Rumba – Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School – Free


Rumba – Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School – Free

Rumba is perhaps the most
simple flamenco style. It’s 4 / 4, and is the form
that influenced the most music around the world… Rumba is quite similar to tangos, the
accentuation is the same, only that rumba is faster, and it has the snares, that
break the beat, where the tangos had the kicks. While on
the first beat, there is a kick, in most of the cases. Although is the simplest form to assimilate,
to play a good rumba groove takes some time and practice. Rumba is
probably the most variated flamenco form, and there is like 50 different
patterns and ways to play it. As time goes by, and you master more and more flamenco techniques, you’ll probably get to create your own patterns. So, let’s analyze all rumba grooves. “Los Rumberos” all over Spain,
play many street rumba patterns, traditionally with “wrist rasqueo” and
with “golpes”. Some of which you probably already know, they made Spanish guitar
what it is today. On the street, conditions are terrible sometimes. It’s difficult to hear the guitar, so this savage, gypsy way of playing, is sometimes
the only option there is. So, since the gypsies use it just when they wish to fill the harmonic
background, I’ll just play it as an information at this point… So, h ere it is, like a true “Rumbero”. “Los Rumberos” are street musicians, that
go around playing rumbas, predominantly… You will probably reach the point, at
which you can create your own version of a similar rumba pattern. That’s why we
should start with this, slightly more complex groove, that uses the thumb and
the index finger, for basses and the harmony notes, separately… This way of playing, although it’s a bit more difficult, will
keep your right hand – always at the best possible place, so you can progress and
play more elaborate “falsetas”. The thumb plays the base note of the chord, on the first beat, with straight “apoyando”, and then, the rest of the fingers
continue the… So, try putting the whole rumba
pattern slowly together, with all the elements that we mentioned. Whenever you feel like it, change from “finger rasqueo” to the “wrist rasqueo” and vice versa. Of course, the rumba can vary a lot. And the repeating segment can get to be much smaller. The world of percussion sounds, that can
be produced o n the guitar, is immense. Hitting the strings with fingertips
close to the bridge, makes a specific “low kick” kind a sound. But also, there’s a
whole spectrum of percussive sounds, that can be produced on the guitar. Until you start creating rumba patterns like this yourself, let’s look at this intricate style of
playing a bit more closely. There is a kick like golpe on the first beat.. When the grove picks up tempo, the rumba groove played in “diminution”, would have just two beats. It’s very often used gypsy playing style… We can observe that the whole right hand
has to start opening sooner, – actually on the last stroke,
with thumb up, so that the open palm… Among the artists in flamenco, a very specific term is used for someone’s rumba playing quality. They say “si tiene aire, o no tiene aire”. Which literally means, “if it has the air”, but it refers to that specific light-filing that rumba rhythm should have. It should be clear, precise and strong, but it has to keep the transparency and lightness, since it
should imitate the waves of the sea… So, play with “aire”, and I wish you
good wind… – HOLE…!!!

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