Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line


Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line

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100 thoughts on “Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line”

  1. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    Don’t forget to grab our new MERCH before it sells out HERE ▶️ 💋's – Bailey

  2. kimberly torres says:

    everyone just loves bailey!! (when she got the sign, ice cream cone and fruit roll up)

  3. Alicia Lynn says:

    Them eyelashes are not real

  4. Salty Spill says:

    Omg I am crying😭😭 y’all live so in The same city as me I am such a huge fan and my mom works at an apartment complex and this mans daughter that goes to Baylor is friend with yall😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Mathew Rademacher says:

    Do you feel like a superstar?

  6. mhd doni says:

    hi brother

  7. Lol Munira 7 says:

    Has anyone notice that all the schools they went to seem like the schools in the movies lol

  8. Rice Tales says:

    Wait why did Brooklyn run the freshman line and bailey ran the senior line????

  9. Beautiful Disaster says:

    i just ordered two of your mascaras! i’m really hoping i love them! your lashes always look amazing 😍

  10. reid johnson says:

    Go frogs!!!

  11. MC TaeTae says:

    stuff like this makes me kinda wish I went to a regular college rather than an art one :/

  12. Kaelyn Bernethy says:

    yall did brooklyn dirty with that thumbnail 😂

  13. Diamond_420 says:

    I just stumbled across your guys channel again, I remember when you guys were barely 15 and now your in college like what ? I missed so much but I hope you guys are doing well 💗💗💗💗

  14. Brian Dauenhauer says:

    Baylor university has a team full of rapist

  15. Blanca Onofre says:

    Does this collage in TX

  16. Morgan Meadows says:

    How is it her first and last time

  17. Sophia says:

    I know they’re twins but brooklyn looks freakishly like her mom 😂

  18. Nikki Dutt says:

    I just got accepted to Baylor today! Should I go? I'm so conflicted. I really loved the campus when I visited but idk.

  19. Itz Trijae says:

    I got to see the bears Joy and Lady

  20. Itz Trijae says:

    I saw them today for national history day

  21. Itz Trijae says:

    I didn't know you guys had things like Chick filet and I lived visiting the Mayborn museum I wish I could have saw u today

  22. Abby Horton says:

    9:16 peep the guy in the back😂

  23. Beautifxlly Enchanted says:

    Are you 18?

  24. Leena Drissi says:

    u are the best

  25. Grace Jones says:

    the quarter back for baylor used to go to my school & him and my brother are friends!!! 💚💛

  26. Leah Beckwith says:

    My college doesn’t have a football team it’s kinda sad but we have the Cleveland browns stadium close to our campus

  27. Carolyn Chen says:

    lol the guys face at 9:10

  28. Kaleb DeLeon says:

    I went to the game

  29. D'Aiuto Family says:


  30. Bethany Olson says:

    My freshman year was Floyd Casey's last year and on our last game, the seniors at the front dropped down to trip everyone as a prank and caused a major pile up. A lot of us got trampled bad. I ended up going to the ER the next day cause it messed up my neck. And that game was freezing! But we kicked UTs butt and it was awesome.

  31. Kairin Katji says:

    The guy at 9:12 killed😂😂😂

  32. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    GO TCU!!!!!!

  33. CHANLIN SMITH says:

    I plan to apply to Baylor. Because it’s close to home and for many other reasons. Now I have something to look forward to.

  34. Gamergirl8259w Games says:

    Brooklyn: I have homework to do in the morning…. well that’s fun
    Me: said no one ever
    Anyway I love you guys so so much……
    Hit that like button if you agree

  35. Addison Thomas says:

    2:58 savage

  36. Pirice Popsicles says:

    Hi!such a big fan of you guys.

  37. Bryar Hlavac says:

    Did you guys see the guy at 9:18

  38. It’s just me :p says:

    Baylor sucks 🍑🍑

  39. Jilly Hargrave says:

    I was AT Baylor on THIS day visiting my best friends and we didn’t go to the game because the tickets got too expensive but now I WISH we would have gone.

  40. Kylie Shumake says:

    haha my family founded TCU thats funny. My uncle is on the board of Alumni.

  41. Bailey Final says:


  42. Blive says:

    I was at that game 😂

  43. shahzad nawaz says:

    All beautifull girls so cute I LIKE it

  44. Zjuane Hindby says:

    Omg that looks so fun!!!!!😂😂🎉

  45. Gracia says:

    This looks Incredibly fun 😭 one thing I love about American College culture! The U.K. is so boring there’s literally nothing like this 😂😭💔

  46. Aishah Johnson says:

    We’re y’all in Waco tx

  47. Emma Dudley says:

    I would really love to meet y’all one day

  48. Mary Poppins says:

    When do the seniors do the run when you aren’t playing tcu at home since I’m assuming it alternates every year

  49. Hilary Batista says:

    Guys please make a video on your freshman year at Baylor overall and tips for people who might possibly go there! Love y’all!💕

  50. Hannah Elizabeth says:

    Omg. I LIVE in Texas. Im going to Baylor Bandcamp this year

  51. Donavan Johnson says:

    My step sister graduated from Baylor University. Go Bears

  52. _Cuurrlly.head._Ke says:

    Omg Baylor is my dream school, and to see y’all go there and I can see the experience is truly inspiring. I hope you have a great time at Baylor.🤗🥰

  53. Musical GachaKat says:

    Lol I’m rewatching and lol 10:41 the guys face as he stares at the camera

  54. Angela Garris says:

    Me and my friend wanna go there

  55. Kazza Kadman says:

    4:40 when you spray a wasp's nest 😂

  56. Veronica Vazquez says:

    So your school is in Waco,Texas?

  57. Abby G says:

    I’m from NewZealand I have no idea what their one about in the start lmao

  58. mr. salsa says:

    I took a field trip there last month it's actually a cool place

  59. Lisa Colon says:

    I was there for my field trip I live in Salado

  60. Lisa Colon says:

    I wish I saw you at the football stadium April 9th that’s when I went there

  61. Rose says:

    Whoa America is so different from europe

  62. tiffany nguyen says:

    9:13 😂😂😂 that Asian boy in the back though. LOL

  63. Kaylee Kluge says:

    I still love y’all but I’m team tcu

  64. Zoe Grace Kelley says:

    I feel like u guys shouldn't have gotten homework if the game was going to be that kate

  65. Madeleine Mott says:

    I know that I’m a loser because I’m super late watching this but I saw the brush Brooklyn had at the beginning of the video and I have that exact same brush. Just thought it was cool. Sorry for my awkwardness. 😝

  66. vanessa tavares says:

    anybody else see that poor guy on crutches?

  67. Luísa Lopes says:

    How old are you two?

  68. Stephanie Torres says:

    It si weird to see the things i see everyday lol i live where tgey live in waco

  69. Latte Sunday says:

    Baylor girls basketball won in like the championships right?

  70. Brittany Bradford says:

    Me: listens to video while trying to draw
    Bailey: Okay guys so I got a casualty
    Me:*drops pencil and stares at screen*
    Brooklyn: Bailey got scratched!
    Me: phew! nobody died or broke anything! We're good.
    Lol! love you guys! Keep up the great work! ❤❤

  71. Jacob Chaplin says:

    This is going to be a great season for Baylor football, I can feel it!

  72. Emily Alvarez says:

    The guy at 9:13 😂😂 like I see you filming 😂

  73. Raquel Navas says:

    You guys need to stay away from the football team/players.

  74. Kayley Dyszelski says:

    I’m from Wisconsin where our NFL team is the Packers (green and gold) 💚💛 and our rival is the bears. So it’s weird seeing green and gold be the bears lol. ❌

  75. Lydia Jagger says:

    I have been completely binging these college episodes. I ❤️ them😍

  76. Ava Nolan says:

    Imagine going to college and just having your parents show up every time there's some kind of event. LMAO

  77. MBM Happy says:

    I was thereee

  78. loonarmyluvieonceblinks follow me says:

    why does the students flooding the field look like the scene in bee movie where theyre trying to land the plane

  79. John Maggard says:

    Sic’em bears

  80. Tammy Ayala says:

    I have always wanted to go to Baylor!

  81. Alexis Zumbuehl says:

    Is no one else gonna talk about the guy who intentionally staredd into the camera the whole time 🤣🤣 anyways I wish to meet y'all one day y'all seem so sweet and we live in the same city 😣

  82. Ashton Kiser says:

    did anybody notice 9:10 the guy looking in the camera lol

  83. Lovely Monday says:

    9:15 that guy in the back though.

  84. Itss JoyBoy says:

    I went to visit this college and I love it and me and joy the bear have the same name

  85. Itss JoyBoy says:

    It’s like I stepped in the same spot that Brooklyn and Bailey did

  86. Anneke M says:

    My cousin goes to Baylor rn

  87. sunshinechimmy says:

    ahh im applying to BU rn and im so nervous haha but the Baylor line was one of the things that drew me in, it looks like so much fun

  88. Jessie Goss says:

    That was powerful looked like to me. So many people. Great video ladies.

  89. Mac Scroggins says:

    ou is about to work y’all…

  90. Anna Tate says:

    My cousin goes to Baylor

  91. LOL PANDA'S says:

    You are the best

  92. LOL PANDA'S says:

    Love y'all

  93. Megan Ja says:

    Baylor's getting some rly nice advertising from them

  94. Orlyn Quiroz says:

    Hey i went to the baylor game on nov 5 2019 tusday My school my is brook avenue elementary in i am and 4th can you come plz waco school do you go to the games baylor basketball gamem it fun


    Baylor Bears National Champions 2020
    Love that tradition you guys have created. The best in the country.

  96. Jennyy 1234 says:

    Do you guys plan on partying during college🔥

  97. Alia Cuevas says:

    I love a Baylor and I want to go there when I grow up

  98. Ryan Maki says:

    Sic’em bears big Baylor fan

  99. Kristie Smith says:

    My cousin goes to that same school HE RAN WITH THEM

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