Robstown HS student makes history with college associates degree before high school diploma


Robstown HS student makes history with college associates degree before high school diploma

Chris 6:00 News at 5:00 continues welcome back everyone here’s an inspirational story after a lot of hard work a ton of dedication and many sleepless nights a student at Rob’s Towns Early College High School is making history Chris six news reporter Ashley Portillo heads to the classroom for the answers in one week 17 year old AJ Boneta will walk across the big stage but it’s not for his high school diploma that comes in May next week he gets his associates degree in science and liberal arts from Del Mar College it’s pretty crazy you know I’ve been working for it for a long time but another day is coming it’s it still doesn’t feel real AJ began preparing for his degree as a student in junior high that’s where he took pre AP classes classes that prepare students for college level classes it was something no one at his school had ever done it was really tough it was scary I was 14 years old I was a kid but AJ was up for the challenge the longest time I’ve always tried to push myself to be the best like in everything I do AJ continued working toward that degree in high school beginning his freshman year he took dual credit classes through the Robstown Early College High School dual credit program at Del Mar College taught by teachers like Miss ELISA Devin doll he is always making sure he gets all of his work done he’s working super hard to just do the best that he can the school’s dual credit program gives students like AJ a head start in their college career and I’m gonna be a step ahead of everybody else because now I have an advantage going into my future years because of his hard work AJ will be the first student from Robstown Early College High School and to the community to graduate with his associate’s degree before he gets his high school diploma I overcame all the obstacles in my way made a lot of sacrifices but it was definitely worth it and now AJ has his eyes set on the future attending Texas A&M University a college station where he will major in chemical engineering ashle Portillo Chris 6:00 news it’s a big time degree AJ’s graduation ceremony to receive the associate’s degree is next Thursday at the American bank sitter by the way AJ saved nearly $48,000 in college tuition by taking the dual credit classes congratulations AJ

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  1. Charles Santee says:

    great academic achievement.

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