Santa Ana College Online Degree Pathway – Meet Michelle


Santa Ana College Online Degree Pathway – Meet Michelle

Part of the reason why I chose online classes
was because it gave me the ability to plan my study schedule around my busy work schedule
and busy life. I am a mother of three kids and they have
a very busy lifestyle so I have to be able to attend to that. Typically when I get home I make dinner and
then from there about four, five, six hours I am online studying, reading, doing the homework,
doing all the assignments. So, very busy. Right now I’m taking accounting 102 as well
as community studies, and then my next class is calculus, business calculus. But since it is online they’re accelerated
courses so you take two classes the first eight weeks and then the next set of classes
the next eight weeks. My benefits are the fact that I’m not having
to go to a traditional classroom and go to campus on a day-to-day basis. Like I said, I do have kids and a family that
I have to attend to, so being able to do it at home I’m able to be here physically for
my kids if anything were to happen. I have taken on-campus classes. They do take a lot more time since you’re
away from home. So, it’s more social, more interactive with
students. But online classes are the same way, the only
difference is is that your online classroom is a virtual classroom. A lot of the times you interact with the students on the discussion board so it’s kind of nice to collaborate with the students there. Some teachers are are more open to either email, I had one actual instructor professor he was open to text messaging, so if I ever had a question I just text messaged him my question and what class I was in and he responded right away. So, they’re very open. As long as you use your resources you’ll
have everything at your disposal. The only advice I would suggest is, be open to reaching out to your peers and your professors. Utilize all the resources that the school
provides you so that way you’re able to be successful in your courses. Students should know that online classes are
for people, like I said, that are self-motivated. You definitely are a person that needs to
not procrastinate and as long as you are that type of person then you’re capable of doing your best. I do move along faster in these classes because sixteen week courses are crammed into an eight week course so with that being said you’re doing, like, two chapters a week versus a chapter a week. I am looking to graduate this spring, and
transferring to Cal State Fullerton so I’m very close!

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  1. Marline Harrold says:

    Thanks heaps. <3

  2. Manuel Dircio says:

    I need to take English 103, Math 150 and maybe a history class

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