He’s Set to Start His Doctorate at 15

Remember the 11-Year-Old Who Got 3 College
Degrees? He’s Set to Start His Doctorate at 15
Tanishq Abraham got international media attention in 2015 when, at only 11, he graduated with
no less than three college degrees from Sacramento’s American River College. And yes, he was the youngest graduate in the
history of the college, and yes, he graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA. But thanks to his loving family and confidence
in his abilities, even at 11, Tanishq was cool and collected, telling CBS San Francisco
“Even on the first time I came to a college class, I was not really nervous, so, this
is not much of big thing to me.” And in case you are wondering, Tanishq graduated
high-school at 10. Making impressive progress
But Tanishq was barely getting started. A year later, news outlets covered how the
then-12-year-old kid got acceptance letters from both the University of California Santa
Cruz and the University of California Davis. But Tanishq spoke about how at first students
are generally a little confused by his presence in class, “but once they get used to me,
they do not treat me that differently. We are all just friends and have fun,” per
NBC News. That does not mean Tanishq was not pumped
about continuing his studies, saying “I have been waiting for this for quite some
time now. I will finally be working on my bachelor’s.” And work he did, graduating less than two
months ago with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at UC Davis – with honors, of
course. In fact, his undergraduate research work on
revolutionary new drug delivery methods landed Tanishq his first author’s credit. And although he wo not officially start his
doctoral studies in biomedical engineering till later this year, Tanishq – who just
turned 15 – is already taking graduate courses. Then again, considering his drive and the
fact he will be attending as a Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellow, it’s not that surprising. Neither is the fact that he’s a member of
two of the most prestigious honor societies in the U.S: Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa. Just like other kids
What may be surprising to some is how much like other youngsters Tanishq is. His team’s design project was inspired by
Star Trek tricorders and consists of a prototype device that measures heart rates by only scanning
the patient – no touching is involved, something that could revolutionize treatment protocols
for burn patients. And long before he was actively working on
new treatments, Tanishq’s passion for learning was ignited by something countless kids love:
dinosaurs. He’s also rather active on social media,
just like any other teen and likes to take joking jabs at his parents, laughing about
their dislike for his all-nighters or taking shots at their supposed obsolescence. “You can still get a lot of knowledge and
ideas from older people,” Tanishq said in an interview featured on US Davis’ webpage
but could not resist laughingly tacking on a little jibe. “Even my parents.” Setting his bar high
And what’s next after he nabs his Ph.D.? An M.D., of course. And after this real-life Dougie Howser becomes
a full-blown doctor and discovers a life-changing protocol to help humanity? Tanishq has his eye on the presidency, something
he’s been vocal about for years – like so many other kids. Genius runs in the family
As for Tanishq’s younger sister Tiara, many may think of what a burden it would be to
grow up in the shadow of a genius brother. But parents Dr. Taji Abraham, a veterinarian,
and Bijou Abraham, a software engineer, are proud and supportive parents who encourage
their kids to have fun and explore the world and knowledge at their own pace. “In spite of their radical acceleration
in certain areas of their lives, we let them be kids and make sure they enough rest and
sleep,” mom Taji told Phi Theta Kappa. Besides, Tiara is a genius in her own right. While her older brother – whom she adores
and looks up to – is fascinated by engineering and biomedical sciences, Tiara is a polyglot,
math enthusiast and a singer. The 12-year-old has already played Carnegie
Hall twice, released a Christmas album in six languages at age nine, has been a member
of the Mensa society since she was four and started college

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