Shen Yun 2019 Official Trailer


Shen Yun 2019 Official Trailer

What has lasted 5,000 years was once almost lost Now The world awaits the divine culture’s return Shen Yun An all-new program every year

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100 thoughts on “Shen Yun 2019 Official Trailer”

  1. Mai North says:

    I saw it yesterday and I RECOMMEND MORE THAN ANYTHING

  2. Francesca Tarr says:

    I hope it gets lost 🙄

  3. Joey Doucette says:

    You cant escape shen yuns advertizments… you cant escape

  4. nothing to see here says:

    What's so special about this?

  5. J A. says:

    waste of money, bored after 20 min .

  6. ELLIE MORGAN says:

    I swear I have the best mom in the world. She bought me tickets for my birthday because I’ve been wanting to see it. It’s one of the best dance shows I’ve ever seen and I would highly recommend seeing it if you have the chance. It’s absolutely amazing

  7. Global Prong says:

    Im just here because of the memes

  8. alast-ai says:

    Shen Yun dum dum haha lmaoooo 😂😂😂😹😹😂😹🇬🇧

  9. Risingofthephoenixx x says:

    My family is to poor to see them and my friends aren't exactly cultured enough to go so sadly I will be attending alone but I don't want to miss out because I'm alone!

    Got my ticket for Feb. 8th!!!

  10. Lost in Lucidity says:

    Damn Shen Yun out here every year for 5,000 years straight.

  11. James Leigh says:

    I am so excited! My mum bought me tickets for my birthday and this looks amazing! I'm going on the 27th April this year in London and I cannot wait! I love shen yun, and ancient China, and the music (I play the erhu) and this is going to be wonderful!

  12. Alyssa says:

    I got the tickets for my birthday to go with my mom and I cant waittttt!😂😂😂

  13. gnome child says:


  14. CHILLFRIDAY says:

    Black Mirror is becoming real

  15. gouserx says:

    hooskydawg made this funny

  16. The Princess Gaming says:

    i wanna see this so bad
    but i speak broke

  17. Sandy Hubmaster says:

    I have tickets for Feb. 22nd and can't wait to see this extraordinary musical adventure!

  18. S Carlson says:

    I just bought a ticket to go see Shen Yun in March! I can't wait! 💖

  19. ebboh horth says:

    Die Aufführung: sicher ein besonders beeindruckendes Ereignis. Die Zuseherkommentare: überwältigend. Die Zuseher/innen: ein Gruselkabinett der Bourgoisie!

  20. Momo says:

    Subtle Asian Traits brought me here. Also, every poster in every supermarket everywhere.

  21. Sayaka Hayashi says:

    If I didn’t see the ad everywhere on internet, I may have give it a chance

  22. BANNED Archive says:


  23. Anthony says:

    Banned in China for relentless advertising

  24. 進撃薫 says:

    high-level dancers.beautiful &wonderful
    World number one dancers.
    I love China

  25. Anxiety says:

    I’m so upset! Yesterday was the last day in my city and didn’t realize it! 😭

  26. William Chadwick says:

    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Shen Yun tonight.

  27. Liljana Alimadhi says:

    Very disappointed!!

  28. Princessme says:

    Im going today 😁 im excited!

  29. Theodore A Hoppe says:

    Does everyone know who Shen Yun is?
    "Shen Yun was founded in 2006 by practitioners of the Falun Gong religion"

  30. Phatastic Meemo says:

    It’s absolutely amazing. I’m going to go every year now.

  31. Satrim says:

    Can somebody explain to me what Shen Yun exactly is? There are a lot of advertisements in my city's local shops so I've grown curious.

  32. Oh Yeah Yeah Commander says:

    I really liked the dance the tickets were cheep!

  33. Mr. Kvlt says:

    "Was once almost lost" C O M M U N I S M

  34. Jose M says:

    i cant wait for this on saturday , 3/2/19 here in cleveland i bought my tickets 4 months ago

  35. Barchi Toto says:


  36. Jennifer Myers says:

    Going to see tonight. Very excited!

  37. Patricia Krahenbuhl says:

    J'ai pu assister hier soir à la représentation, splendide, divin, merveilleux à voir

  38. Marcus Rotkirch says:

    If the Shang Dynasty goes back to 1600BC , and we currently live in 2019AD, where do these 5000 years come from?? (and don't bother with the extra 400 years of the Xia Dynasty)

  39. xuantuyen tran says:

    shenyun is beauty , i am desdign and how i cant join it

  40. Adam D says:

    Can't wait to see this on shrooms 😵😂

  41. Baldwin Le says:

    I came here for the memes

  42. Frances Smith says:

    Can't wait to see it!

  43. Gloria Crawford says:

    How long is performance

  44. Kella14 says:

    It came to my city but unfortunately I couldn't go watch it

  45. Bobbi Bennetzen says:

    Beautiful, thanks kids.

  46. Keith Fritz says:

    Have tickets for tomorrow night in Salt Lake City. Can't wait. Perfection comes in striving for perfection. Everything I see tells me that waiting for five years was a mistake, now, I want to see this more than ever.

  47. 선풍기 says:

    哈哈 好看吗

  48. ProjectAKO17 says:

    Is it really worth $300 or more per person?😒

  49. Keith Avery says:

    Blessem shoulda went to the Cleveland show and everything but transpo… ya know.

  50. Jordan J Phunkyi says:

    Not all of us like the Chinese Goverment.. for some reason..

  51. Sara Curry says:

    Wish you would come to Tacoma instead of Seattle… I won't step foot in Seattle.

  52. Tonya Toledo says:

    Shun yun is thee best ever .i worked the event,and didnt know nothing about it.After i got off wrk,i looked it up?IT was soo BEAUTIFULL.LOVE ALL YOU &GOD BLESS.

  53. Tonya Toledo says:

    ❤❤❤❤Shen Yun

  54. Anya Deising says:

    Just saw this today and it was absolutely magical. Totally worth the money.

  55. y l says:

    just watched it and I have to say thank you, ShenYun! You guys brought me into another world!

  56. Matthew S says:

    Why mention religion so much? only thing I dislike about these clips. Be more inclusive. Leave religion out of it, unless the story is about religion, but that is not clear.

  57. Vassal Colony says:

    I think there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of the Chinese violin – urhu. I wish there were more Western classical pieces performed on it. It takes you to a different world with the same familiar tune.

  58. All Mc says:

    ShenYun, you're spectacular!

  59. Ralefeer says:

    Anybody know the name of song in this video???!!!!!!

  60. César Ruiz Díaz Domínguez says:

    Ballet mood brought me here

  61. Sugas Blue mold says:

    I saw poster all over my town I was curious

  62. Karen Boy says:

    I only searched this up cause I saw it on a bill board

  63. Carlos Campos says:

    Ya me hartaron sus comerciales.

  64. 정아진 says:

    Great!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

  65. Philippe DES says:

    Vous nous pompez l'air avec vos pubs sans arrêt depuis des mois. Je trouve cela complètement ringard votre truc. Et j'imagine que la nomenklatura chez vous est derrière tout cela.

  66. Charles Kim says:

    i love this show too much.

  67. Armin Hernandez says:


  68. Banhmiso1 says:

    This show has almost the same acts, same dances and story line every year with maybe some new costumes. Friends gave me tickets as gift but I would not pay to go until they come up with something new

  69. John says:

    Gavin! Ga – a – vin!

  70. つっき says:


  71. yogipunkch says:

    It's worth every cent.
    Difficult to describe it in Words, it's fantastic and you should see it with your own eyes.

    Love and Peace to everyone 🙏

  72. Ray Ridley says:

    A truly anazing experience that's wholeheartedly indescribable. I got tickets from my grandparents for Christmas for a few days ago, and I'm still not over how amazing it is. Thank you Shen Yun, for the amazing experience!

  73. Khanh An Le says:

    Love shen yun! Falun Dafa is GOOD!

  74. Kelly Rose says:

    Great show. The wife and I went today 4/14/19 at the Cobb Energy Center and Atlanta Georgia and let me tell you it was a beautiful experience. They will always change it up every year so we will definitely be going again next year. If you haven't seen it once I strongly recommend you go see😁

  75. Kit Melton says:

    Best. Birthday. Gift. EVER

  76. Leif says:

    Will the show be back next year can someone tell me? To South Florida specifically? And in this video when they say a new program every year does that mean the show is different each time…like different dances and costumes? Thanks

  77. Lillyvblue XX says:

    Wow I saw were wearing Miao up here, so happy for my culture to also be up there.😂💯❤️

  78. يسرا فارس says:

    im going tonight!! I CANT WAIT!

  79. zoylaM says:

    Bellísimo!!!!! Yo estuve ayer 1 Mayo 2019 en NJ PAC !! Newark! USA 🇺🇸

  80. Glitterix Fairy says:

    I really liked the show
    Not liked, loved! I wish I can be a dancer like that.

  81. Bre EazzY says:

    I'm sorry it was ok and I expected more for my money

  82. Paul Monico says:

    I always see these damn ads at like 2am on tv

  83. snowy pickles says:

    I love to piss my friend off with this show. There are posters all over Brooklyn and whenever we walk down the street and see one, I do the leap they do in the commercial and she starts laughing.

  84. taco lover says:

    I thought it was pronounced "Shen Yun"🤣

  85. OptimizeGaming says:

    im sorry for disliking but you guys advertise way too much

  86. Who Knows says:

    I really wish I could watch it but where I can get to is all fully booked 🙁

  87. thegrummi says:

    I loved Shen Yun so much! Can’t wait to go again this year!! Ok now where’s my money?

  88. Ingmar Elfsborg says:

    Simply amazing! I can not simply describe the beauty and culture this represents! I have to go next year! Worth every nickel! 🙌❤❤❤

  89. jinglan li says:


  90. Eli Diamond says:

    JJ McCullough brought me here

  91. John B says:

    This show looks breathtaking. The presentation, the dancing, the story telling. I have a theater background and appreciate well executed experiences! The only thing that made me pause was the line “The world awaits the return of the divine culture”. Perhaps I am not understanding the reference. But with China’s rapid rise and amazing success for the last 20 years, made me wonder if they mean “the world awaits the rise of the culture interaction of China with other countries”(because I think China has a beautiful cultural history and great people) or if it meant something more akin to how Imperial Japan viewed itself in the 1930’s? Hirohito was elevated to a god(divine)/emperor and it devastated all of Asia and especially China. I hate to even mention this, but imperial japan left an indelible mark. That all being said, I would love to see this show!

  92. Emperor Mark Hayes says:

    I was introduced to this series by china uncensored and was intrested in it and a few months later when I saw it was here in st louis i asked my mom to see it we went and i loved it and have seen it every year since

  93. Jacqueline Johnston says:

    Do shen yun 2020!!!!

  94. Gerry Rot says:

    Guten Morgen

  95. Art et culture says:

    A show that changes from what we usually see, I loved it! I advise to go see him. Un spectacle qui change de ce qu'on voit d'habitude, j'ai beaucoup aimé ! Je conseille d'aller le voir

  96. smain gauthron says:

    un ballet chinois extraordinaire ,unique en son genre avec technicité en danse classique chinoise ancestral hors du commun smain gauthron

  97. Laura Gipsy says:

    I say a simple WOW cuz is incredible….too enchanting!!!

  98. Galen Chen says:

    Love that show! Beautiful, uplifting, and sometimes funny.

  99. Venture Group says:

    this is the beauty of falun dafa

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