[SFM Baldi] Baldi’s Basics Music Video (Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Song)


[SFM Baldi] Baldi’s Basics Music Video (Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Song)

(Don’t wanna learn) (Subtitles by Boris plays roblox and more!) Find myself inside the school again. Grey bricks boring classrooms with no end Got a question wrong, Hes mad again. From this place I’d rather be expelled! I’m not crazy I know that the broom is out to get me. Just like everything in this school! Mr. Baldi is evil! Even if he looks friendly… I’m breaking all the rules! Oooo~ I’m trapped in my school. I’m not able to learn forever. And ever, And ever, and ever. Oooo~ Tell me its not true. Cause’ I don’t want to learn Forever, And ever, And ever. And ever! Sneaking down the halls, Stay out of sight! I don’t want any detention time. Find the notebooks then I’ll be alright! Graduate get baldi out my life. I’m not trying to jump rope right now. The faculty will catch me! And they will be here soon… Mr. Baldi is evil! Even if he looks friendly… I’m breaking all the rules! Oooo~ I’m trapped in my school. And I don’t want to learn forever. And ever, And ever, And ever. Oooo~ tell me it’s not true. Cause’ I don’t wanna learn forever. And ever, And ever. And ever! Get out, Get out, Get out! While I still can. Head for the exit now, This is my chance! Get out, Get out, Get out! While I still can! x2 While I still can! Go! Ooo~ I’m trapped in my school. And I don’t want to learn forever. And ever, And ever, and ever. Ooo~ Tell me it’s not true! Cause I don’t wanna learn forever. And ever, And ever, And ever!

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100 thoughts on “[SFM Baldi] Baldi’s Basics Music Video (Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Song)”

  1. FuturisticHub says:

    Nice stuff! I would have made it a kid not a man in this. That man looks way too old to be a student

  2. Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning says:

    Thanks for A Music of My Game😃

  3. Crystal Johnson says:

    Men should not be in 🏫😡

  4. Mangle :D says:

    I don't Want harder math Because Those harders Numbers?!

  5. Mangle :D says:

    I don't Want To Math Those math It's so harder numbers because the numbers is harder and harder then I play on Robson there's on Bald basic

  6. Hoang Duong says:

    Gotta sweep sweep sweep!

  7. Nanang Satmoko says:

    Like this to Delete Bully beacus bully punch him ×(£_¥₩

  8. Chris Hill says:

    What the heck is this 🤨but I like this song but not the music video.

  9. M Ë L L Ø W says:

    It Stinks

  10. LeopardBeys says:

    I like this animation if I get backwards but when I saw the animation I was left with my mouth open and for all the effort 🙂

  11. Julian Aejandro Lopez Torres says:

    Me justa



  13. DeecR 1 says:

    Am russian

  14. yeet or be yeeted says:

    I’m gonna is it gonna was like omg 😮

  15. Luke B says:

    2+2=😎 OMG

  16. Mary Pounds says:

    Shut your ass up

  17. Mary Pounds says:

    You don't know him

  18. Mary Pounds says:

    Fat head

  19. Mary Pounds says:

    Burnt biscuit

  20. Mary Pounds says:

    Stop watching baldis because you like him Whooping you do you its dum and lame and stupid

  21. Zera Demir says:


  22. gamer guy beta says:

    Big Fat Liar it's by a robot

  23. JaceyPlayz99 says:

    0:59 is the first drop. Thank me later.
    2:20 is the second drop. Thank me later. (again)
    2:59 is the third and final drop (?). Thank me later. (and again)

  24. aksiyon Kamera! says:

    Man is half life character!

  25. Essy K says:

    That what happened to me

  26. Essy K says:

    This is him

  27. Pintong Gubat Elementary School says:

    that's in garry's mod game

  28. Nmarebros says:


  29. BamBam Noble says:

    Ooooo I stuck it my school like if u want to get out of school it can be any school on and ooooo I stuck in my school and am about to learn for ever and ever

  30. PedroGames says:

    My music favourite

  31. Red Rights says:

    I like the voices better but you copied tryhardninja

  32. THE MACHINE says:

    Baldi ☺😡

  33. Daniel Jetski says:


  34. jellybrick 503 says:

    2019 anyone??

  35. Mr.Sticky says:

    excuse me but i put arabic subtitles like a year ago and it's not accepted yet please accept it

  36. Red Rights says:

    And seriously the principal is in the video the man is the principal

  37. Nancy 1 says:


  38. Lilyana Quijada says:

    Blue bear you are right

  39. Jose Luis Hernandez says:

    This is what school feels like for me

  40. joaquin malave says:

    y la detention

  41. MrKittyCat009 says:

    Stuck in my head

  42. gamer hillusinator says:

    werr is prinnsabll

  43. Anderson Dias Mayta says:


  44. Alexa Sierra says:

    Ya its creepy there because

  45. SCP049 ฟ้าใส says:


  46. Adleena Darwisya says:

    I like Playtime and Its A Bully

  47. Katherine Harvey says:

    One question? Where is principal of the thing

  48. Daniel Lindsay says:

    Guys did u see principle?give a like if u did!

  49. the almighty tallest says:

    0:06 me!

  50. Lil Ninja says:

    Nice work I love it they should make the game like this

  51. Ana Clarissa Parales says:

    What if that was in real life😜

  52. David Alcantar says:

    Hola ¿Hay Alguien Que Hable Español?

  53. Sophia Carrin [Maid,Nice] says:

    best baldi animation so far

  54. Kasia Smolinska says:


  55. know forpain says:

    Your animation is shit

  56. só dos games raros says:


  57. Danya Love says:

    Me: {_/}
    ( •.•)>🍫 This is awesome.
    ( )

  58. Ender Dragon Wither says:

    I think that is spycakes

  59. yasmeen alyasiri says:

    call cops bro on balding I know that frubidcthub called the cops

  60. Games alex says:

    you ready u baldi on

  61. Moses Dacosta says:

    Make your old song I don't like this song

  62. Marites D. Bulawin says:

    In 2019 I HATE THIS FUCKING SONG ITS THE WORST WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  63. Luis Gaitan says:

    What happened to the song now THIS SONG SUCKS NOW

  64. youtobe guy says:

    Wtf with music

  65. Neòn Creeper says:

    Wtf the Music >:(

  66. Fazbear14 says:

    What happened to the audio

  67. Callses247 says:

    Why the music

  68. Video_game_god_Official 1 says:

    I love your songs u doin good mate

  69. John Crizwyl Metilla says:

    What the REAL SONG

  70. Kev The Purple Fox says:

    Where is the song???

  71. MLGLuigi Gamer says:

    The Goof Happened To The Song?
    This Video used to be "I don't wanna learn"
    What happened?

  72. Alexis Hdz says:

    El nuebotina no me guto

  73. Ngak penting says:

    Got copyright lmao

  74. Panda Bear667 says:

    Where is the actual video with the words?

  75. Killer Squad45 says:

    What happened to the don't wanna learn song? ;-;

  76. Geslyn the gachatuber says:

    What happened to the video!?!?!?!?!?

  77. Heidi swiatocha says:

    Shouldn't First prize help you?????

  78. Moses Dacosta says:

    No singing I don't like it!

  79. happyhammer bo says:

    why no arts and crafters and principal of the thing

  80. Wolfpack2196 says:

    Did the music get copyrighted?

  81. Neòn Creeper says:

    Que paso con la música?

  82. Mona Brene says:

    This song is cool but this song sound like sonic the hedgehog yeah kinda riminds about sonic CD

  83. Coconut Let’s plays says:

    What’s up with the music

  84. David Alcantar says:

    What's Happened to the Song? Now is a Sonic Song

  85. UmbreonGamer2377g Dreemurr says:

    Song got hacked by someone
    Cuz its different…

  86. Bedsbee says:

    wtf happened to this song

  87. 슬토비 says:

    The song has changed

  88. Jose Angel Mendez Nava says:

    Wha happend to the lyrics

  89. Jolanta Galiniene says:


  90. vincent gamer 1.0 says:

    Why did you change it

  91. Golden shadow :3 Who am I ._. says:

    Why u change

  92. Roza Zaleski says:

    What music

  93. GachaGamer- Kittygirlz says:

    Umm….. i think you may need to fix it please. Cuz only the background music is playing and NOT the song. 🙁

  94. Zane Tiamson says:


  95. Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning says:

    Me in 3D but the problem: The song are not the same now…

  96. Lottie j Hogsett says:


  97. LP Animator says:

    2019 and i still watch this ehm sooo i feel something on wait something big oh its COPYRIGHT

  98. •Milkshake Lemons• says:

    What happwnd to song ??

  99. Gael BRETADO MORA says:

    they chage the misic

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