Ses 1: Introduction and Course Overview


Ses 1: Introduction and Course Overview

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82 thoughts on “Ses 1: Introduction and Course Overview”

  1. Asha Nair says:

    Just one word for this lecture: Wow!
    I'm gonna complete the course..:)

  2. _rmaze_ Quiambao says:

    \raises hand// Can I be excused? I need to go to the bathroom…

  3. Yemunn Soe says:

    What will be the maths formula for time value of money affected by volatility, inflation.

  4. Sammy Schiff says:

    Is there a way to buy this package?

  5. MrYumerican says:

    is there any way can we can get the powerpoint slides?

  6. Sorabh Manchanda says:


  7. LegendofVII says:

    love this



  9. Jason Bourne says:

    This is my girl friend's brother's laptop.God save me from poverty.

  10. K. H. says:

    wow he good..!

  11. Shahoriyer Hossain says:

    Thank u so much MIT for uploading outstanding lecture.

  12. BuPi ToysReview says:

    Congratulations nice video, creativity is extremely special

  13. San Fran says:

    the book and the problem with solution. like to stay up
    Part 1
    Part 2

  14. A V says:

    Great teacher

  15. ZenPhilosopher123 says:

    Is this part of the MSF program?

  16. Azhar Abbas says:

    He is exceptional.

  17. Olga Pashkova says:

    What an absolutely wonderful set of lectures!

  18. Durga Ambigay sivagurunathan says:

    Thanks to MIT OCW, its a great chance to listen to the MIT lecture from India. Want to learn and know more about Financial Management…in MIT.

  19. Biswajit Ghosh says:

    Thank you MIT

  20. Serious Karaoke says:

    Hello, I'm an Academic Probation Officer and have enrolled a student in this class, a Mr. J Bender, as part of his court ordered rehabilitation program. It is my job to ensure he attends class and keeps up with the coursework. If any of you witness Mr. Bender engaged in 4S behavior, please let me know.

    Oh sorry, 4S is shop talk for "Skipping Class, Sleeping in Class, Screwing Off in Class, Sass Talking in Class". You can't miss him, he's the kid with two chips on his shoulders and bad fashion sense.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  21. Standard Procedure says:

    "fine-ants" or "fin-ants" ??? VOTE !….

  22. Obey Perry says:

    Thank You MIT Sloan, Dr Lo, Dr Wang, Dr Jake Xia and the team for making this course open.

    The Finance Problems and Solution Collection:

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

  23. summer Wu says:

    Dear Andrew w. Lo, Can I get the PPT document used in the video? I am come from China, that's very hard to get some awesome courses in my daily life and these courses are so great! I want to study by myself when off work, thank you so much!

  24. Sagar Pandurangi says:

    I'm from India and I can't thank MIT & Prof Andrew Lo enough. This is such an amazing course.
    Thanks MiT OCW and Prof Andrew.

  25. Francis Osuna says:

    "Rich" = define what do you mean by "rich" to you…for the word is quite relative… ; D

  26. Francis Osuna says:

    Prof. Lo is easy to understand… sometimes I disagreed but generally fun to listen to… ; D

  27. Jingyi Jiang says:

    fabulous lecture

  28. AideyaL says:

    thank you so much for the caption 😀

  29. Dercio Silveira says:

    I love each student has cardboard name's and I loved the teacher.

  30. Mr Gunslinger says:

    Mother Theresa was literally a millionaire with hidden bank accounts that she got in trouble 😛

  31. vishal singh says:

    the course is great but why is the video quality so low ? no HD available after all its MIT the best and most well funded university in the world

  32. Paltibenlaish says:

    what happened with the 2nd auction???

  33. S Siddharth says:

    awwwsmmm professor !!!!!

  34. Sixing Hu says:


  35. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Thank you so much guys for imparting free knowledge .

  36. Jai Gohil says:

    This is awesome and Great value provided!!

  37. Cory ASMR says:

    I thought this professor was yo yo ma the professional cello player lol

  38. Prime Gaming says:

    Wonder who the 50 idiots who thumbed down are.

    Amazing lecturer, best I’ve ever seen. Especially for a relatively dull topic like finance.

  39. SpitimouVids says:

    2008… What a wild time to be teaching this

  40. shelock guan says:

    save me time and money for a MBA

  41. Jakob Schwichtenberg says:

    Did he ever explain the connection between non-negative interest rates and Special Relativity he mentions at 48:48? I searched in the transcripts for all other lectures and it seems he never mentioned Special Relativity again. Would be really interest what he had in mind when he mentioned it here and how it is related to finance.

  42. govind chugh says:

    I think what The Professor did while auctioning, was Pricing, not Valuation.

  43. Arthur Davis says:

    The mother fucker who complained about his pronunciation of finance, fuck you. I didn't even notice it before and now it bugs me hearing it.

  44. TH says:

    K guys, got 3 weeks to learn some proper Finance cause my dumb ass thought it might be a great idea to select a Finance elective as a Business Psychology lmao let's go

  45. Eduardo Almeida says:

    Things have changed since this lecture. Now matheticians can be data scientists and earn good money.

  46. deepak vaidya says:

    Robert Kiyosaki was Right , professor can't have real knowledge

  47. Jesus Gomez says:

    Fi – nance. not, fe- nance

  48. Ozymandias says:

    You took Jim’s interview. Good Job

  49. Ozymandias says:

    Why are they drinking coca cola

  50. C. NASIR says:

    I’m in love 😍 with this teacher and this class. I’m Definitely finishing this course and learning about finance

  51. Natty Lee Ankrah says:

    I wanna be in the professor's shoes now

  52. Khondaker Ahmed says:

    Oh my god! This video, the lecture content and the professor is amazing! Thank you MIT for providing such quality content! I was a math graduate with no knowledge in the business field and I am trying to get into actuary! This video helped me extremely!

  53. Ozymandias says:

    24:52 I like how the cameraman points to water

  54. John Landon Miller says:

    39:38 No, its the distinction between the derivative at a point, and the integral up to that point.

  55. lifeform carbon says:

    @ 5:00 or 6:00 through: This professor seems like a very nice guy, compassionate, seems quite knowledgeable, but apparently stuck in the world of academia – long on adjectives and short on central facts. I'm sure I'll learn a lot but not thrilled with this guy's persona – I hope I'm wrong. I suspect maybe (unlike for the physical sciences) all those who are genuinely interested in investing are out there making money. After all, how exciting could bean counting be as a discipline without being involved in applications?

  56. Valerie Price says:

    Measuring the value of a person or company's success in USD is rather like measuring the success of a person or company in the aluminum Francs issued by the Vichy government of France, or the Confederate paper notes issued by the American Confederacy. That success gets smaller with every unsecured loan written by banks in the US. Lay one cent beside $200,000,000,000,000 in consumer debt, or $22,000,000,000,000, which is the US national debt. When General Electric was worth $26 billion, a link of sausage in the grocery store was .99 cents. The exact same link of sausage now is $9.99. The reality is, the change in the value of the company reflects the willingness of financiers to destroy the very medium of exchange they are trading in. The company was worth more only because the currency became worthless, and after so many employees were fired, many fewer people could earn enough to pay $9.99 for a link of sausage. What is a link of sausage worth? I would give $9.99 in USD for it myself, but I would not take $9.99 for it. I would not accept anything but gold, silver, or diamonds in exchange for my food, because food is important. Everyone has to eat, but if I accept USD as payment, by the time I spend that USD, it will not be enough to buy a sausage link. Precious metals are a storage of lasting value, which is why states and nations have to deposite gold and silver in repositories, in order to trade in the financial markets. It's because financiers willingly destroy the value of the medium of exchange they trade in. Finance Theory really needs to progress to include the potential for destroying the value of the money those financiers are working to earn. That is the key to understanding the boom and bust business cycle.

  57. Semih Kumluk says:

    Watched the whole semester and passed my PhD Proficiency exam. Thank you professor!

  58. JP says:

    I really love this gentleman's enthusiasm. Great content so far. I'm very excited about this course!

  59. Hanna Tarek says:

    This is amazing.

  60. Naveen B says:

    "iPod for free"..holy shit….this professor is ready to give goodies to make people understand the concepts….damn

  61. alex robinson says:

    he did a podcast with barry ritholz if anyone is interested

  62. foxy yxof says:

    Error 404 brain meltdown.

  63. alex robinson says:

    jack welsh, engineer in fraud. now known as the second coming of jeff skilling

  64. K Sacred Springs says:

    I'm starting to love finance now because of this Professor. Love it!

  65. D says:

    The course says to read principles of Corporate Finance. 9th ed , Does it matter what edition we should read ? Does it have to be the 9th edition ?

  66. Mudassir Baig says:

    can i get the slides

  67. sudhir patil says:

    I haven't listened to better information put up in most precise manner than this prof-
    he is a jem of a person!

  68. Larven Karlsson says:

    Alot of bragging from the people destroying the world… Funny how he doesn't mention all the lives these "rolemodels" had to destroy to get to their riches. I guess that's an advanced course

  69. Larven Karlsson says:

    Finance is NOT physics… That statement is moronic!

  70. Larven Karlsson says:

    Mother Theresa was a monster who love to see poor people suffer… Does this professor know anything about the real world?

  71. Tess Peng says:

    Prof Lo' s teaching method in business is well prepared in full scope from history to the modern practical financial industry. Plus spice up some little small business game. That's so fascinating to listen his well round teaching…….STF……

  72. sudhir patil says:

    Just watch sirs body language- so much interested in teaching-
    he perhaps is 1 of best prof in finance fields today! Hats off-

  73. Jacob Woods says:

    Wonder what the combined net worth of that classroom looks like today…

  74. The diplomat says:

    your lectures have reached East-Africa(Somalia)…thank you for uploading this fantastic lecture with such an impressive professor

  75. Vecerrril says:

    25:04 BITCH 25 minutes late!

  76. Ahmad Shah Kabeeri says:

    Thanks from your course and your good lecture I haven't ever seen such as this gentleman lectures your lectures were and are so good thanks a million that your prepared a free course for the people that they are remote from knowledge to understand about the finance and they work in third world such as me. your are very outstanding lecturer. I wish you the best standard of living your life.

  77. Mark Andro says:


  78. Edith says:

    As someone in a professional field for 20years; it’s been a long time since a lecture got me excited. I’m going to compete his online courses.

  79. Edward Kim says:

    25:05 damnnn the girl is really late to class

  80. Bach Nguyen says:

    All I learnt is that if a professor tried to sell me an empty box, I should run up the price…

  81. Robert W Norris II says:

    Feel like I losing my Excel skills edge. DAY _ _ _ .

  82. King X KoK says:

    Negative interest rates all over Europe now :0

  83. Jagroop Dhillon says:

    Time and risk. When he mentioned that I realized I must watch the entire thing. If you trade options you know why….

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