SFASU Online Master’s Degree in Early Childhood (Emily)

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SFASU Online Master’s Degree in Early Childhood (Emily)

(Music) The master’s online program was attractive to me because, I was already a full-time teacher at the Early Childhood Lab and I did not have time to go to class. So, the online program was perfect for me. So I could still have a job, be a teacher and still learn and get my master’s at the same time. I also, needed the online program because, I was planning a wedding and there’s just no way I would’ve had the time to actually physically go to a class. I had to do it online. So I could get everything done. The best thing, for me personally, was getting my master’s while I was teaching, was that it was so much more meaningful to me, because I truly cared about what I was learning about. I could implement it right away in my classroom. My boss has been extremey supportive of me getting my master’s. She has encouraged me to do so and I got it done. The mentors and online faculty are always there for you, whenever you need them. The online program at SFA has so many videos and examples and its like you are there and it feels like you are in the classroom with the children, with the teachers, and you are learning with them at the same time. (Music)

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