Saint Louis University Brewing Science and Operations Certificate

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Saint Louis University Brewing Science and Operations Certificate

What really goes into a beautiful glass
of beer, it’s science, it’s nature, it’s a little bit of art. Here at Saint Louis U
with the brewing science and operations program, we’re really trying to take the
St. Louis brewing community, the tradition and then a flourishing beer
community, put it all into the course. Saint Louis University is really a natural fit
to work with leaders in the industry to develop and deliver really a world-class
program. An entire city’s local brewing scene has partnered up with the
University to make this happen. There’s nothing else like that out there.
Brewers, owners, industry professionals, everyone came together to help create
this program. The St. Louis brewing industry has one of the deepest benches
of knowledge in the entire country. Beer’s sort of in our city’s DNA. Several
of our instructors have been in the industry for 20-plus years.
It’s a whole ‘nother level in terms of experience. With all the things that
we’ve gotten to do it feels like a community that you’re being welcomed
into. St. Louis it’s kind of magical in the way that the breweries really do
enjoy each other’s company and work together. A tremendous amount of
experience put into the classes so we’re not just speaking from a book that we
read or from a class that we took. I mean that really sets this apart.
Crafting that beautiful glass of beer as we know it.
Agricultural materials giving you that glass of beer. How do you do that? It takes a
whole lot of stuff. They’re gonna learn how to brew beer, beer styles, the
business of a brewery. It’s exciting to be a part of it just because I think our
students are gonna get so much out of it. We have very, very well designed courses
online so anybody anywhere in the world can enroll and finish the program in
just a year. Whether it’s brewery tours or coming
together and tasting each other’s beer, it’s amazing, but doing the online piece
of it it’s very engaging as well because my fellow students were very engaged in
it. Originally, when I got into the course I just literally wanted more knowledge
to sort of help me with my current job. Something that I found out about myself in the
process of taking the class, I am more passionate about it than I thought I was. My
husband I would like to own a brewery or own a tap room in the future but there
are definitely people in it that just love home brewing or just love beer. I
would recommend it, even if you don’t want to use that as a career. The
industry is booming across the country there’s, there’s new breweries opening
every day. Looking for really well-educated folks to come in and help
them out. If you’re just a home brewer who wants to be better at what you do
there’s a place for you. If you’re looking for that job in the industry, a
program like this is going to be the thing that pushes you over the edge.
It also can give graduates in the program the confidence to do this by
themselves, being able to talk holistically about the world of brewing. Today during our tastings, there’s probably
hundreds of years of experience between everyone. It’s fun to brew beer. It’s fun to drink
beer. It’s fun to get with people that also like those same things. They really
care about us, they really care about what they’re doing, so yes do it.

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