SFASU Online Master’s Degree in Early Childhood (Ginny)

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SFASU Online Master’s Degree in Early Childhood (Ginny)

(Music) I think education is very important especially in today’s society. Continuing on just makes you more competitive in the job market, as well as, just having the education education that is something no one can take away from you. I work 40-hours a week and I have 20 students that I work with everyday. I love the children. They’re absolutely wonderful. They make me smile. They make me laugh. I never know what is going to come out of their mouths. And in my spare time I am an inspiring tri-athlete. I have workouts that last anywhere from an hour to two hours a day. In the mornings I’m either biking, or I’m at work, or I’m running, then swimming in the evenings. Being able to do anything on my own time, online. I can go to class at ten o’clock at night or at 6 a.m. and the only difference between having an online class as opposed to a regular in-class is that you have to be more responsible, and you have to make sure that you login every, and that you are turning in your assignment. You are responsible for yourself and everything is done through email correspondence. There are assignments where we actually go into the classrooms and we work with the students and we have a professional who is grading us at the same time. And we use their assessments of us and submit them back to our professors. I’m able to ask my professors questions and they are able to get me feedback. We’re able to correspond. I think that you get just as much out of an online class as you would a face-to-face. I like this just because you can chat just like it is a regular classroom. There are times that I do call some of my classmates, that I’ve never even meet and say, “Hey do you understand this? I’m I doing this right? I’m going to email it to you.” And we do, we check each other’s work, just like you would in a regular class. You create a little family and I’ve taken several classes with the same people. I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone that way. (Music)

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