SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD]


SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD]

Hi. I’m–I’m just looking for… – Shaft?
– Mm-hmm. – Who’s asking?
– John Shaft, Jr. Your son.
– My son? Junior?
– Yeah. You know they say that cat Shaft
is a bad mother– ♪Shut your mouth.♪ Ignore him. He thinks
he’s a black James Bond. If that dude was real,
he’d think he was me. If you’re gonna pursue
this investigation, I’m gonna have to babysit your ass. Damn! Oh, looky here.
How long has it been? Hmm, never long enough. Lady Syphilis, Madam Chlamydia,
it’s lovely to meet you both. That’s Junior’s mama.
She’s a little bitter. Please tell me that you did not get
our son involved in your bullshit. What is wrong with you? She picked up a bat. You can’t beat up a woman. – Why not?
– Because she’s a woman. That’s, like, misogynistic. You’re the one being misogynistic.
I ain’t mentioned her gender. – Okay.
– I’m a equal opportunity ass whooper. – Oh!
– Damn! Oh, there’s no nonviolent people
in Harlem! ♪Who’s the black private dick ♪♪ Who’s a sex machine to all the chicks?♪ ♪Shaft♪ ♪You’re damn right.♪ Sash! – You okay?
– Yeah. Boy, back in the day,
we didn’t need guns. All we needed
was our bare knuckles. Damn! Grandpa. Oh, you can’t be too prepared. Let me get mine. Damn, you back here
having a knife fight? Oh, hell, no. I shot him. ♪You’re damn right.♪ Whassup? Yaah! Oh! – What are you doing?
– The glass didn’t break! – Get in here, JJ! Come on!
– Aah! ♪Can you dig it?

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31 thoughts on “SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD]”

  1. DumplingDelivery says:


  2. X1rtz CS says:

    Junior is Marcus from wd2

  3. crysis4real says:

    Great movie and great cast 9 of 10 me 😉 A must watch !

  4. brucenatelee says:

    Dominique MrsGIJane Williams (@mrsgijane) was the one with the titty scene at the beginning of the trailer. Army vet as well.

  5. Gameboit says:

    Which song was playing on Fm in movie car scene ?..
    lyrics look like
    give it to me ..

  6. Sébastien Lacroix says:

    Whenever Sam Jackson yells ‘cause he’s pissed, I keep hearing “woman, where is my supersuit??” 😂😂

  7. Deruzzi says:

    If sjw hates it, it’s good

  8. hot cheetos says:

    "it's your duty to please that booty" definitely something i would tell my son when he's finally ready

  9. Edward Ward Jr says:

    Busta Rhymes would hv made this movie next level

  10. Ante Krtalić says:

    Nick Fury after Endgame

  11. Trey Cumberbatch says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that's playing when JJ walks into the police station at the end of the movie? It starts when he kisses Sasha in the hospital 😭

  12. bdp fucc up says:

    There’s nothing more awful than watching American/Canadian actors try and pronounce Arabic words wrong lol @ zagaat or MUZLIM COME ON AMERICAN FILM MAKERS FFS IF UR GONNA DO A MOVIE FEATURING MUSLIMS PLEASE GET YOUR ACTORS TO PRONOUNCE THE WORDS CORRECTLY IM CRINGING WATCHING THIS MOVIE ATM!!!!

  13. maxine daniel says:

    This should have been a series i would definitely watch it.

  14. Abdalrahman Akoob says:

    So, this is shaft babysitting his kid!!
    They absoletely ruined the character

  15. Ali Ahsan says:

    Is this movie worth a watch?

  16. Jk says:

    Actually so funny. But why did it have to be stereotypical to islam portrayed rn (luckily in not easily offended)

  17. 7SKYBALLER says:

    Y is this flick listed as a comedy ???

  18. Daya says:

    Who is this tits at 0:10

  19. shubham kothiyal says:

    fuck these black blaa blaa white blaa blaa comments….it's just a movie..thats alll

  20. Melissa Williams says:

    This is a great movie i enjoyed it. I needed a good laugh.

  21. Sassy Sasquatch says:

    2019 and it had feminist lefty bs in it. fuck this crap.

  22. Hemet Nesingwary says:

    I'm the A-train baby!

    oh wait…

  23. Lodi says:

    Surprisingly good <3

  24. nikolefilan says:

    so funny .

  25. LiangHuBBB says:

    this movie was surprisingly good <3

  26. Genesis says:

    I so wanted to see this in the movie theaters! I would’ve been laughing 😂.

  27. John says:

    well and truly underrated by the shitty online reviewers! i enjoyed this from start to finish.

  28. ΑραΛύκοι says:

    Best movie i have ever watched….by far

  29. JiveAt5 says:

    What a horrible movie, boring af.

  30. writers corp says:

    You can relax as we ace your assignment

  31. Ryk Son says:

    All the African American men acting like hi pitched fags

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