Revolutionizing Indian Education System | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee


Revolutionizing Indian Education System | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee

We all are aware of how broken the system of education in our country has become It teaches us rote learning (it teaches us to) blindly memorize whatever is being taught There is no need to raise any questions In exams, we’re (expected to) photocopy whatever the teacher says or whatever is written in the books Because these exams are everything You only have to score marks, irrespective of whether you understand anything or not It matters not whether our knowledge is augmented or not, we have to score marks by any means Because these marks define our lives Students slog for as long as 12 hours a day to score these marks All their free time, their hobbies and their playtimes – all are forgotten All they do is study all day Their whole life is spent struggling this way and the pressure created as a result of this pushes kids into depression Some of them even suicide But the ones who endure it and come out of it, walk out and realize that the skills needed by them in real life were never really taught Creativity, Confidence, Critical thinking- All the things that could be useful in real life, weren’t taught by anyone We were only taught rote learning And these are the students that later transform into uncles who blindly forward fake messages on whatsapp It is not really their fault because this is what they were taught since childhood that whatever they see or read should not be critically analyzed Don’t think on your own. (Assume) that whatever is written must be true and that should be forwarded as it is What is the solution to all of this? We need to change this faulty education system that has become a factory of photocopying machines We need to teach the children the skills and qualities needed become a good human being For example, empathy, confidence, creativity, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills There are hopes of implementing such a solution in Delhi An Entrepreneurship mindset curriculum has been implemented from this year in public schools of Delhi which teaches exactly these skills to the students We shall examine the reality of this in the ground report of today How does it work? How effective is it? Can it really transform the system? Come let us see Hello friends Today I have come to SKV Ramesh Nagar, a public school in Delhi The Delhi government has started an EMC – Entrepreneurship mindset curriculum classes for the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th To teach them the Entrepreneurship mindset The EMC classes do not have books which the students can read Infact, there are no books at all for the students in the entire subject Although, there’s a manual for the teachers to instruct them how to teach Entrepreneurship mindset to students This is conducted everyday for the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th as a Zero subject That is, it is taught before the first subject early morning Now you can see what exactly is taught in this Key qualities and abilities are focused upon key qualities as in what are the qualities required by a human to harbor an Entrepreneurship mindset Mindfulness, Creativity, Joyfulness, Curiosity, Self awareness, empathy, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making- are Entrepreneurial abilities Dream Big, Recognize opportunities The entire curriculum is designed keeping these qualities and abilities in mind A quality will be chosen everyday in class and then that quality will be taught through real life applications and examples as a fun activity The topic of today’s class is creativity The teacher has divided the students into different groups Each group has been assigned the task of creatively selecting their favorite season and compose a song on it The different groups of students here are composing songs on their favorite seasons “these long spells of rains… This huge amount of rain… These rains are the reason…” “The retreating summers are a relief… the farmers are finally at peace due to the onset of rains the onset of rains has also signaled the arrival of mosquitoes they have brought dengue and malaria along… -How do we teach entrepreneurship to small kids? and what do we teach in that? Do we encourage them to become entrepreneurs today itself? But what happens to their studies then? -That’s true -So… We should either focus on the idea that entrepreneurship is about mindset then making a choice at the right stage about whether you want to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur You could do very well in your job as well if you have the right kind of mindsets -We are focusing on mindsets in the EMC classes We are not encouraging you to go in a particular field or we are not indulging in career counselling -How are you telling them that carrier wise, they have so many options available? -We are telling them about all the options available because we have designed a few things in it One of them is the micro research project which basically involves interviews In it, the students identify 10 people in and around them and interview them to understand their careers How have they reached where they are? What were they like in school? Actually our purpose behind the entrepreneurship mindset curriculum is that how to dig out the qualities and abilities hidden within the students How will they emerge? Everyone has abilities and qualities within them But… As a child, to realize that I have this (particular) ability within myself at the right age which, I think, might help in my professional journey -There were varied views If there were 40 people sitting here then there were 40 different views that it could be visualized in this way too This, too, could be possible That, also, we enjoyed – So, I’d like to see an example… -Yes, please do -I am saying… There’s a statement that two student should wear their own clothes and there should be no uniform in schools How many of you support this? Only one? Only two of you support this? So the rest of you want to wear this uniform in school? -Yes sir! -The uniforms should stay. What is the reason behind (wearing) uniforms? One by one. You say… -Everybody feels comfortable… so that is why -Everybody feels comfortable -So that nobody has an inferiority complex that somebody is wearing better clothes than them -But don’t you feel the same way when somebody puts on different makeup or sports a different hairstyle? -No, then it doesn’t feel that way. -Now you tell me… the one who had raised their hand (to say) that uniforms should not be in place Why shouldn’t there be uniforms? -I do not like the uniform -So you mean to say that it would be fine if there was another uniform of your choice? -Yes, if there were trousers… something comfortable -You tell me what’s your argument -It’s just that this does not look modern -…this does not look modern? -If we all wear the same uniform, then there would be no difference between us We all look the same and this is better -Going by that logic, we should eliminate all differences Everyone should get the same type of houses, everyone should get the same type of cars Only then, the differences would get eliminated Otherwise, there would be some difference or the other Another thing we could do is to accept the differences what we call “Unity in Diversity” Everyone is different and everyone thinks differently Everyone has different preferences but we should accept things as they are so that if someone wants to wear a different set of clothes, he/she is able to do so This could be another viewpoint here -Ma’am, I’d like to ask you what your opinion on this EMC curriculum is -Sir, I feel like that could be no better programme than this because what we are trying to inculcate in our children, through this, is an attitude of critical thinking and decision making and even if we are able to give these two abilities to our students then I think half our battle is won Sir, I could not have ever imagined this amount of creativity and innovative ideas in the students Our students are thinking beyond our thoughts For example, in one of the classes, the teacher asked the students to make a shoe The teacher then asked the students what could we innovate in the shoe …just not a normal shoe… So one of the students said that they could fit a GPS device into the shoe When children’s shoes are made they could be fitted with GPS device so that if the child gets lost somewhere, it would be easy to locate him -This is very creative! -So I thought this was brilliant I mean these things were (inherent) in them but we have been able to bring out their thought processes through this programme Their creativity, their innovative thinking- all of those are emerging Now, I have arrived at the all-boys school where afternoon classes take place The address is – SBV Janakpuri, Block C, number 2 You can see that the school is under construction and there is renovation work ongoing in a part of it But the EMC classes are about to start here, too Come, let us see “..called us on stage. He too, liked saying a few words He liked answering the questions So, I’d like to invite the next functionary. ..Sir Anil…(inaudible) -My name is Anil and I’d like to tell you a joke One day, Aman’s father asked his son, “Son, how was your result today?” He replied, “Father, the son of Master Sb failed.” The father asked, “How was yours?” The son said, ” The doctor’s son failed too.” The father asked, “Fool, what about yours?” The son replied, “Is your son a Prime Minister that he’d pass?” Anil ji has made us laugh a lot -Consider small thing: When you ask a child whether something is a fact or an opinion One way of running the class would be to ask four students to tell us Another way would be continuing the class until every child spoke up -So that every child feels involved -A class, an activity or a story can continue for days If we talk about how Karsan Bhai Patel created Nirma Now we could talk about what his qualities were and how this was done for about 4 days Let’s talk about the comparison thing. You had to compare yourself with an object What did you learn in that class? Tell us This is an eraser. Some of my friends have bad habits I am like an eraser that can wipe out the bad habits of my friends -Wonderful! -This is a pen and we can fill up pages with it I am like a pen that can run with speed -You can run fast? That’s good. What will you learn from this? How will it be useful if I compare myself to a table? How does it benefit me by doing this? This is called empathy Empathy- that is, how another person feels and what his feelings are we can only begin to understand when we put ourselves in his position -There’s another thing: live entrepreneur interaction under which we invite entrepreneurs to school to share their experiences So they come into the classrooms and interact with the students And students are able to ask a lot of questions like how were they able to start their own businesses? What was their education? What were some of the challenges they faced? What and how did they learn from their failures? -The entrepreneurship mindset curriculum isn’t something that the teacher just has to go and teach They first have to absorb it So the absorption should first take place in the teachers and only then they would be able to teach our students Unless we ourselves agree on something, we would not be able to make the children agree on it -The Delhi government has also sent the teachers abroad for training We went to Singapore where we learnt a lot in NIE We shared those practices here in school – Give us an example of one such practice -One of the strategies was Frayer model to understand how a child is representing what is learning visually There is this Frayer model KW(H)LAQ technique -What is Frayer model? -Sir Frayer model is visual learning technique in which a child demonstrates how he can graphically represent whatever he learnt on a sheet of paper by defining it, giving an example of it -Shilpa ji is a mentor teacher The task of a mentor teacher is to show the other teachers how to teach that is, to impart training to the teachers, in a way -So what we have been able to do in Delhi with EMC that is, the first period everyday for 4 years An intervention of this scale, as far as I know, does not exist in this world both in terms of the number of students(there are 7.5 lakh students) as well as the amount of time that they are spending on this topic -Okay, on self development and entrepreneurship… Going by this rate, in the coming 5 to 6 years, the students that graduate would ensure that Delhi would have the most number of entrepreneurs -I hope so. I think… the entrepreneur mindset is all about doing everything entrepreneurially, no matter what you do -Right -The first story in a book is that of Verghese Kurien -Whose story? – Verghese Kurien -Who was he? -Government employee who started AMUL -Okay -He was a government employee -He was the founder of AMUL? – Yes! He was the founder of Amul without being a businessman or without being an entrepreneur but he was extremely entrepreneurial -Mekin works in the Udhyam Learning Foundation It is one of the many NGOs which has helped in designing the EMC curriculum I’d like to thank Tarak Ji for this entire video He is my Paetreon supporter and he has helped organize all the interviews I’ve conducted in this video He also has had a contribution in designing the EMC curriculum In fact all the people that you see on this table have a contribution in designing and implementing the EMC curriculum You can see that this revolution was made possible only by the collaboration and co-operation of so many people The government, the officers who work in the government, bureaucrats, NGOs. in fact, external volunteers who pitched in in to support this work which made it all possible Today, there is a happiness curriculum classes 1-8 in all of Delhi’s public schools classes 9-12 have entrepreneurship mindset curriculum Think about it how much would it affect the country when these students graduate So many more entrepreneurs would come up, so many more jobs would be created if this thing works successfully I hope that the different states all across the country implement this In fact, it should be implemented on the national level I’d like to tell you that nobody has given me any money to make this video No party has funded me I’ve made this video because you can genuinely see what exemplary work has been done here and my paetreon supporter, Tarak, told me about the idea for this video If you feel like there is a similar exemplary work being done in your state/ locality that I should cover, So you can write to me directly via email at [email protected] telling me to cover revolutions at certain places I hope you would have liked this video. Share this video If you want to support my work then you can support me on where we can have discussions upon such ideas We will meet in the next video Thank you

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