Sex Education ft. Prajakta Koli | Tarunanche Sanskar Varga | #MostlySane #VishayKhol


Sex Education ft. Prajakta Koli | Tarunanche Sanskar Varga | #MostlySane #VishayKhol

Can’t they park vehicles properly? Will you please show me condoms? Only these two flavors? Don’t you have any other flavor? Show me that orange flavor. Did you choose a subject in the college
with such an interest? What? Rs.100/-. Thank you. I am seeing this happening for the first time. This what I wanted to tell you. These small girls come to buy the things they shouldn’t. That too, at this age! Her duffer boyfriend is waiting outside. It’s just the result of their parents’ negligence. Uncle, for your information… this is a condom. While having sex… something that your eyes did as I walked in… so, while doing that this is to be worn on the penis. This generally helps to control the population… something that our generation is trying to do. My duffer boyfriend waiting outside… could even be my duffer husband. There is no need to wear a wedding necklace. I am also not going to tell you the relation between us
as you don’t have a right to know about it. Anyway, another point is that… condom helps in preventing the spread of STDs. STDs means Sexually Transmitted Diseases. For example, AIDS. Do you how did men got infected with AIDS? Long ago, somewhere in Africa, few people of your generation fucked few monkeys. Their blood contained a virus that got further spread. While being infected with that virus, they had unprotected sex, used non-sterilized needles, and so on and so forth. So, your generation gave our generation this disease since birth. Anyway… Do you have a young son or a young daughter? If you do, then send him or her to me or my duffer boyfriend. We will give him/her a necessary education at the correct age… which is Sex Education. By the way… had your generation used this, my duffer boyfriend would have got parking outside. You’re welcome. Hello everybody! Hello! We are dedicating this video to Prayas Health Group, Pune. Prayas Health Group provides HIV/AIDS counseling, its tests and treatment at very cheap rates. They also provide sexual health counseling
at cheap rates. If you need more information about it,
it is given in the description box below. One more thing… listen to the younger generation. Even…I am a young man. Sure. Anyway… No, but speaking about the video, my favorite part of the video is when I said… they fucked few monkeys. So, please comment below and let us know
your favorite line from this video. Yes. Comment and subscribe to BhaDiPa’s channel ‘Vishay Khol’. Share this video and please talk about this topic also. Like it because it’s free. Thank you. It’s free. Bye.

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  1. Vishay Khol says:

    या video मधली तुमची आवडती line कोणती? आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

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    Need in hindi kuch samjh nhi aaya….

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    Are mam is video ka ek hindi medium me bhi bna do yrrr😂😂❤️ by the way ….great video….

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    Mate tula Namsker,

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    Love love

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