Roaster School Online – Ep #5 – Holiday Blends


Roaster School Online – Ep #5 – Holiday Blends

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6 thoughts on “Roaster School Online – Ep #5 – Holiday Blends”

  1. Elmer Merlos says:

    you guys are amazing! thanks for the info

  2. Mike Stasiak says:

    I'm ready for some "fruit cake" blend

  3. 50 cent's Financial Advisor says:

    how would you make a "blend"? Do you still roast the beans separately and then mix them in a grinder?

  4. Daniel Busch says:

    Hello guys! I’m from Brasil and I have some questions.
    I saw this episode more than 3 times.
    My question is.
    – you say the “Brazilian coffee” like Brazil was a small producer country, do you try coffees of different regions of Brazil?

    I’m a huge fan of your job. I hope to see you once in my life

  5. Idcoffeelab says:

    Education education and education! Thanks guys!!!! Just one thing, the moisture of coffee is around 8.5-12% ( not 14% ). To avoid bacterial and mold.

  6. Agustin Bettolo says:


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