Sex Education or Harmful Indoctrination? | Dobson Policy Center


Sex Education or Harmful Indoctrination? | Dobson Policy Center

– A school district in Austin, Texas has a new sex education curriculum. With what goes on in our schools, that news alone would
give cause for concern. But it’s actually much
worse than it sounds. I’m James Gottry, Vice
President of Public Policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. You may have seen the headlines. The Austin Independent School District has adopted a new sex
education curriculum. Those headlines are misleading. They should say that the Austin
Independent School District has adopted a new sex
indoctrination curriculum. It started this spring. The school district
originally planned to use a sex indoctrination program
peddled by Planned Parenthood. When a Texas law put a stop to that, the district went back
to the drawing board and came up with a program
that could be even worse. Look, I worked for an abstinence
education organization for several years. I’m very familiar with Planned
Parenthood and their agenda. It’s not easy to come
up with something worse than what they have to offer. But this new curriculum
might just hit a new low. Children as young as
eight or nine years of age will be instructed to avoid
“non-inclusive” language like “mother” and “father.” Don’t miss that. We took God out of
schools a long time ago. Now “Mom” and “Dad” are
on the chopping block. 5th grade students will discuss
sexual orientation and HIV. 6th graders will be told
that gender is a spectrum, and 7th and 8th graders will
learn how to use condoms. I could go on, but some of the details are too graphic for polite company. But apparently, they’re not too graphic for our young children. My wife and I have four
children, and you know what? We have the responsibility
to help guide them from childhood to adulthood, and we are charged with teaching them about what it means to be men and women, what it means to respect
themselves and others and what it means to make
responsible and moral choices. Some of our schools
appear determined to do the exact opposite: to tell our children there are no differences
between men and women, to encourage them to engage
in high-risk sexual behavior, and to teach them that
condoms, birth control and abortion are the
antidote to consequence. We live in difficult times,
and our children need us more than ever, so let’s
step up to the task. Join your school board. Get involved, and make sure children are educated, not indoctrinated. And support policies and
candidates that will protect parental rights, rather
than undermine them. But most important, guide your children, and teach them the truth
about human sexuality. At the James Dobson Family
Institute, we’re here to help. I’m James Gottry, and that’s
today’s policy update.

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1 thought on “Sex Education or Harmful Indoctrination? | Dobson Policy Center”

  1. edwardmcintosh01 says:

    Christians do not like anti bulling because it may promote LGBT or ant gun laws. I am an epileptic and a very happy transgender woman. In the middle ages, Christians thought (and some executed us) when we had a grand mal seizure they thought we were possessed by the satan. Now, Christians know better through medical science. It’s my hope that they will have love, empathy and understanding with transgender people.

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