Sex Education’s Most Unlikely Friendships


Sex Education’s Most Unlikely Friendships

– I’m gonna have a small
gathering of friends at my house tonight. – A party? Who are you going to invite? You don’t have any friends. – [Otis] Yes I do. – Who? – I have you and– (upbeat music) – Hi. You’re new. I work here too, I’m Ola. (jazz music) (grunting) What are you doing here? – I didn’t wanna go home. Why’d you throw a shoe at me? – I’m angry. – Do you wanna go and smash some shit? – Yeah, all right. ♪ Everybody’s been speadin’ the word ♪ ♪ All over the neighborhood ♪ – Why did you do that? – ‘Cause I love you, dude. – Well, I know that I’m bisexual but I don’t like you like that. And I thought you were a lesbian now, you’re into kitchen stuff or some shit. – No, Adam, you idiot, you’re my friend. I love you like a friend. (guitar strumming) Are you okay? (acoustic guitar) – No one’s ever said I
was their friend before. (gasp) – You can put me down now. – You did give me consent, right? I’m just, I’m kind of
worried that you didn’t. – Yes, Otis, I definitely said “Yes”. When I’m sad I make out with nerdy boys. It was 100% intentional. – Why nerdy boys? – Because they think
they’re in love with me which feels amazing until they get clingy and want to show me all their things. – I don’t think I’m in love with you. – Sure you don’t. – Are you sad because of your dad? – Yeah, a bit. He had to quit his job and my mum’s really stressed about it. Thank you for checking in, a lot of guys don’t. (mellow music) – Are you Vivian Odusanya? – Yeah, that’s me, why? – Jackson Marchetti. – I know who you are. – Okay. So, headmaster Groff said
you’ll tutor me this term? – Picnic tables, 6 o’clock, bring your maths homework
and don’t be late. (sighing) – I did it to myself. I put my hand under the weight because I wanted it to
stop, and it did stop and it felt amazing, but now… – It’s okay, but you can’t keep on hurting yourself. – I miss hanging out with you, man. A lot. Please can we be friends again? – Okay. Let’s be mates. – Move that. (chuckles) (mellow music) – I missed you. – Missed you too. – [Mrs. Groff] Hello. – Not history. – Oh, no I’m Michael’s wife, Maureen. – Oh, sorry. Jean. Sex ed… ish. – I usually just have
what Michael’s having. – Well do what I do sometimes. Close your eyes and point. – (laughing) Okay.
– It works. – [Bartender] What can I get you? – I’ll have a Three Legged Monkey please. (laughing) – [Bartender] And you? – I’ll have on of those too. (“Freed From Desire” by Gala) – Can I tell you something? – Yeah! – I don’t have many friends! – Me neither! I think we should do this again. – Yeah! – I’m looking for my chaperone. (mellow music) – Hello. I’m Lily. – I love Tank Girl. – Yeah, it’s criminally underrated. There’s two black hooded rats
mating in the biology lab if you wanted to go
and see after assembly. – Okay. – Hiding from your boyfriend? – He’s being such a dick. – You can talk to me
about anything, you know? Even if you just wanna be distracted. I could speak Gammavelloran to you. (purring and tongue clicking) That meant I made you something. – [Ola] Oh my goodness. – I think I don’t wanna be just friends. – Why? – Because you smell so
much better than a boy. (slot machine jackpot) – You’re a snake. – [Maeve] Yeah? At least I don’t pretend to be so sweet and nice all the time. – [Ola] You don’t know anything about me. – [Maeve] You don’t anything about me. – Stop fighting over a stupid boy! – Aimes, why you crying? – Because I can’t get on the bus. – [Maeve] Oh, Aimes, it’s okay. It’s okay. – Oh, and out of curiosity, what did you come up with? What binds you together? – Other than non consensual penises, miss, not much. – Are you gonna be okay? – I think so. I don’t feel sad, I just feel angry. – I know something that might help. (cheering) – I’m angry that a horrible man ruined my best jeans
and nobody did anything and now I can’t get on the fucking bus! (glass shattering)
(cheering) This is amazing! (cheering) I’m gonna keep smashing stuff. (cheering) – Give it to them! ♪ But you gotta make
your own kind of music ♪ ♪ Sing your own special song ♪

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100 thoughts on “Sex Education’s Most Unlikely Friendships”

  1. Noelia Casales says:

    The bus scene is hands down the best scene of woman empowerment!!

  2. Gemel Walters says:

    Jackson and Viv are awesome, hopefully the writers don't try to make it a romantic thing. It's OK to just be friends

  3. Gemel Walters says:

    I'm confused by all this love for Ruby lol she just admitted to sleeping with boys for attention and then discarding them when they get attached. Why would anyone want her to be with Otis :/

  4. Bruce Hashimoto says:

    That intro😂😂😂

  5. Elli Thomas says:

    Jackson and Viv' s story line is just so wholesome and how they've looked after eachother when they needed it most is so sweet! We all need friends like Viv 🧡🧡

  6. GAY GOC says:


  7. slightly obese rat says:

    jackson and viv should date aww viv already likes him i’m pretty sure

  8. vaggelis toubos says:


  9. Szturmowiec Imperialny says:

    Jackson and Viv, Ola and Adam, Ruby and Otis, Jean and Adam's Mom

  10. abby glenn says:

    jackson’s actor did such a good job of portraying how anxiety can be

  11. moonshine says:

    I love that shot 2:17 freaking love it

  12. Alison Hope says:

    oh my god i'm so in love with viv and jackson's duo they're so cute

  13. Eliseo J S says:

    Viv is a treasure ☺️

  14. povs povs says:

    Everyone seems to hate ola but she help a lot of people here.

  15. Shinko Uzumaki says:

    I just finished this season 2 and i can’t f^cking wait for the season 3 😴

  16. Strawberry Infused water says:

    This was a really good friendship season ngl

  17. Rebecca Rich says:

    Going relationship level up when Lily and Ola kissed just made me laugh so hard

  18. C says:

    I love Otis and Ruby’s chemistry tbh. It’s really fun and I hope they’d develop the friendship more.

  19. Chris Sandoval says:

    really hope bbc can keep netflix from canceling it.

  20. no, this is patrick says:

    I'm sorry but Jackson and Viv's friendship is still my favorite.

  21. Emilia_Is_Below_Average says:


  22. headass steph says:

    adam and ola 🥺🥺

  23. Manvi Pant says:


  24. Hannah Travers says:

    I love how Adam just gets everyone into smashing things

  25. omkar dalvi says:

    Cross your fingers for season-3..💙

  26. Mo says:

    People who harm themselves are 9x more likely to kill thwmselves

  27. Raja Funny says:

    Adam and Ola are the friendship goal that I want right now because it's cute.😚

  28. Sophie - says:

    i LOVVE Ola and Adam omg and Ruby and Otis AhhhHhh wait also Jackson and Viv (,,,,,,:::::::::::

  29. mk99 says:

    Mrs Groff and jean dancing is one of my favourite scene from the whole season

  30. Quint Tho says:

    "i thought you are lesbian but you into kitchen stuff and some shit "
    I'M DEAD

  31. Faiyaz Bin Yousuf says:

    I always keep seeing the Otis & Ruby bicycle scene. It's like my most favourite scene of the whole season. It may be weird, but is it only me?

  32. Tanvir Apu says:

    its one of my favorite series, but unfortunately I can't mention it most of the time……
    and that really sad…..

  33. Matty Star says:

    can ruby and otis please get together in season 3

  34. Orvin Tenn says:

    5:15 i literally cried at that scene

  35. Hash says:

    Ruby and otis r such an unusual and funny duo

  36. wishfulaudios says:

    the scene with all the girls smashing things made me just feel like they were doing it for all the girls out there who had gone through any form of sexual harassment so thank you Netflix, it felt pretty cool☺️

  37. Pieczara Znakomita says:

    My favorite friendships ⬆️

  38. FramesPerSecond says:

    Ruby and Otis!

  39. lourdess :p says:

    Aimee time saying "stop fighting over a stupid boy" is literally the best scene of the whole season, she's such an amazing actress, the casting people nailed it with her

  40. Red Head Guru says:

    Jean and Maureen are absolute icons I love their friendship

  41. Chanaye Generoso says:

    Shit, I'm broke i don't have netflix to watch the full episode

  42. Nick The Kangaroo says:

    The more they milk this second season the harder it is to wait for season 3… let me hibernate in peace netflix

  43. N says:

    Adam is the first guy who get friendzoned and he love it

  44. JediMaester Gandalf says:

    Somebody had better mention getting their car smashed up in the next season. That thing didn't look like it was in that terrible of shape!

  45. Banana Molk says:

    I wanna hug adam too ❤

  46. ❤Tsuyu Asui❤ says:

    Bruh the person how hack this channel is hilarious

  47. Prameow Meow says:

    You don’t have any friends yes I do I have you and……
    Me: so relatable

  48. Prameow Meow says:


  49. De0x Games says:

    So true

  50. Danny_devitoes says:

    Not gonna lie the only bad part about season 2 was Otis. Like he’s just so fucking annoying

  51. palak jhawar9 says:

    Jackson and viv’s friendship got me 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Harshi Kaur says:

    Quick question- Can I expect to see Ruby and Otis to be together (romantically) in the next season? 🤔🥺♥️

  53. 🔥yunknow says:

    This is my favourite video

  54. Marco Viana says:

    Otis and Ruby is the best couple in the world!

  55. Walter White says:

    I am shipping Ruby and Otis..

  56. G R says:

    season 3 please

  57. neo crackhead technology says:

    Still cracking up at Adam saying 🍳sexuell

  58. meredyth with a y says:

    The girls smashing stuff to Make Your Own Kind of Music by Mama Cass Elliot? Art.

  59. Eli Wong says:

    When Viv comforted Jackson while he's panicking it made me cry omg

  60. Farhan Ahmed says:

    Where is Maeve and Aimee????

  61. Alexis Powell says:

    i just really hope that they don’t do the whole “best friends fall in love” thing for jackson and viv because they do that all the time when a straight girl and a straight guy try and be friends and honestly just makes me mad. like they can be friends without getting into a relationship. i just hope that’s not where they plan on taking it

  62. mert inan says:

    I want Ruby and Otis to be together.

  63. CatCaD1 says:

    I low-key want Otis and Ruby to become friends, and sort of joke about their past. Maybe he helps with her family or something. I don't know 🤷‍♀️

  64. Laura Trezise says:

    The moment between Otis and Ruby was cute as heck

  65. Toeman 56 says:

    I want to push the wheel chair guy in a river after he deleted otitis message to maeve

  66. Chowder ! says:

    His loneliness is a mood

  67. Alice Higgins says:

    i just love jackson and viv as besties. she’s exactly what he needs, she doesn’t want anything from him she just wants to help. we need more of them in season 3!!!!

  68. anelise e e e says:

    Need more Ruby's story!!!!!!!

  69. anandhu vimal kumar says:

    Ruby proved to be a "Ruby"

  70. Ally Raschka says:

    All the girls are so adorable 🥺

  71. Rosquilleta says:


  72. Clementine's Thigh Gap says:

    Adam & Ola are a prime example of Bisexual/Pansexual solidarity and I love Sex Education for representing them so wonderfully like that.

  73. ocularfeet says:

    Ola and lily is not unlikely though.

  74. Zach Fisher says:

    4:46 Katya’s Allstars 2 Snatch Game performance as Björk

  75. Eloise Downey says:

    otis and ruby were my favourite

  76. richie says:

    jean and mrs. groff were so adorable as friends

  77. Countrycowboy08 says:

    I love the detention of girls scene. It shows that they still hate each other at some level, yet they're very supportive. Which our society should be – we don't have to like someone to support them. We have differences, and it's not realistic to like everyone; but we still have the option to support each other.

  78. Kav604 says:

    Aimee and Eric are my favorite characters. I'm in love with Maeve, but who isn't?? Lol this show is life!

  79. Teslimah Buari says:

    2:22 I didn't know Viv was a first gen Nigerian until I saw her name plaque during the first competition,Jackson tried but he MURDERED her last name

  80. katerin dicaprio says:

    i love maeve and otis, yes. but ruby and otis has this chemistry that you're not sure if it will be good yet you still want them to try even tho its kinda cliche. please more of these two on s3!!! pleaseeeeee

  81. Jody Robinson says:

    I didn’t wanna go home-

    why did you throw a shoe at me?

  82. WeirdAssCat says:

    Olivia is insanely pretty

  83. Christine Jainga says:

    They should have added the scene where all the girls sat together at the back of the bus.

  84. Amanda Jacobson says:

    I started sobbing when Adam picked up Ola

  85. Emma says:

    Jackson and Viv would make a good couple

  86. namjoon's brain says:

    "you can put me down now" written in tiny

  87. jxrbyns says:

    ruby and otis >>>

  88. Grace Hardbeck says:

    Love all of them but I think my fave is Jackson and Viv, close second being Adam and Ola.

  89. Grace Hardbeck says:

    Not the place for this comment but since I see a LOT of Ola hate on every Sex Education video I will just say this: I love Maeve with all my heart, but neither she nor Otis were very nice to ola either and y'all need to stop pretending every teen's conduct will be squeaky clean when it comes to high school relationships.

  90. Tizz Adebayo says:

    My boy Eric is a true Nigerian. He fully pulled out the pidgin accent and dropped the Oga bomb

  91. Tizz Adebayo says:

    There are so many British Nigerians in this show: Eric, Ola, Viv. It's amazing

  92. Emili_ is_God says:

    3:53 probs my favourite scenes

  93. amyeey says:

    why am i the only one who kinda ships jean and mrs. groff. uh

  94. Nicoz Duenas says:

    I wish i freeends

  95. james Laird says:

    Netflix needs a comment section

  96. artistic persona says:

    Jackson and Viv are one of my faves

  97. artistic persona says:

    Adam's mom and Otis's mom are pretty great

  98. revelink nation says:

    I want ruby's story to be explored more in the next season. I would love to see her character development.

  99. Raghu Kashyap says:

    Season 3 wants

  100. Tangerine Dream says:

    2:18 low key, that scene was really heartwarming 😌😌😌

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