Ruff Life on Campus


Ruff Life on Campus

(light dramatic music) – This is Laurel. She’s a silly, sassy
Black Labrador Retriever who loves to play fetch outside and she definitely snores louder than any person I’ve ever heard before. Laurel is my guide dog that I received from the Guide Dog Foundation. I was born with Leber’s
congenital amaurosis, which is a rare retinal disease. I’m color blind and sensitive to light, and I also have tunnel
vision in my right eye, and no useful vision in my left eye. Prior to having Laurel I was at the mercy of using a white cane, which was not fun. Laurel was trained by a
student at a university. Having a guide dog allows
me to be independent, and have a companion that
I can trust to be my eyes when I’m not able to see my surroundings. – This is Rudy. He’s a guide dog in training here at the University of Maryland, and I’m his puppy raiser. A puppy raiser is a volunteer who receives a puppy an raises them until they’re about 16 to 18 month old and the primary role of a puppy raiser, is to expose the dog to as
many different environments so that they’re comfortable
in those environments and teach them basic commands. – So let’s go ahead and start off with a little bit of obedience. And put your dog in a heel. – [Puppy Raiser] We bring
our dogs to a public place, such as a mall, an outside venue somewhere, stores, and we teach simple obedience commands. – [Trainer] Very good! – We currently have 22
puppies being raised on the University of Maryland campus. The University of Maryland
is such a great place to train future guide dogs
because there’s buses, there’s cars, there’s people going by, so when they go out and they’re really
working in the real world, nothing fazes them after
being on such a busy campus. – Laurel definitely sees working as a game that’s she’s winning. And she definitely enjoys it. She gets a lot of praise when she works and does a good job. She helps me get to the store. She makes sure that we
cross the street safely. She makes sure that we
avoid any obstacles. When we get to the store, she helps me navigate the aisles and then as soon as I
tell her to find home, she is able to bring me back home safely. When I hear about people, specifically students, taking
time out of their lives to train a guide dog puppy, it warms my heart and I’m so thankful for those people in these programs that help individuals like me, live a completely different life.

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