SNHU 2016 College of Online and Continuing Education | Speaker: Dave Numme

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SNHU 2016 College of Online and Continuing Education | Speaker: Dave Numme

Good morning. This feels like
we’re in class again. Maybe we’ll throw in
a few APA citations too. We are steps away from
completing our final ascent up our graduate school
mountain climb. Let’s pause. Remember what it has taken
us to reach this vista. Remember those who have
helped us along the way, and then let’s look
forward to the future. Drink in the views
of this vista. Revel in the beauty of this place
and the specialness of this moment. Look around at
our fellow climbers. Think about those who have
supported us along the way – our professors, our academic
advisers, the librarians, other SNHU staff,
our classmates, our colleagues,
our loved ones. So many want us
to be successful. When we were at the
base of this mountain, we felt overwhelmed and
wondered how we would ever make such an ascent. However, as we conquered
each assignment, those conquered course assignments
became conquered course peaks. And those conquered course
peaks led us to this summit we now revel in today. Do you all remember those
many short nights spent as a result
of our studies? And do you all remember how
sleep deprived we felt day after day? Alicia Ruth, do you remember
the encouraging text messages and phone calls
we exchanged? Do you all remember the listening ears
and the hugs our families gave us? In various venues, including
SNHU connect, homecoming, student advisory board meetings,
and the wonderful fall foliage tour, I’ve gotten to know some
of our fellow climbers. I have discovered that our
reasons for making this climb are as diverse as our
ethnicity, our education, and our race. The mom with 10 children seeking
to provide a better future for her family. Another climber who was told
by her high school teachers that she was stupid and would
never amount to anything. Another fellow climber who
struggled with mental illness, but has become successful
in her career and in her studies. Another climber, the father
of seven children, who is the first in his generation
to earn his college degree and who wants to be the first
in his family to earn his PhD. For me, it was the commitment I made
to my family to better provide for them. I am and continue to be
inspired by your stories. We are the online students of
Southern New Hampshire University. That’s right. Give yourselves a
round of applause. This is us. From this vista,
scan the horizon. Look at the peaks
yet to be scaled. Keep dreaming. Keep taking steps
to reach those dreams. Look behind you. Hear our fellow climbers
that need our help. Let’s stay involved
in our SNHU community. Let’s help the next generation
of climbers scale their peaks and achieve their dreams. Join me in helping fellow
Penmen find their next job. Let’s open our professional
networks to them. Let’s help them through
the challenges of their studies. Join me in finding ways to
strengthen our SNHU community. Let our accomplishments
inspire them. Fellow graduate students,
congratulations on successfully completing your climb. We did it.

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