Setting the Schedule in an Online Public School


Setting the Schedule in an Online Public School

Being in this K12-powered school has really helpedprepare me for college and beyond. Some days, I will start volunteering at the Children’s Museum and then I will go to the library to work on my school assignments and have conferences with my teachers on the material that I’m not understanding and then I go to my high school robotics team and I will just continue doing school work as I’m traveling between each of the different places. The flexibility is definitely empowering just because having the ability to set my own schedule. It helps me feel more confident to do it because also being in that top bracket, it tells me that my teachers trust me to get this done. My parents trust me to get this work done and that trust gives me the confidence to go ahead and say hey, I can do this. I actually am capable of doing this and they help me to grow because they understand that I am more than a student. These teachers understand that yes, you are a student and that comes first but you’re allowed to have a life, you’re allowed to explore different subjects. My job is to help support you and to help you understand this material and however I can help you do that, I am going to do my best to help you do that. I feel like I’ve had a lot more time for robotics, for volunteering, by participating in a K12-powered school just because of that flexibility and being able to work my schedule to suit my needs.

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