Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts And Co-Stars Talk Roger Ailes Series, ‘The Loudest Voice’ | TODAY


Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts And Co-Stars Talk Roger Ailes Series, ‘The Loudest Voice’ | TODAY

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42 thoughts on “Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts And Co-Stars Talk Roger Ailes Series, ‘The Loudest Voice’ | TODAY”

  1. Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh says:

    Gretchen is incredibly brave!

  2. magna czagany says:

    Russel is such a handsome guy, he needs to lose all this extra weight. Great actor, storyteller, don’t accept to be the fat guy on set. There is life after divorce !!!

  3. SHB says:

    seth always with a cup in hand

  4. 1:3:1C says:

    Many thanks for sharing it 🌹❣️🌹❣️🌹❣️🌹❣️🌹❣️

  5. A rose aroma's sweet breaths air with tenderness says:

    ❤️wow hoping we can watch it also in Mexico ❤️ thanks for having it posted ❤️

  6. yahia_90 says:

    Did he give you any 😅

  7. lyric video says:

    Hi Noah .. I always pray for you, hopefully always healthy .😫😥😥😣

  8. Chelsea Dee says:

    Why didn’t they just higher an older actor verses a younger one that you have to do a bunch of makeup on?

  9. Micha-EL KURT W says:

    thats john goodman no russell crowe

  10. Bill Conger says:

    Lol.. endless commie hit pieces.

  11. Jon Rickter says:

    " remarkable and Disturbing story"… G-d the judementalness is like a 13 year old school girl from the left. Characterizations are for small one dimensional people.

  12. Genevieve Marie says:

    Sienna Miller is stunning! Hard to imagine that Jude Law was cheating on her with some plain Jane!

  13. Funk O'Matic says:

    roger aisles worked for an a movie bout him star two Aussie actors… 😄

  14. Scott William says:

    Fox News = fake racist fascist nazi network

  15. Margo says:

    I don't like staying in hotels either. I wonder if I could crash on Naomi's couch whenever I come to NY. ✌️

  16. Dolena Robinson says:

    this story told the truth about how people can be trained to believe lies and are still being told lies wake up FOX does not report on facts

  17. MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr says:

    Americas media crossed the line my entire life. I was tortured since three years old. I wish I was never born.

  18. Mike Killagreen says:

    Russell actually stayed for this interview.

  19. Brendan '76 says:

    Hate piece against roger and fox

  20. Jim Jam says:


  21. C K says:

    Yikes…. what happened to Russel? Look at his waist!

  22. Bobby Brady says:

    Another foreigner wrongly being given an American acting job by anti-American left wing Hollywood. Disgusting, and disgusting that they can get away with do so.

  23. AlDelVex says:

    Born in New Zealand in ‘64 a hot headed actor named Russell Crowe he likes to act but he likes one thing more fighting around the world he fights his directors and he fights his fans it’s a problem no one understands if it’s two things he loves doing it’s fighting and fighting around the world making movies making music and fighting around the world! Russell Crowe!

  24. sbtopjosh says:

    This series is the best!!

  25. Dean Ruttenbur says:

    Of course they are gonna do a hit piece on fox. Every other news organization is liberal , wouldn't want to offend.

  26. Boost Lee says:

    great series so far

  27. John Smith says:

    Who will be playing the various characters in the movie about NBC's own MeToo problems?

  28. Michael T says:

    Seth McFarlane is so talented. There is a YT video of him drawing a quick doodle of Brian and autographing it for a fan.

  29. Luke Good says:

    The series is a MASSIVE propaganda piece, anti-republican , anti-Trump, anti-truth. I would advise everyone to watch the Utube vids with Roger's former colleagues, one that is featured on the show. They give the other side of the story. Its best to digest all sides of the story when such accusations are being made about a person who can't defend himself. The channel is Lacorte News, created by a former employee of Fox during the era referred to in the series.

  30. JessyJ318 says:

    Love Seth but can he do an interview without a cup?!

  31. Lizanne Whitlow says:

    I did not recognize Sienna for weeks. This program is incredible because it’s teaching me, and hopefully others, the origin of this frightful network that has in effect divided the nation. Rupert recognized the danger but let Roger go free.

  32. plmvirginiauva says:

    This happens in all news rooms whether it's Fox, MSNBC, or CNN. Funny how they will never do a show about the other channels.

  33. NOT YOU says:

    Russell Crowe is looking alot like John Goodman these days.

  34. Free Gov't from Wall St! says:

    Seth is an excellent actor! We need to see more of him in other roles. Ailes single-handedly discredited the entire media empire by not investing in "trustworthy" talking heads like a Walter Cronkite, instead hiring eye candy. Now people go to alternative news sites and share articles. Social media killed the MSM star.

  35. Free Gov't from Wall St! says:

    Kudos to Gretchen Carlson for initiating the Me Too Movement. It's juvenile and unprofessional to have to deal with in any industry. This series reveals the many facets of our corporate media crisis today.

  36. Free Gov't from Wall St! says:

    Communication airwaves are public domain and should not have been privatized. Libertarians and the neoliberal neo-nazi's want to own everything. They call that FREEDOM. Economic freedom at the expense of social freedom is totalitarianism. Neoliberals ARE Neo-Nazi's because they also do not believe in elective government. That's why corporate media reduces the political system to mere entertainment.

    "Nazi forces are not seeking mere modifications in colonial maps or in minor European boundaries. They openly seek the destruction of all elective systems of government on every continent-including our own; they seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers who have seized power by force. These men and their hypnotized followers call this a new order. It is not new. It is not order." ~ FDR

  37. saveangel says:

    Geez you guys stop fat shaming Russell

  38. ابو طلال says:

    مسلسل جميل جدا 😴🔥

  39. ann marie buscema says:

    We get the series in the UK September 5th can't wait

  40. Robert Jones says:

    Will this series be available on DVD ?

  41. La Donna Strang says:

    Crowe is playing another part. What do you want him to do; stop?

  42. 12thManInTokyo says:

    Russell Crowe should be the first actor in history to be awarded an Oscar for a TV performance

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