Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege


Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

Translator: Delia Bogdan
Reviewer: Ilze Garda Usually, I would be standing
on this stage over here, conducting the college orchestra, because I’m a music professor. But tonight I’m going to talk about my moonlight activities
in the field of science. (Laughter) And how they led to a cancer research lab
and an important breakthrough. Over the past eight years,
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant
and dedicated scientists. They were very open-minded,
and we had a common dream: that in the future, children
would not have to suffer from cancer or from the terrible side effects
of toxic drugs or radiation, because we believed
there just had to be a better way. There had to be a better way,
and we think we may have found it. A scientist said, “You’re killing more cancer cells
than as if you had used radiation.” That same scientist went on, “If you had spent millions of dollars developing a new drug
that killed this many cancer cells, it would be a home run.” This was an astonishing thing to hear,
especially for a music professor who had just completed
his first experiments in a cancer lab. But we didn’t use any radiation. We didn’t use any drugs. So what did we do? I have here two identical tuning forks,
both tuned to the note A, the note an orchestra tunes to. These forks are both made to vibrate
440 times per second. We say their frequency is 440 hertz. If I tap this fork,
putting little pulses of energy into it, the second fork
will also vibrate in sympathy, and if I silence this fork, we just may hear the other
singing its tone. (Sound of an A note) We say that I’m inducing a sympathetic resonant vibration
in the second fork. It only works because both forks
are tuned to the exact same frequency. Many of us have seen this very charming
young man on the Internet who shatters crystal glasses
with his powerful voice. But if you watch him carefully, you’ll see that first he taps the glass
with his finger and listens. The glass sings
its natural resonant pitch. Then he takes a deep breath
and sings a loud, long note. He induces a resonant vibration
in the crystal glass. The vibration grows larger
and larger and larger until the glass is shattered. On the other end of this scale, we have a giant bridge
made out of concrete and steel, a suspension bridge,
the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Cars, and trucks, and busses
are going over it every day. Unfortunately,
where they built this bridge, there was a steady wind blowing across it, and one day, this wind induces
a small vibration in the bridge, hardly noticeable, but the frequency of the vibration matches the resonant frequency
of some part of the bridge, and the vibrations gets larger
and larger and larger until the bridge collapses
into the river below. A destructive resonant frequency. So on one end of the scale, we have a giant concrete and steel bridge
destroyed by resonance and on the other,
we have a small crystal glass, shattered. So maybe we could shatter
something even smaller, something really small, something
you would need a microscope to see. Maybe we could shatter
a living microorganism. But to do that you’d need some sort
of theory to serve as a basis. And we find that basis in a wonderful book called “The Rainbow and the Worm:
The Physics of Organisms”, by a scientist, Mae Wan Ho. That book makes a very strong case that living organisms and cells
are liquid crystals, or in the least, they have
many properties of liquid crystals. Now, we are all familiar
with liquid crystals because they are in our laptop,
computer screens: LCD display, Liquid Crystal Display. We can change the qualities
of the liquid crystals in our computer screen by sending
special electronic signals to it. We can change the color and the shape
on the screen with these signals. So maybe we could change a biological living liquid crystal
with a special electronic signal. But in order to do that,
we would need some kind of device. So we searched the US Patent database, and we found this invention by a physician Dr. James Bare of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s called
Resonant Frequency Therapy Device, and its purpose is to induce
a resonant vibration in a living organism or a cell. And there are two really important things
about this device. The first is that it uses
a very special kind of antenna: they take a hollow glass sphere, they evacuate the air,
they put in some helium gas, and when we send in
our electronic signals, the helium gas lights up
like a fluorescent light. An electrified gas is called a plasma,
so this is called a plasma antenna. It has many special properties
uniquely suited for this kind of work. The second important aspect
about Dr. Bare’s invention is that the output always pulses:
it’s on, it’s off, it’s on and it’s off. This is very important,
because when you’re doing research on the effects of electromagnetic waves
on living organisms and cells, if the signal is constantly on, you’re in danger of inducing
heat in those cells, and heat causes
indiscriminate destruction. We don’t want that.
We want targeted destruction. So, we don’t have to worry about heat. And now, we go to the biology laboratory. We take dr. Bare’s device and the hunt begins through a microscope for a frequency which will shatter
a living microorganism. We have a method
of controlling Dr. Bear’s device by an input control frequency. So if I put in, say, 100 hertz, out will come 100 pulses per second. If I put in 200 hertz,
I will get 200 pulses. So now we’re searching
for the magic frequency, and we start with 100 Hz, and we look through the microscope
to see if anything is happening. We watch for five minutes. Nothing happens. So we try 101 Hz. We look through the scope
for five minutes, and nothing happens. So we try 102, 103 and so on. Over the course of 15 months, we try hundreds and hundreds
of frequencies, if not thousands, until we find the magic combination. The answer is you have to have
two input frequencies – one low, one high – and the higher frequency
must be eleven times the lower. It’s what we, musicians,
would call the eleventh harmonic. When we add the eleventh harmonic, we begin to shatter microorganisms
like a crystal glass. These are the first videos taken. We showed these videos to our friends
in the Biology department. They said they hadn’t seen
anything quite like it. Seems to be a new phenomenon. These organisms are being shattered
by our electronic signals. This is a harmless organism,
almost friendly, a little blepharisma. Normally, they’re very fast swimmers, but when you approach a frequency
to which they are vulnerable, they begin to slow down, then they stop, and then they begin to disintegrate
within about three minutes. So now we know we can destroy
a microorganism, and the question comes up, “But can you target a specific organism
with a specific frequency?” So in this next video, you’ll see a large organism in the center,
a paramecium undergoing disintegration, and swimming all around it, a tiny different organism
which is unharmed. If we’re lucky, we’ll also hear the audio as I narrate
the experiment live in a noisy lab. (Video) Perhaps you can see
this sort of fireworks effect happening, in the growing blister
to the right of the organism. And here comes a little neighbor,
wondering what’s going on. He’s testing. And you can see blisters forming now on the lower left quadrant
and upper left quadrant. The shape is now changing. And a major explosion at the top.” So now we have some evidence that we can target specific microorganisms
with specific frequencies. And we made several more videos, and we filmed the destruction
of hundreds of microorganisms. About this time, we meet a cancer researcher,
and we [show] him these videos. This results in an invitation
to spend four months in a cancer research lab
trying to shatter cancer cells. This is our setup in the lab. You can see the microscope
with cancer cells on it. Here’s the plasma tube, and here is my little
frequency control box. First, we attack pancreatic cancer. Take a good look at this slide because the next one
will look quite different. After we treat these cells,
they change their shape and size, and they begin to grow long,
rope-like structures out the sides. They look something like antennas. I call them bio-antennas,
for biological antennas. It’s as if the cancer cells
are trying to tune in to our signal. It also turns out this is the beginning of a process
of destruction for cancer cells. We now know that cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies
of 100 000 hertz and 300 000 hertz. So now we attack leukemia cells. Leukemia cell no. 1
tries to grow a copy of itself, but the new cell is shattered
into dozens of fragments and scattered across the slide. Leukemia cell no. 2
then hyperinflates and also dies. Leukemia cell no. 3 then tries,
to make another cancer cell, the new cell is shattered
and the original cell dies. But killing a handful of leukemia cells
is not enough for a patient. What kind of numbers can we do? In repeated
controlled laboratory experiments, independently essayed
by the two top experts, we killed an average of 25% to 42%
of the leukemia cells, as high as 60%. We also determined that we slow the growth rate
of the cancer by as much as 65%. So, a double effect. Now we attack ovarian cancer cells. This is a more distant shot. Here you see brackets
coming up around the cells, showing groups of ovarian cancer cells
which are being destroyed. You can see by the end of the video that great many ovarian cancer cells
were destroyed. Now we attack pancreatic cancer once more. In the center of the screen
is a clump of pancreatic cancer cells like a microtumor under the microscope. We turn on our electronic signals,
and the tumor shrinks and is broken up. The cells are disconnecting,
disaggregating; the opposite of forming a tumor. And some of the cells are destroyed. In our most recent work,
we attack the deadly organism MRSA. MRSA is particularly dangerous because it’s resistant
to many common antibiotics. Thousands of people
die every year from MRSA. They have drugs for it,
but they have very toxic side effects. We found that our electronic signals could actually eliminate
antibiotic resistance in MRSA. Then, by adding a very small amount
of a common antibiotic, we were able to kill MRSA
and slow its growth rate. Since I was a 17-year-old
highschool student with twin interest
in both music and science, I never imagined the two would come together
in a cancer research lab. I now believe that the future
cancer treatment rooms for children will be a very different place. It would be a pleasant place where children gather
and make new friends. They probably
won’t even know they’re sick. They’ll draw pictures, color in their books,
play with their toys, all the while unaware that above them
are beautiful blue pinkish plasma lights emanating healing,
pulsing electric fields, shattering their cancer,
painlessly and non-toxically, one cell at a time. Thank you. (Aplause)

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100 thoughts on “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege”

  1. Bruce McComas says:

    This is truly extraordinary, but the established medical community/complex &/or the pharmaceutical industrial complex will never allow this procedure to be used to treat &/or cure any in the general population, though it will possibly be used for those that are considered as the elites, the fact that this concept was still just sitting in the patten office should be proof enough.

  2. Hadassah Immanuel says:

    Ok so im in warfare people smoking around me the vibrations i will sing to kick them out

  3. Mark Wilharm says:

    Money keeps cancer alive, not ignorance,Period.

  4. quantumgirl says:

    According to the documentary Sonic Geometry, the tone 440 is impure and somewhat destructive. They explain 432 is the true pythagerian sound. Any thoughts?

  5. Panda Digital Love says:

    Better protect him otherwise the drug industries will have him assasinated.

  6. Gisto says:

    When he says the frequency is 11x higher is he referring to a frequency being divided 11 times which would equal a tritone or is he talking about the 11th step on a 12 chromatic scale which would be the major seventh

  7. James M K says:

    You can also target people with Wireless Signals remotely to create cancer. Rife technology is know for more then 50 years.

  8. Michael Mansfield says:

    Royal Raymond Rife was doing this in 1930s with his RIFE Machine using plasma tube bulbs that emitted radio waves supposedly up to 1,400,000 Hz. He also invented the best microscope in the world and in 1944 was interviewed by the Journal Franklin Institute for scientific and mechanical arts and the Smithsonian where they featured his Rife Universal microscope. Resolution stand and still to this day would be unmatched by any technology thus far. You've cured 16 terminally ill people of cancer, that was set up at the Scripts mansion in San Diego , California. At first he was heralded as the creator of the end of the disease. Shortly thereafter people in the medical establishment. It's machines were destroyed henchman and it died broke. that personally worked on different alternative energy sources and spoken to numerous scientists who say that their lives were threatened, both here in the United States and in Australia. Whether it's medicine or energy people want to maintain their hegemonic control. Both of those are coming to an end though. Rife machines are all over the place if you just search for them. I use them. I know they work! Even the small Spooky2 Rife machine is amazing, hitting up to 40,000,000 Hz! Be careful with super high frequencies. We don't yet know the long-term effects on humans. At some point it would rattle our own DNA. Many if the world's defence agencies must already know this. The US already has a microwave frequency crowd dispersion device that can immediately burn the skin of a large crowd. It's only a matter of time and power before that can blow up large groups of humans that way. As with most technology, there are the constructive and destructive uses. Peace!

  9. Jenny Long says:

    Everything is energy, choose to be the positive kind folks👍💓🌏🌌❄🌞God bless xxx

  10. Jenny Long says:

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  12. Jenny Long says:

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  13. Jenny Long says:

    Beautiful souls….may the force be with you 💓💖💗In the words of Bob Marley. …."One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright"❄🌞🌏🌌xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  15. Cogent Media says:

    I took off my tin foil hat, in solute of the rife machine comments. If you did as well, please like.

  16. Tom Sawyer says:

    Makes sence so that's the reason why airplanes go down and train wrecks happen. what happens is that any sound travels to the universe and is transferred back into the object as a resonance, same when you manifest something to the universe you generate for whatever you asked to happen because that's a vibration travels as a frequency

  17. Tom Sawyer says:

    Telepathy is also a frequency

  18. Tom Sawyer says:

    Great video!..

  19. Roberto Guimaraes says:

    Vibrational healing is nothing new, countless scientist have worked on this kind of stuff healling all kinds of diseases even genetic. But unfortunately effective cures arent profitable.

  20. Gort Newton says:

    Isn't it embarrassing that Nikola Tesla knew these things and tried to convey them to the world but we largely ignored them because commercial interests from various people would not permit that knowledge to become widespread. It's doubly embarrassing that we (our forefathers) allowed Nikola Tesla to die in poverty, largely ignored. He created (solely) the entire design for the world's AC electrical supply system. He was a superb man, brilliant too and yet no Nobel Prize even if awarded posthumously! And, he was a devout Christian man.

  21. Oh Zone says:

    So why isn't this device being used? Why aren't there millions of them all over the country. In every hospital, in almost every doctor's office?

    On this same subject, the subject of Cymatics should be explored. I used it for pain when I broke my arm. I used the sound of a cat purring (20 hz) to heal the bone, and it healed in 3 weeks instead of the usual 6 to 8 weeks. That and the fact that I was 87 years old at the time is noteworthy.

  22. Esoteric_Deceptions says:

    I'm just shooting from the hip here, but is that why tower 7 collapsed out of nowhere. ?did the frequency which was used to bring down tower 1 and 2 tune to the frequency tower 7 was structurally affected by ?

    and if this man's words hold truth about the frequency having to be applied in short sessions to prevent building up heat on the organism ,doesn't that statement alone beyond any doubt or further argument prove 5g technology to be fatal and intentionally deployed as a service to depopulate the human race . we hold these devices near our heads, on our laps and our kids follow the same pattern ,silent sterilization.

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    they hid this cure and killed him for discovering this.
    We are 80% water. Frequency and vibrarion and energy actually changes the molecules of cells. So make sense uour body will react to it the exact same way.

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  27. Igor Mišić says:

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  29. K Vo says:

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  31. darrengilles darrengilles says:

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  41. Nick Frost says:

    Test what you want, discover all that is hidden. NO MATTER WHAT, patents will never be issued and breakthru like this will become illegal by the elites. No matter what, they need to control our population ( decrease it). Our civilization is already way out of control with consumption and unfathomable amounts of disregard for the gifts we are blessed with. This planet… We are a disease to this planet and each other and very regrettably to say, we need to be exterminated. If we continue on our current path, by the year 2040 the human population will exceed 10 Billion. Within those next 20 years will also bring destruction and extinction to many living things on our planet. Forests, oceans, plants, living animals, etc… Life needs a balance and we are the negative in the equation. We are a social experiment gone wrong and soon the test will be put to an end. EVERYONE needs to accept this and quit fighting it and each other. It's simple math. Our planet does no offer UNLIMITED resources. We only have so much of anything and if we create more who consume, what's being produced? The numbers are sadly true. Our time is extremely limited. So please spend it wisely. Put down the devices, say no to complete control, hold and enjoy the ones you love and make the most of every breath you have. Love you all and hopefully see you in the next life…..

  42. Timothy Lindsey says:

    Who cares about who takes credit, we all know of rife. Lets just continue, but there is even more promising work with the immune system in Isreal!

  43. KittyFooFo0 says:


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  45. GUNVALKERIE says:

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  46. Tzzzard Medes says:

    I've googled rife's work, because i never know him and a lot of comments says his name. His work was almost identical to this one, but was never recognized and was even accused as a fraud by a lot of prominent health organizations during his time. If only his research was funded and given enough attention for further development…. Sometimes the profit system in our society hinders a lot of good scientific development and slowed down the progress of our civilization.

  47. Mìnístry of Sound says:

    What a man!

  48. J Ibrahim says:

    this was discovered 100 years ago and was successfully used on patients 80 years ago , all of them were cured
    How Many more years will humanity have to wait
    Search Dr Royal Raymond Rife

  49. Mark Halverson says:

    Kill cancer cells with a high pH water.

  50. Admin-9 says:

    Dr. Royal Rife of San Francisco discovered similar effects many years ago…

  51. Pertinent Paradigm says:

    Fraud Alert!! Add this guy along the great minds of Einstein and Edison. All three thieving d-bags, plagiarists, liars, cheaters who took the glory from those who actually made the discoveries. Here's a book on the subject. Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

  52. vcam56 says:

    Nearly six years on what has happened with this technology?. Yes, I agree Rife and Tesla were the true heroes that really never got the recognition they deserved, thanks to Westinghouse who back Tesla than dropped him like a hot potato when he found out that Tesla's free energy wouldn't make him any money and later the destruction of Royal Rife's work. These two men had hearts of gold all they wanted is to improve people's lives. I wonder how many lost arks there are hidden away in volts never to be released by the government to protect the big cheese.

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    I thought about this same thing 30 years ago. Resonant frequency to bust cancer cells! I’m glad someone is actually working on it!

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  84. PeaceFuL BeInG says:


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    If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

    ~ Nikola Tesla..

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