Rigorous Online Degrees | Online Learning at CUNY SPS

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Rigorous Online Degrees | Online Learning at CUNY SPS

So there’s this myth that online learning is easy. And while there’s definitely an ease in being able to wear your pajamas at home when you complete your coursework or go into your local Starbucks with your laptop it is in no way easy. I mean okay, yeah, it’s more flexible than a traditional degree program. But I mean that’s a good thing. That’s what professionals need. Especially someone like me. I work full time. So the time and energy that you’re gonna put into your coursework, your class participation, your projects, and your tests are proof positive is how challenging an online degree program can be. But they’re designed to be the way on purpose. The whole point of going to school and getting a degree is to learn something. And CUNY SPS ensure that their students learn. And I can take my diploma and I can get a job afterwards. I can take one of Soma and I can apply to graduate school and I can be confident in the degree and education that I get at CUNY SPS.

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