Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education | The Daily Show


Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education | The Daily Show

As The Daily Show’s
youngest correspondent, I’m most qualified
to report on the fact that civics education
in America sucks. It’s so bad, only one
in nine schools require a year of civics classes. But young activists,
like members of the Providence
Student Union, are demanding
higher standards. Which is why I’m here
at a small Rhode Island school to interview students
who are fighting to fix their education and their futures. After-school spesh. -What’s lit, fam?
-Who are you? I’m the new transfer student. My name is Chad. I am 17. You’re old as (bleep). No, I’m not. -You-you smell old.
-I’m not old! After some convincing,
I gained the trust of Ahmed and Aleita,
the student organizers asking for better civics education
in Rhode Island. Civics is important to me
because… I still see that there are people that are
like, “Voting isn’t important.” And I think
that young people especially should also understand, like,
the way how systems were built and how the world works. Like, how can you go about life
not knowing your rights or how to pay taxes
or anything like that? Okay, but you don’t actually
have to pay taxes. That’s a myth. No, you-you…
you have to pay taxes. Like, you have to pay taxes. Is this real? That’s why we need civics class
in high school. But I mean, I do…
I do civics all the time. I’m, like, constantly
sending out civic tweets. I’m like,
“#GreenNewDeal,” “#202020.” Sometimes, if I just need to get
all my civics in one tweet, I’ll just say like, “#woke.” And then… boom. Civics. That’s not even close. -Wow. -You basically just talked
about social media. I mean, let’s face it.
We’re teens. There is nothing that we can do to make our school
teach us civics. Um, I kind of have
to disagree with you on that. One– me and Ahmed are teens. The shirt’s not fooling anyone. Two– me and Ahmed are suing
the United States government for civics classes
in all schools. Wow. You heard that right. My same-age friends were
suing the government for civics education
in schools. Aleita and Ahmed are making
their case with the help of Columbia Professor and oldest
person I know, Michael Rebell, who’s been fighting
for education equity most of his career. The U.S. Supreme Court said
every child in this country has a right to an equal
educational opportunity. But kids who come
from low-income backgrounds, many kids of color don’t have
meaningful opportunities. So why did you decide
to sue Rhode Island and not a state that
everyone hates like New Jersey? We looked at what states have
the worst education system when it comes to civics, and also where would
the community be supportive? If we get
the Supreme Court to declare that there’s a national right
to education, state legislatures and
school systems will act on it, it’ll make a huge difference. You know,
50% of the American public cannot name the three branches
of government. Can you do it? Uh… Federal, Executive and the Supreme Court,
Notorious RGB. She’s one of nine justices. Yeah. Nine, yeah. There RGB, uh, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth,
Scarlett Johansson… Wait a minute. You’re mentioning
all the actors in The Avengers. They are not
Supreme Court justices. I left one off.
The Hulk. Do you even know who your
representative in Congress is? It doesn’t really matter
about my representative because I know
who my senator is. It’s Bernie Sanders. I don’t think Chuck Schumer’s
gonna like that answer. Who the (bleep)
is Chuck Schumer? He’s your senator from New York. I think
you’ve got a long ways to go on civic knowledge,
I’m sorry to say. Did I not get an education? That’s the kind
of unfortunate reality that, uh, we’re trying
to grapple with. Thank you… for teaching me that I’m dumb. Wait a minute. That is not the message
I’m trying to get across. -You are… -I hear you loud
and clear. I’m a dumbo. I’m dumb. I’m dumb.
I’m a dumb head. You’re obviously very smart
from our conversation, but… Oh, my God, they were right. Boys do go to Jupiter
and get more stupider. -I’m gonna be right back.
-Okay. This wise old man
made me realize I… Do you have a hall pass? We’re not
in a school building right now. Okay. Well, then,
can I go to the bathroom? You can go to the bathroom. I’m sorry.
May I go to the bathroom? -Of course.
-Okay. So maybe us teens do need
better civics education. And though this case still has
a long way to go, its success will ensure future generations
the education Aleita and Ahmed missed out on. The ultimate goal for me is
that people are more civically engaged, and, you know, we have
government representation that reflects the population. Wow. I learned so much today. And I hope you did, too. Teach out. Thought you were a teen. Class dismissed. (rhythmic beeping) (beeping) Shit. (bleep) (cheers and applause)

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100 thoughts on “Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education | The Daily Show”

  1. John O says:

    VOTE Blue!! What do you expect from a country that puts all of its money in the military (little for education, health, science…)

  2. D.J. Taylor says:

    Should have sued Florida, I never had a civics class ever.

  3. 215mookies says:

    What is civics education

  4. Celos says:

    "Boys do go to jupiter and get more stupider" XD rolling laughing haha

  5. Stanley Maximum says:

    Yes I agree! And I’m glad they are actively working to fix this!

  6. Ted M says:

    Jaboukie is so cute!

  7. bollagurl says:

    I thought you had to take civics, then again I went to an expensive white private school.

  8. OneAndOnlyTyker says:

    This t shirt thooooooooo!!!! #wantone 🇹🇹

  9. leprechaunluck24 says:

    I never had civic class. It’s bullshit

  10. Rebecca Meyer says:

    Wait….there is such thing as a civics class? My 26 year old brain has been wasted away

  11. Agustina F says:

    This explains a lot about the us

  12. RYAN M says:

    Where did Jabuki get the White shirt from?

  13. Meredith Stuart says:

    Thank you Chuck Shumer

  14. Veronica Maddox says:

    THIS MANS JUST SAID KONY2020 ;alksg;laisg;oisjdg

  15. BlackPiano says:

    We had Civics classes in middle and high school in Scottsdale, AZ. I never thought there were schools that didn’t have this. 🤭 I just thought the people that didn’t know things simply didn’t know because they CHOSE to be ignorant; like the people that refuse to read or watch any news or more than one news source.

  16. Isaac Rowebotham says:

    I absolutely hate this correspondent, he comes across as a pretentious douche.

  17. Ngasiirwe Katushabe says:

    0:43: You smell old?😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  18. Colleen Kelly says:

    I have been asked FIVE TIMES "did you drive here?" (from Australia). And the last person was the lady who runs the UPS/Fedex store in Roanoke VA. You sure need more than just civics you lot!

  19. Colleen Kelly says:

    Jaboukie Young-White rocks!

  20. nathan neo says:

    Is he a gay?

  21. Cara Crabtree says:

    American education, other than if you're wealthy, generally get a very limited education. Most schools prioritize studies toward the standardized tests, because that's their funding. Some countries don't allow private schools and all are equal, so the wealthier citizens want the schools to do well, and looks as if it worked anyway, all get quality education regardless if income at home. They all go to school together, and in turn when get out in the world, most aren't as willing to screw over their less wealthy schoolmates they've grown up with.

  22. freedom1234573 says:

    Maybe if we had a civics class, the women down the street with 4 kids by 3 different baby daddies, a food stamp card, a Medicaid card, 3 brothers in jail and a raging opioid addiction she can’t get treatment for, wouldn’t be a proud republican. #voteyourinterests

  23. Tyrone biggums says:

    Now I understand Americans. They don't teach you civics. 🙄. So how would you know, how government work?

  24. TNM001 says:

    why would the state teach you how it works? it operates as it does because you don't know how it works. all you have to do is make a cross on some paper every x-years depending on what you liked on TV more.

    also, taxes…why should you know how to do them? there is an industry living off of you not knowing. also, that way they charge you whatever…good luck fighting it.

    c'mon, go with the flow ppl, this is how it's supposed to work. don't fight it.

  25. Aidan Fitzpatrick-O'Neill says:

    "Why not sue a state everyone hates, like New Jersey?"

    As I live in New Jersey, I am dying from this.

  26. Reshma P M says:

    Civics is literally the most boring subject why would anyone want it

  27. Dario Hall says:

    This is fucking cringe, fire this fool.

  28. Samantha Ly says:

    So did anyone else notice that Jaboukie left his rainbow unicorn binder under the desk at 5:01?

  29. Rin Rin says:

    Wow just wow.

  30. Liz C says:

    all Americans are loosing meaningful education- we're money driven, which means dumbing down a slave work force- wage earners- (the majority of citizens) to make the wealthy wealthier

  31. Linda Moore says:

    We called the class Government

  32. oOCielito LindoOo says:

    I wanted to pay attention to this, but like I saw the Dominican Republic flag in the background and that was it for me❤️❤️

  33. Amira Aderibigbe says:

    I'll be honest I didn't know what a civics class was I'm from rhode island I guess it shows lol

  34. Bradley Bruvva says:

    Those kids look older than him lol.

  35. Izzy Woods says:

    Every year I work my local and every four years, national elections. Last election I was eating outside during my break and I overheard 2 young ladies joking on their way into the building,

    Girl 1: I’m totally voting for Trump
    Girl 2: That would be so funny!
    Girl 1: I know right!
    Girl 2: I should do it too! I mean, it’s not like our votes make any real difference anyways

    🤦🏽‍♀️wouldve loved to talk some sense into them but we cant talk about the candidates 100ft within the polling location

  36. Billie Eilish Snactched My Wig says:

    Did he just say #kony2020 hahaha
    Also I love Ahmed's painted nails

  37. stelanie28 says:

    Wow. This is why I got the middle school students on, but since it did not help with test scores I was asked to stop.

  38. Scott says:

    So if the Supreme Court said that everyone has an equal right to education does that mean that they have a right to equal funding? I mean how can education be equal if schools are funded differently and have different budgets?

  39. Keyshla Hernandez says:

    So that is why Trump won in 2016!

  40. J Globetrotter says:

    I recently came across a Republican complaining about the "socialism" being taught in schools and colleges. They said (paraphrasing) "so many classes are brainwashing students with socialism, like social studies and sociology."
    I weep for humanity when grown adults think social studies and sociology are "socialism" just because the words sound slightly similar.

    Just to be clear, social studies has four main parts: civics, history, geography, and economics. And sociology is literally the study of human society.

  41. vanessa alicea says:

    Hasan Minhaj? Is that you?

  42. Just Beyond The Corner Productions says:

    You don't have CSPE, Jesus Christ, this explains so much

  43. Gitanzali Wagh says:

    A super power, the oldest democracy and does not teach quality civics. How can it happen? No wonder, people like trump and republicans, who deny civil rights to their citizens are elected in the position of power.

  44. Adel The Kid says:

    What is civics?

  45. Paul Thompson says:

    The kids get it social media is not civics

  46. Lennyy15 says:

    "Chuck Schumer is not gonna like that" lmaoooooo

  47. Kat Soriano says:

    Jaboukie is single handedly carrying the daily show on his back

  48. Phoenix Uprising says:

    #WOKE Boom!! Civics!! Stay woke, ya.

  49. KawaiiNaeNae says:

    I took civics when I was a freshman in high school and I didn’t learn shit! I learned everything when I graduated! 😂😂😅

  50. tanya says:

    I had civics from grade 6 to grade 10. And I am sure we were taught more about American polity than Americans. We had en entire class about the American Constitution in my law school. Which was in India.

  51. nathan alvarado says:

    That guy has a stupid name

  52. ziggurat sauce says:

    Bro we are teens

  53. kiliyah perry says:

    "You look old as fuck" lmao

  54. DeRp Geez says:

    conservatives: tHere's tOo ManY lEfTist sChoOl teAchErS 'dOctRinatin tHe kIdS

    but in reality, kids are growing smarter, more confident and more capable at learning critical thinking and self-reflection – despite the failing ed. system.
    I hope they win their case!

  55. thegazette says:

    American students are requesting that their institutions educate them. Wow, America.

  56. K Wilson says:

    No one will give you the education needed to overthrow them

  57. Tia's Tips says:

    Many of our leaders count on the upcoming and previous generations not knowing the ins and outs of their basic governmental functions. Lord knows they count on them not knowing their rights. I am glad that Florida is one of the states that teaches Civics and US Government as courses.

  58. petite etoile says:

    I never could figure out why civic education wasn't required. I think knowing the laws of your country and your rights and limitations far exceeds the importance or learning the square root of the weight of the sun

  59. Danni Wills says:

    "Thank you for teaching me…. that I'm dumb."

  60. Dragon1717 says:

    Too many uneducated people is how we got Cortez and Bernie Sanders. These classes are definitely needed.

  61. Oussama Khallouki says:

    Btw is it really hard to pronounce Ahmed for you guys?? Way different than Akmed!

  62. NJ Kunene says:

    Very interesting

  63. Rukmani Sindhu Thangam says:

    Jaboukie screaming “I’m not old” is a mood

  64. Greg K says:

    An educated electorate is the best vaccine against Trumpism and populism in general.

  65. Lashba Lettlegale says:

    What are civics lol

  66. Carly Ferdman says:

    Jaboukie is hilarious. I can't tell how much is this is scripted.

  67. 5687 5687 says:

    What did jersey do😭😭

  68. Paarth Vader says:

    jaboukie is amazing!!!

  69. T Gray says:

    True. Graduated in 1972, kids now learn next to nothing. Sad speaking with too many college students, who are very unaware. Also I would like to know who would give this a thumbs down?

  70. Jeff says:

    good work i was talking with friends that are teachers and brought this up. We need civics in our schools

  71. PoeticZee says:

    Me and Jaboukie are actually both early twenties and I have friends kicking 27 that look younger than these kids. Lol besides that they make a good point. I was saying this same shit in highschool. We need to learn more about civics!

  72. Celia Marie says:

    My school doesn’t even have a civics class 🙄 The closest we have at my high school is AP Government and this year that class had like 12 students

  73. Ethan Blake says:

    New Jersey is the butt of the joke again… 🙁 We're not that bad

  74. Gabrielle Gibson says:

    Oh hey Prov! This is my city. I’m so proud of the youth!

  75. Night Cat says:

    TBH I didn't know what civics are until I watched this. I'm 23 so obviously this want taught to me

  76. Peter Pretzington says:

    This video was jaboukis funniest hahahaha

  77. Jennifer Isaacs says:

    Many that passed high school don't understand checks and balances, and are also scientifically illiterate ( not understanding climate change exists, vaccines do not cause autism, earth is round and other things of STEM).

  78. Tayet4Buri says:

    He loved saying "Class dismissed."

  79. Anisa Romano says:

    I just want to know what the hell high school in Rhode Island that was. RI is one of the whitest states out there!

  80. Time pictures- IC says:

    Indian enters

    We Civics education from 6 th standard

  81. SHOW OFF TV says:

    If somebody don't give
    Jaboukie an award, man…

  82. Alexandre Goncalves says:

    I don’t get it, he wants kids to know more about Honda civics?

  83. dayrohan says:

    50% of Americans can't named all 3 branches…! 😨

  84. gcboy16 says:

    Love these kids they need to teach civics

  85. Alcor Astraea says:

    Wow i remember during highschool, civic was my favourite subject. We would have political debate in class and model United Nations. It was so fun. I never knew Americans lacked basic education like that

  86. Luísa GF says:

    I have a lot of friends who don't care about politics and it's soooo frustrating! I'm glad that at least there is some hope for civics classes in this country

  87. EnerGizer says:

    why do you need to file a lawsuit to get anything done in america?

  88. Shawn&Inna Barrett says:

    nap echA tA /LA



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    can't remove people hu already established here kids go to school help them fill in paperwork and settle them especially those hu came over years hep to adjust status Azerwize is legalizing looting by government horrible practices. 

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  89. Annie R says:

    My school doesn’t have a formal full year civics class but it does have a mandatory half year of us gov and half year of economics and you can opt to take it ap. The problem with a mandatory full year is you can’t opt to take the ap alternative and it would be silly to take that and a year of civics because it would clog up already cramped schedules.

  90. Dalden's Destinations. says:

    Wait,you don't have civics? I've been reading that shit for the last 5 years.Wtf?

  91. All InOne says:

    She tells him he looks "old AF" but….he looks younger than she does. I'm hoping that was a joke the TDS staff told them to say.

  92. Emma Hanlon says:

    Yeah Rhode Island! Wish they were doing this when I was in high school. I would have taken that class

  93. Persvades says:

    The high schoolers look older than him lol!!

  94. Teryna Mack says:

    Uh they need to offer mandatory Civics classes for adults, I’d rather have that then jury duty. Also they need to have this in middle schools and maybe elementary

  95. Kabliahk says:

    Doing my taxes for the first time on my own was the single most stressful part of my year because I didnt know what to do, where to go, who to go to, ect.

    Luckily my stepdad came in to teach me, but that stuff should REALLY be taught in school

  96. Kyle Brown says:


  97. PogieJoe says:

    Jaboukie is the young (17-year-old) blood that you needed on this show.

  98. Josh Lobsenz says:

    RGB: Ruth Gader Binsburg

  99. Jon Philspector says:

    This guy is so irritating…I love it !

  100. alyisdead says:

    I’m a dumbo too

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