Royal School of Needlework Online Learning – Introduction to Blackwork


Royal School of Needlework Online Learning – Introduction to Blackwork

I’m Helen McCook and I’m a Tutor here at the
Royal School of Needlework. I’m here to start you on a journey into the wonderful world of Blackwork embroidery. Blackwork is a counted embroidery technique which is stitched on evenweave fabric,
traditionally using black thread. It has a rich history dating back
to the sixteenth century and even earlier when it was used to embellish fine clothing.
Blackwork remains as relevant today as contemporary needlework designers start to rediscover
age-old patterns and techniques extending into creating beautiful pieces of modern Blackwork. The Royal School of Needlework is an international centre of excellence dedicated to maintaining
embroidery traditions and making hand embroidery accessible to all. Thousands of people visit
our headquarters at Hampton Court Palace each year to learn a wide range of techniques and
now our Online Courses make our world-class teaching experiences available to students
from the comfort of home no matter what your location. The design we’ll create in this course introduces a range of different Blackwork stitches. You’ll learn patterns such as
octagonal star, rounded eyelet, honeycomb, waffle and more. We’ll start right at the beginning and
cover all the basics so even a beginner can achieve spectacular results. Through exclusive videos and step-by-step instructions you’ll create your own Blackwork piece, learning all the stitches and techniques you need for success. Work at your own pace, watch the
videos as often as you want and connect with other students on the course. Here at the
Royal School of Needlework we’ve taken this popular course online so that it’s even easier
for you to start to learn Blackwork.

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