Shasta College Financial Aid Online Orientation

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Shasta College Financial Aid Online Orientation

Hello and welcome to the Shasta College
online Financial Aid Presentation. Our Financial Aid Office is located
Redding’s main campus, building 100 room 109. All paperwork must be submitted in person,
by mail or any of our other intake offices. We do not accept paperwork submitted through faxes or email. During this presentation, we will cover the FAFSA, the BOG Fee Waiver, Scholarships, Textbook Assistance and Student Loans. All which will help you cover the cost of attending college. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is located at By submitting your FAFSA, you are applying for all
Federal and State Grants. January 1st of every year is when it becomes available. Once you have submitted the FAFSA, you need to follow up with the colleges Financial Aid Office to see what forms
and documents are required. The federal grants are as follows:
Pell Grant, SEOG, and Federal Work-Study. These amounts are disbursed throughout the
academic year and are based on a zero efc, expected family contribution. The Pell Grant- $5645 is based on full-time
enrollment, which is 12 or more units. SEOG- $300 is limited in funding and you must have a zero efc. Federal Work-Study- $2800 is the maximum
amount that you can earn throughout the academic year. You must be enrolled in at least six units and that is limited in funding. The Federal Work Study is like having a job on campus,
you have to earn the money by working. Some of the state grants you are applying for
through the FAFSA are Cal Grants. Cal Grant A, B, and C. Cal Grant A is administered at
four-year universities. B and C are administered at community colleges. These are competitive grants and there
are eligibility criterias. To monitor your status for Cal Grant visit: Applying for the Cal Grant is submitting your FAFSA application, as well as having your GPA verified and
sent to Cal Grant by the following deadlines: Community College deadlines, for
entitlement, is March 2nd. Community College deadline, for the
competitive Cal Grant, is September 2nd. You must make sure to meet these deadlines in order to be eligible or considered for these grants. The next state grant is the Board of Governors Fee Waiver. You need to apply through the college you plan on attending. This waives the $46/unit. You need to apply at least 3-4 days prior to registration. There are three different methods to qualify for the BOG. Method A and B are determined through the standard BOG application. Method C is determined through the FAFSA. If you are not sure if you are eligible,
follow up with your financial aid office and they can further assist you. The BOG income standards are posted here on this slide. If you meet these income standards
then you can apply through the standard BOG application. If not, you want to complete the FAFSA process
and follow up with your Financial Aid Office. Next we are going to go to the Shasta College website
and go to the FINANCIAL AID HOME PAGE. As you can see the FAFSA link is located in the
upper right hand corner of the screen. This is where you can submit your FAFSA. You want to click on “Start a New FAFSA”
and follow it all the way through. As soon as our school has received your FAFSA,
we will send you an email. Next we’re going to go to the BOG FEE WAIVER link. The BOG Fee Waiver, is available electronically and paper format. Our electronic BOG application is available now. The paper BOG application is also available. If you do the paper application you must
submit it in person or through the mail. The BOG income standards are always
posted on our website for your reference. If you do not qualify through those standards,
complete the FAFSA application. Next, we’re going to go to the FINANCIAL AID OVERVIEW. As you can see our school code is listed. Ninety-nine percent of the time you can find the answer on our website. It’s always recommended to search here first
before calling or waiting in line. The next area that we will address is the
SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS STANDARDS. You can find them on our website. You want to make sure to learn about each one
and comply with them each semester. The first one is the GPA.
You have to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. You also have to maintain at least
67% of your PACE each semester, cumulatively. You have to complete at least 67% of all
attempted courses. The QUANTITATIVE standard has to do with
how many units are required for your major vs.
how many you have attempted, and you cannot exceed 150%. What if you don’t make SAP? You’ll be placed on WARNING and
you’ll have one semester to be funded and
to clear your WARNING status. Which means you have to meet each SAP standard
during that WARNING semester. If you don’t you’ll become ineligible,
and you will either have to go through an
appeal process or regain eligibility on your own. If you choose to go through the appeal
process, our request to appeal form is on our website. HOW TO COMPLETE MY FILE is a great link as well. This tells you exactly how to complete
your financial aid file with Shasta College. There is going to be further documents you
will have to submit to our office for processing. REQUEST IRS DOCUMENTS has to do with
whether or not you’re FAFSA is a verification. If it is, you’re most likely going to have to reference
this link to determine how to retrieve the documents
from the IRS and submit them to our office. The next area that we need to discuss, is
the SHASTA COLLEGE HIGHER ONE CARD. As soon as you are registered in active
classes and have a FAFSA on file with us,
we will send you a Higher One card It is going to come in a lime green envelope.
As soon as you receive it, you want to activate it. This is where all of your financial aid gets disbursed to. However, you do have two other options
when you set it up to either have it as a direct deposit
or a check mailed to you. Keep in mind the fastest way to have access to your funds,
is having the funds disbursed directly to the card. The next area that we are going to talk
about is the DISBURSEMENT SCHEDULE. Once you’ve been fully processed, you
have an Award Letter that has Pell Grant on it, what you want to do is check the disbursement schedule. As you can see, all disbursements are
posted here for the Fall and Spring. There is four disbursements each semester. If you were not processed prior to the first disbursement, then you’ll have to wait until the second one, and it really depends on timing of when you’re disbursement will go out. If you miss the first, and the second one, and you are on the third one… then your first disbursement would be 75% to make up and get you caught up to where you should be at on the disbursement schedule. If you have not been processed yet and you are in need of books you want to go to the NEED BOOKS link. There are some great resources here. The Shasta College Student Senate Lending Library
started a text book library and it’s definitely worth looking into. You can save a lot of money checking out
a text book, rather than purchasing one. The Financial Aid Office also
administers book loans and grants. The grants are very limited in funding. If you’d like to apply either follow the
book loan criteria or the book grant criteria, fill out the book loan/grant application,
and make sure that you read the text book printout example. It takes about three to four days to process any book
loans or grants through our office. Shasta College also administers SCHOLARSHIPS
and has some outside scholarships listings as well. What you want to do is check here in August for the
Fall semester and December for Spring. There are a lot of scholarships that go
unawarded because students don’t apply so we highly encourage you to check our
scholarship listings, and apply. The college also administers federal STUDENT LOANS. We encourage every student to use this as a last resort… because you do have to pay any loan funds disbursed to you back eventually, and their is interest that grows with each loan. If you do need to borrow a loan,
make sure you read the student loan checklist very carefully, and you submit each item to the Financial Aid Office. If you are missing any one item, that will hold up your processing of determining what you are eligible for and how
much for your student loan. There are some great links here at
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS… highly recommend looking into that. If you think that you should be considered an independent student and you have been determined a dependent student on the FAFSA, you want to check out this link and submit an
INDEPENDENT STATUS REVIEW FORM and submit it to our office. If you’ve ever been in foster care you
want to go to the FOSTER YOUTH link and contact Alan Ulrey in our office. Any FEDERAL AND STATE UPDATES,
changes that affect you are listed here. As you can see they’re constantly changing and it’s always a good idea to keep up on federal and state changes that come through. If you are an AB 540 student you want to fill out the Dream Application,
if you do not have a valid social security number. If you are unsure just contact our office and we’ll be happy to help you. Like us on Facebook for current updates and announcements for your financial aid. You can also ask general questions here. Our office hours are Monday 8:00am-6:00pm,
Tuesday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm, and Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. It’s always a good idea to check online
and check my documents before standing in line. If you do choose to stand in line, make sure to bring a photo ID.
We cannot release any information without it. You can also email us at: [email protected] You can also call us however, the phone time
and wait can take a while as well. If you are in need of VETERAN SERVICES, you want to contact
Julie Fisher in the Financial Aid Office. Next we are going to log into MYSHASTA. This is the second step after completing the FAFSA application. Once you complete the FAFSA you’ll receive an email from the Department of ED in one-two business days. From there it will be about five days before you receive an
e-mail from the Financial Aid Office. Next, you are going to log into My Shasta. Click on MY SHASTA FOR STUDENTS,
scroll down to the financial aid area. As you can see there is a lot of links.
You want to start by clicking on MY DOCUMENTS. MY DOCUMENTS at the very top, is going to be specific to you.
All of the other links are forms. Once you click on MY DOCUMENTS
you want to pay attention to the STATUS. If it says NEEDED, that means that you need to find
that document or information and submit
it to the Financial Aid Office. The forms are located towards the bottom of the screen
and are all PDF format. You just need to click on them, print, sign and initial, and submit them to the Financial Aid Office. On the COVER LETTER or
make sure to state your major. If you do not, you will be denied financial aid. Once you have submitted all documents,
the status will change and say RECEIVED. Once a technician has PROCESSED it,
then that means your financial aid has been determined and it is time to check your FINANCIAL AID AWARD LETTER.
You want select the correct year. The award letter is based on full time enrollment,
which is 12 or more units. If you are in less than full time, your eligibility
will be less than what you see on your award letter. As you can see I have the BOG Fee Waiver. This is the FEE waiver, it is not a cash award. You can view your award letter to determine whether
or not you have the BOG Fee Waiver, Pell Grant, Cal Grant, SEOG, or Federal Work-Study
once your file has been processed Again, this award letter is based on full time enrollment. If you are in six units for the Pell Grant,
you’ll receive about half of what you see on your award letter, throughout the disbursements of the academic year. A few final notes…
Don’t forget about the SAP:
and QUANTITATIVE, do not exceed 150%. You must also have a high school diploma
or its equivalent for financial aid, and you must submit a copy
in order for us to determine your eligibility. Don’t forget to declare your major, plan ahead, learn to budget
and ask questions because we are here to help. All financial aid paperwork must be submitted to the
Redding main campus,in building 100, room 109. You can either drop it off in person or mail it to the
PO Box shown on this screen. We do not accept emailed or faxed documents. You can reach us at 530-242-7700 or [email protected] You can also submit paperwork to any of the EXTENDED ED SITES
at the Tehama, Trinity, and Intermountain campuses. Congratulations!
You have completed the online financial aid presentation. We wish you well in your educational endeavors.

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